TrendSignal Review Is a Scam or Legit Forex Webinar Course

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TrendSignal Review: Is a Scam or Legit Forex Webinar Course? Review: TrendSignal is a course provider on forex trading. The courses are on the utilization of “sniper trading strategy” to trade FX, Indices, Commodities and Shares. Their aim is to teach traders on this strategy and other beneficial ones concerning financial growth. It is owned by Trendsignal Ltd, a UK based company. Their contact address is Cranfield Innovation Center, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, MK43 0BT, England.

The training promised at Trend Signal will help traders use the sniper trading strategy to its fullest. A personal one-to-one coach is promised. They also assure clients that they won’t waste time on “analyzing complex chart patterns and candlestick patterns”. Free webinars are also available. The service comes with Forex indicators and scanning tools that gives traders advantage in better analyzing the market.

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How TrendSignal Works

Although there is no in-depth information on behind the scenes mechanisms of TrendSignal forex strategy, they provide brief statements on each of the service in the trading courses. The more than twenty staffs will run the online trading webinars, give back-and-forth Q&A sessions. There is no package pricing made available to members of the public but interested clients are to first fill a form. After which they are personally contacted by a representative.

However, some reviews have turned up that the course prices for Trend Signal range from between £1,000 to £4,000.

Client Feedback

On the website, reviews are published that claim to have been gotten from Trustpilot and many have been positive reviews. Among the testimonies are few negative ones.


Clients who want to join the TrendSignal trading course provider can reach them via telephone:+44 (0) 1234 757 553 and by email: [email protected]


The large number of professional looking staff working at Trendsignal gives it an edge followed by the fee webinars. The multiple services available is a good thing and the fact their location is exact is a plus. The pricing is however, quite high. Review Visit site

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Consumer Reviews

Service use: Live

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Perfect for Beginners!

  • Binomo

    2 place in the ranking!

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

As I have already stated this service is very expensive at £4000 Plus other monthly costs. Now been with Trendsignal for over a year and account started with £1000.
Last night they recommended six trades. All six trades lost money.
So now my account is a lot Less. The instructors are always very charming and full of excuses but at the end of the day, when you spend this sort of money on a system you expect results. The only Result you will get is LOSING a LOT of money.

Nov 5, 2020 – 1 Star After being phoned by this company for around two years and looking up Good reviews!! I signed up in January 2020 as part of my new years resolution to bite the bullet and fork out £4000 plus £68 per month for platform. I could not really afford that sort of money but was reassured I would soon get it back!! Started with a £1000 account. After nine months of trading now have £525 in account. It is impossible to earn money with this system as the profit targets are always small and the stop losses are Huge. Spent lot of Money and time for nothing.
Please do not waste your money on this system as i did.

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Not what they says, I have practically using it as trained after two week and after 2 months there was few successful trade and many losing trades.

I am considering going to Small Claim Courts if they don’t refund my course fee and subscription fee.

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

Ive been using TRENDSIGNAL for 8 months.
Training was good and thorough.
They have weekly seminars online to keep everyone up to date and answer questions – although you will later discover this is only for 6 months.
System simple enough, a scan is done which generates certain trades, long, short, continuation, stop losses and take profits given.
They have a great add on called TRADE MATE which does all this for you within the platform, takes 1 second to generate the entry/exit points, it tells you your risk management based on acount size, you just then cut and paste into your broker account buy or sell postion, excellent, except we later learn this is only available for 6 months then you have to pay a suscbrition per month to continue using it AND when questioned about teaching us the way to do it ourselves this was brushed off with its in the notes.

What wasnt explained and felt a little dishonest is on top of the £3500 (i got a discount) is there are other costs, $47 a month to use the hosting site, charting centre then on top of that the above trade mate feature subscription of around £27/month.

All that being said the big sell here is average 600 pips a month, have a steady additional stream of income. Not the case. 8 months in I am down 20% of my account. On complaining whats going on both the trainers (online) and the office tell us its a long game, averageing out and all the other BS to justify a system that may have worked in the past but doesnt now. There are ZERO GBP trades because of volatility, they tell us NOT to take those signals. or at times UK100 which is stange because volatility should be our frind in forex, we want to see big moves.

There was much hope and potential here but save yourself the money and learn the indicators yourself and apply them, the lesson i supoose is there is no short cut to success.

I see folk here saying if you do exactly what they say you will profit, i suspect those are from employees as its total BS, my trades are exactly as per trendsignal, they can be verified on the recent trades that they post.

I would not recommend these guys even though they are nice enough people, Stuart is a good trainer as is Keith (online), id give it 1 star but i cant say its a scam as they are trying to provide a service, its just a sh** one that doesnt work!

Here are some of this years results 2020
Jan + 1319.9
FEB – 2000
MARCH + 755.8
APRIL +220.6
MAY +72.9
JUNE – 279.5
JULY – 2954.5
AUG – 1080.8

I stopped in August with a total of negative 3945.60 pips but the group i was a part of tell me its not improved. I always traded in line with the systems risk management strategy, sometimes less, never more.

Trendsignal Reviews

143 • Excellent

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 143

TS, the best, by far!

This is going to be a VERY positive review, and I want you to know that I offered to provide a review. I believe that Trendsignal is the best there is in terms the capability to provide trading success. Nobody has coaxed me into this, all my own words.

So, my intention here is to send feedback on the Dynamic Trader package.

I got this in April 2020.

The Dynamic trader package is a well delivered package, I really believe they have worked VERY hard to be able to provide these indicators, and the support is incredible! I know that everybody at Trendsignal work tirelessly to provide the most amazing system, and my 7 years experience with them, have been happy.

This is not some simple trading package that you can pick up for £99 and run with, this is a more expensive package, and the quality of the indicators and the delivery of this package, is, in my honest opinion, worth every penny.

I did struggle at first to pick this up, BUT, my advice to you is stick with it, and you will see on EVERY visit to the live ‘training’ room, you will be reminded, multiple times, of the rules and conditions that need to be satisfied, in order to take the trades. I am well and truly versed in this Dynamic Trader, and sometimes I wonder why I didn’t pick it up much quicker.

The coaching system is a great service, that Trendsignal have had from the beginning, and it is worth giving 100% of your attention to this.

The live webinars are given by different coaches, and they each have their own personalities, and as coaches, they do provide valuable wisdom to help you get your mind into the right state for trading.

Slowly but surely is the prescribed advice, take your time, soak in the education, take demo trades to see how you get along. Once you are happy with your mastery, you can take live trades.

I have got many years experience in this field, and I do not consider myself to be some great trader, BUT, I now have some amazing tools at my disposal, in the form of the Trendsignal indicators, the support, and the live ‘training’ webinars.

Trendsignal are ALWAYS investigating ways to improve, and additions throughout have improved things.

I was never keen to trade Wall Street (US30), but then, recently, an additional strategy, is probably one of the best additions I have seen, and it has added plenty of extra points to my tally.

From beginning November 2020 to 27th February 2020, I made around 3800+ points, using Dax and Wall Street, this is probably higher than expected. From the announcement of COVID, the spread on DAX and US30 increased, and that made me nervous, and I stopped attending the live room, BIG mