Why you need to become a trader – Is it worth

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Why you need to become a trader? – Is it worth?

In the modern world of an extremely rapid development of Internet technologies and economy, everyone are in the search for alternative sources of earnings and income. The old rules no longer work, and new one a little who try to learn! How to find what meets the needs of today and what we can learn by ourselves? This, in its turn, logically must not require any money or an university degree. One simple word – “trader”…

The first thing we want to emphasize is to draw attention to the possibilities of the Internet. After all, every day the importance or the role it plays in our lives is exponentially increasing. Yesterday everyone was standing in the long queues to the cashier to pay utility bills or had to walk several quarters for food to the nearest supermarket. All of this is gone and remains only in our memory, because with the development of the Internet and the technologies derived from it, all completely changed not only our way of life and way of thinking.

The second important factor is a global competitiveness. Absolutely everyone now can easily reach the market and use the its capabilities absolutely not leaving their houses. Distance does not play any role. One of the most valuable instruments of the present becomes not money, but INFORMATION!

The third is access to any information. All information is available to you online 24/7. Just need to know what to look for, where to search and how to use this information.

After accessing the Internet and searching about an extra money you will be provided with a hundreds of thousands links of the web sites, which in turn lead to hundreds of thousands sources with guidelines, specifically with instructions where to send money and how long to wait doubeling its amount, or even how easily to add a few extra zeros. But today we will consider with you only what today there is in a real economic demand and quality. Also what you need to know to go through entire different level that each of us deserves. And one of the most popular and promising occupations that is required at present is the profession of a trader.


If to think logically, trader is a person engaged in selling/buying, but in the context of the fact that this definition is used in the areas of trading on the market of securities, commodities and other assets, from which he receives his income. In fact, people involved into the trade on the financial markets are called financial traders.

Trader is the man who speculates in securities on financial markets. The main task of any trader is to buy assets at the lowest price and sell at the highest. The difference between buying and selling prices is the main income of the trader!

This profession is gaining extremely popularity during last years. And now it is called one of the most needed professions of the XXI century. You will probably ask us why? Because it absolutely meets all requirements of the present. As all you need now is to have a computer, high speed access to the Internet and a little of starting capital! All the rest comes with time, work and the experience!

Consequently, as the result, trading engages people of different ages, professions and life niches. No matter where you were born. Your success now depends on you, and not from the government or someone’s promises. So all these people are united only by the desire for decent wages and a life full of unforgettable experiences victories with money gaining.


In general, the task is not so heavy, but the trader’s impact in this case is specifically required. To understand that you don’t need to finish Harvard or some Super Intergalactic College of business and finance. The essence of the work and profession of a trader in assets and consists of primarily of two things: that the purchase of assets at the lowest price at some point and selling them at the moment when the price reaches its maximum. Due to this, the trader increases his capital or the capital of his client with receiing his interest from the client.

It would seem nothing difficult? Is it realy so simple as it sounds? Infact not, but … to efficiently and correctly implement these two actions (buying and selling), you should absolutely professionally do analysis of the market, its instruments and elements, to be able to retrieve the charts in the ascending information, to respond quickly on the changes of the market conjuncture, to make quick decisions and have a backup plan on hand. Of course,it is possibly learn all this, but you must understand that it will take some time! Of course, not 15-20 years like it was before. And the reward is really worthy…

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So many people seriously engaged in this activity and get really incredible results by turning this activity into a lifestyle. After all, if you plunge in this activity, you will also find a routine the. But if to make it like a real enjoy, than all the done work will seem real art!

It is possible to formulate the other meaning of the trader nature – as a purchase of asset at the time of its price growth with its selling when the price starts to fall.


In the XXI century we have entered a new era, the era of information and access to exigency sources. With the development of the Internet and global communication, human capabilities have increased in hundreds of times. The Internet has got into the lives of each of us o quickly and comfortably, that it is can not bt passed or exchanged. From now, the access to financial markets is becoming available not only for banks or large companies, but for any of us. This is a great way to learn something totally new and learn the rules by which you play.

Online trading has greatly simplified all of the confusing and difficult moments faced by those who first began madly the game to its enrichment. Henceforth all information and access to any exchange in the world is available from the comfortable chair placed in your living room at any time. The whole world of financial relations you have under your fingertip.

So everyone can start trading in US being in Europe or in Europe while vacation in Asia and so on. You do not have to be in the place where the exchange is placed. All this you can easily do online from anywhere in the world. The main you to have to have is a computer, access to the Internet, minimal staring capital and an overwhelming desire to win!


Trader is a person that never stops on his laurels. This is a man who takes a lesson from everything he faces, even with the loss-making agreements! As a rule it is very and comprehensively developed personality. He is interested in everything and everywhere,he gets the hunger to new heights and effectiveness, and so is looking for new strategies and tips for maximum impact. This kind of people clearly draw their plan and strictly adhere to it and even if something goes wrong, in any case, they do not give up and react to the situation, by taking experience and moving on with being wiser!


A lot of people come to this activity to start getting a stable decent income and change their lives for the better! Also many newbies come in their opinion for the easy money that can be obtained allegedly from the air. And those who have achieved in their lives already defined peaks and came to the financial markets in order to experience excitement.

It is an activity with the proper approach can allow you to get rid of tireing and unworthy wage of everyday labor. It can allow you to realize a really huge leap in the direction of a financially secured life. But remember that there is nothing easy, as everything requires so tim, patience, work and atleat little money. Nothing will be given easily like from the “air”. So this activity clearly has a significant part of the excitement and thrill of victory. Success loves those who think critically! Traders are never exposed to emotions, they learn to control themselves, and not vice versa. The meaning of theirs life is to manage it by own hands!


Everyone chooses the scheme and the way of trading depending on the several frequently used and less-used terms that characterize the traders and that, in turn, divides all traders into specific types.

Bulls – kind of traders, characterized by a desire to buy different types of assets for sale at a higher price.

Bears – here belong traders, selling assets or trade on decreasing of the price.

Interesting fact is, that these names of the types characterize most of the traders. They were named to these beasts, because the trading strategies of traders directly resemble to how these animals get their prey. For example, the bull tosses the prey with its horns up (the price goes up), the bear knocks the prey to the ground (the price falls).

There are also less-used types:

Sheeps – are absolutely inexperienced teritary that only begin to start in this direction. They are afraid to buy assets or to sell them ahead of time. And often because of their fear and misunderstanding on all parts and inches in the financial market just simply lose good opportunities. Usually they start operation at the end of the trend when it changes its value to opposite. Therefore, they bear the losses.

Pigs – this type characterizes the trader greedy. This type over keeps positions in waiting for even more enriching, but it can also bear significant losses.

Rabbits – these are traders that try to get the benefits from the smallest fluctuations in the market on the assets they trade. Often the period of such oscillations may be from a few minutes to maximum few hours. That is, this type tries to take advantage as quickly as possible!

As in any profession it has its own set of slang and concepts. And if you want to become a professional you have to understand them and to learn how to use them in the relations with other traders. It is easy to guess that the types of traders is only the types of emotions that characterize and give their noble and ignoble animals. Therefore, this activity has its sharks, wolves and others.


Traders can be divided according to forms of ownership that they have and the duration of the agreement that they conclude.

Traders are also divided into traders, professionals and independent traders by ownership.

Professional trader – it is a person who has received special education, theoretical and practical, has been licensed and has the right to work in large companies or organizations and implement on their behalf trading activities. Usually these people trade not for the money, but for the money of the company in which they work or for the money of the customers. On that way they get their commission. It brings them quite a lot of money.

Independent traders – are self-taught traders. They are not licensed and educated by themself. They trade for their funds and often expect to become a professionals. Such traders can be meet on the exchanges more often.

Scalpers – trying to take maximum from a minimum period of time (from several seconds to several minutes). Earn quite a bit compared to other types of traders and how they trade.

Day traders – this type carries out their trade during the day. Period of time the open position of the trader that falls under this category lasts from a few hours to the end of the day in which a trader operates.

Medium-term investors – conduct their trade at their own expense. This type of traders operates and enters into agreements with interval from several days to several months. This shows that there is a certain experience and the ability to forecast the rise or fall of prices.

Long-term investors – are those who only deal a few times a year. That only speaks to their skill in tracking long-term changes in the market, analyze current trends and predict trends in the future. These people see the big picture in the global world.


◊ Clear and understandable goals. In this activity, the trader should be able to set clear, detailed, sequential goals and daily to do everything to fulfill them.

◊ Discipline on the firft place. Without repeatable, consistent and regular steps, the trader will not get the desired result.

◊ Development of patience. If the goal is set then sometimes it needs time. Wait for the right moment, not rush on, only excitement.

◊ Believe in success. The approach in actions of the trader is a key and fundamental essence of his work. His mood should match the result he want to obtain.

◊ Flexiblility as ability to respond to changes in the market.

◊ Clear mind. Learn to eliminate emotions where you need a cool head. Numbers and analysis like the logic and composure.

◊ Independent thinking. Learn how to make your own decisions. Do not pass on someone else decisions you made.

◊ Planning. Make your own trading plan and just follow its points. Don’t forget to make adjustments.

◊ Intuition development. It only comes with action! Never stand in place and not be afraid to make mistakes. The only way you become wiser and Your inner voice starts to give you winning tips and strategies.

Concentratration. Do not be distracted by unnecessary factors that you can disperse. Remember who you want to be, what you do and for what it’s doing.


The rules described below is not new and have been in practice since hundreds of years. Why such a long period, and the rules are the same? For the rules of speculation lay in the basis of the monetary system and while there will be it will operate, and these rules.

“Work of the “trend” of the trade: making the purchase in the market and sell at the market.”

“If there is no necessary trade opportunities – do not go to the market.”

“Be patient. Wait until Your planned time to see how Your predictions are made, and only then begin to act.”

“Make more good trades and fewer bad. Thus Your score will grow.”

“If You have Your agreement is ambiguous forecasts and You are not sure about its performance and all signals say about his loss, close the agreement.”

“Use the right tools for a particular type of market.”

“You refuse positions that are permanently unprofitable. Don’t wait. Remember time is money!”

“Don’t use too many different market instruments.”


It is impossible in a few words to describe what you need to pass the novice to become a professional trader. This path is not simple and amenable to this vertex and only to those who every day follows its own internal beliefs, which focus only on success.

As soon as the newcomer moves into action, he has a mountain of enthusiasm and it seems as if this is he first deal will make money, but this is only the first among thousands that he has to sign in order to begin to feel the market, not just know about him. The lack of experience of your agreement get you only loss and you start to think that you tried it and you followed. You’re very close to finish already trading it even seriously started. But you gather my thoughts, begin to communicate with other newbies and find examples and see how the balance of the accounts of some of the newcomers begin to change in a positive way. And you are again full of enthusiasm with even unprecedented concentration we proceed to analyze this wonderful picture begins to occur on your account.

All you need to start to earn is just a time, hard work and a few clicks on the keyboard. So once you decide try yourself in trading and here comes loses, everything changes and you don’t understand why, because the picture was so clear and logical. Sneaks up on you thought that all this work is just a lottery and luck, and you’re just the unluckiest in the world and when you were born gave you the evil eye. But the interest takes precedence over emotions and you start to analyze. And then you realize it’s not luck or bad luck, but simply the rules of the game in the market and the market itself has completely changed. So never stop learning and practicing.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

Is It worth to Become a Forex Trader?

“Is It worth to Become a Forex Trader?” is the question I am usually asked, plus so many other similar questions:

  1. Is it worth to spend time on forex trading to become a forex trader?
  2. Is forex trading a promising business or it is wasting of time and money?
  3. Can one become wealthy from forex trading?
  4. Can one become a millionaire trading forex?

These are all good questions. Before you do something, you really have to know whether it is worth to spend any time on it or not. You have to know whether it is worth to spend your time on learning forex, or it won’t get you anywhere finally.

Is Forex Worth It to Spend Time?

The short answer is, Forex is an opportunity that enables you to invest some money to make more money. It is an investment opportunity to increase your wealth. So it is worth to learn how to trade Forex and make money with it. However, there are some conditions that you have to met to become a profitable Forex trader. Without having those conditions you can’t make any money through Forex trading.

Those who ask these questions are from two different groups. Members of the first group already know that forex makes money. What they want to know is that whether “they” will become able to make money through forex trading or not. The short answer to this group is, if others can make money from forex trading, you can do it too. You don’t have to be genius, highly educated or rocket scientist to make money through forex trading. You just have to be serious and disciplined, both at the beginning that you want to start learning, and also when you have learned and you want to keep on trading to make profit consistently.

The second group want to know how much money they can make through forex trading. I mean they know it makes money and they know they will become able to make money with it, but they want to know whether it makes more money compared to the other businesses or not. They want to know whether it is worth to spend time on learning forex, or they’d better to spend their valuable time to learn something another business because they can make more money easier and faster.

To answer this question, let’s see how much money the other jobs makes. Family doctors usually make about $105-140,000 per year after the tax, while they have to study for about 20 years to become a family doctor and have such an income. They have to work at least 8 hours per day, every day. Sometimes they have to work on weekends too.

Average elementary school teachers make $53,000, while lawyers make $130,000, sport coaches make $37,000, janitors make $25,000 and teacher assistants make $25,000 per year.

Now the question is how much a forex trader can make?

It can be different for different traders and it depends on several different factors, like trading style, account size and…

Indeed, Forex trading has a big and unlimited potential in making money and increasing your wealth. However, you have to do it the right way, otherwise you can lose a lot of money with it.

Something that you have to consider is that it is very hard to know Forex or stock trading as a full time jobs. They are investment opportunities that enable you to increase your wealth. You can make a lot of money with them while you already have a lot of money and you have at least one good source of income, and at the same time you trade currencies and stocks to increase your wealth. Forex trading is a way to force your money to make more money for you. It can hardly be used as the only source of income.

Therefore, the answer of this question that “Is It Worth to Become a Forex Trader?” is yes because when you become a profitable Forex trader, you can trade currencies and make profit. However, I don’t recommend it as a full time job that you spend all of your time and money on it. It is a good investment opportunity but not a good full time job.

It is worth to become a forex trader but you have to keep in mind that you can’t make any money through Forex trading when you HAVE TO make money. I mean if you have no job and income or you have a job but your income doesn’t suffice, it will be too hard to make any money through Forex trading. The first and most important reason is that you will have a lot of fear to risk your money, and at the same time you will have a lot of greed to make money. These two emotions, fear and greed, don’t let you think and decided properly. You will make a lot of mistakes and you will lose your money.

On the other hand, when you don’t have enough money, you can’t open a reasonable live account and make a reasonable amount of profit just by taking a small 2-3% risk in each position (trade setup). You will have to open a small account and then you try to grow it by taking big risks. As a result, you will wipe out your account.

To become a profitable Forex trader and investor, first you have to have a good source of income that makes a reasonable amount of money consistently. This income not only covers your life expenses, but also leaves a reasonable amount of capital to open a proper live Forex trading account.

Then, while you still have your source of income, you learn how to trade Forex, and when you become a profitable Forex trader, you can use a portion of your money to invest in the Forex market to increase your wealth.

This is the best way of making money through Forex trading. It can be wasting of time and money if you follow the other ways.

Now the question is how you can have a good source of income before you become a good and profitable Forex trader. Fortunately, it has become possible to do it through the power of the Internet and Data Technology systems. This is what the members of LuckScout Millionaires Club are doing.

It is worth to spend time and money to generate a great source of income that makes a lot of money and then use a portion of the money you make to make more money through Forex trading and the other investment opportunities like stock, real estate and… .

Day Trading: Smart Or Stupid?

Photo credit: BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty Images

Whether it is related to Bitcoin or mainstream stocks, Day Trading is the new “sexy” that gets an inordinate amount of hype. There are lots of sites that claim to; “turn you into an instant day trader” or promise that, “millions of dollars can be made just investing a few hours per day.” Not to mention that “anyone can become a day trader, instantly.” If you believe all of this, I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

First, let’s first be clear about a definition of Day Trading. Investopedia indicates that “Day Trading is defined as the buying and selling of a security within a single trading day. This can occur in any marketplace, but is most common in the foreign-exchange (forex) market and stock market.”

Ideally, the day trader wants to end the day with no open positions, so they don’t have to risk holding on to a potentially risky position overnight or for a few days. That means that if the market turns against them, they could lose a lot of money. Is this a smart way to invest or is it just another “get rich scam” for the fool-hardy?

Do You Have The Stomach To Day Trade?

If you are an amateur, you may be playing with fire. Your odds of success are like those of any other high stakes gambler. The professionals really know their stuff. Typically, they are well-established, disciplined traders who are experts in the markets. The other characteristic is that they invest large sums of money, which they can afford to lose. That seems strange, but in fact, they need a lot of money to capitalize effectively on small price movements. The other factor is that when you trade larger positions, you are faced with reduced commissions compared to what a small stock day trader will face. They have money to risk; it is called “risk capital,” which is the money that they allocate for speculative purposes. This is where the high-risk/high-reward investment strategy comes in to play. They do not bet the whole farm on one trade because they could be on the wrong side of the market.

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You Can Now Build Your Own ETF, Here’s How

The Future Of Real Estate: Fintech 50 2020

There are two types of day traders:

Professional Day Traders

These people work for large financial institutions. I think that this is a great way to start. First, you will be trained by professionals and not by a “do-it-yourself” online course. You may even get a mentor who will watch over you. They have all the latest tools for trading and the information on order flow and “stops” that are placed, so they will have a leg up on the small trader. You will be paid a base salary and then a bonus. Secondly, you are not investing your own money, so you have nothing at risk, except your job and your time.

TradingSim states that the base salary at a New York financial institution “. may be about 50,000 – 7000 dollars US. This is just enough for you to pay your cable bill, feed yourself and maybe take a taxi or two.” They want you to be hungry and make your bonus because, if you make money, it means that you have made money for them. You should be earning about 10-30% of the profits you bring in, according to TradingSim.

Individual Day Traders

These people go it alone. Just being familiar with stocks and the market is not enough. They really need to understand technical analysis and have sophisticated tools to understand chart patterns, trading volume and price movements. Investopedia explains that “Learning and understanding how these indicators work only scratches the surface of what you’ll need to know to develop a personal trading style.”

It’s important to remember that trading requires enough invested money in taking advantage of relatively small price movements. Without the price movements, you won’t make money. If you are investing small amounts of money, the gains will be minuscule and may not even cover the trading commissions you will have to pay.

Fiction Will Not Cost You Real Money

If you are convinced that day trading is for you, try it out with fictional trades. The point is that you must develop your techniques of when to get into a position and when to get out. It sounds like advice you would give a gambler, right? Well, it is. Most traders develop a very disciplined process and stick to it and know when to close out a position. You can trade just a few stocks or a basket of stocks. Again, do this for about a month and calculate what you make and lose each day.

“The success rate for day traders is estimated to be around only 10%, so … 90% are losing money.” Cory Michael at Vantage Point Trading is even more pessimistic (or realistic) when he says, “Only 1% of [day] traders really make money.” He says it’s because of the “social mood.” Put simply, by definition, if you are buying, someone else must be selling; that is the social part. The markets are a real-time thermometer; buying and selling, action and reaction. If someone is making money, someone else is losing money. You would have to join the crowd as the market is moving up and be smarter than that crowd to get out before they do, if it starts to fall.

Nial Fuller at LearnToTradeTheMarket.com quips, ”The reality of a day-trader is a guy who got 2 hours of sleep last night because he was trying to trade the overnight session, now he’s up at 6am trying to day-trade the next session. Many traders get sucked into trying to become a rich day-trader largely because that’s what they think is socially acceptable or “cool.” This scenario gives me a stomach ache, which is exactly the point. I remember walking through the trading floor at Chase and hearing the moans and groans from the traders, not to mention seeing the 32 oz. bottles of Pepto-Bismol prominently displayed on each of their desks.

You know my advice. Any system of betting is not designed so that the majority of people can beat it. If you are going to dabble in day trading, set aside some money that you can afford to lose, because chances are, you will. You also may want to remember the words of Aristotle, (who was not a day trader, by the way), “Bring your desires down to your present means. Increase them only when your increased means permit.”

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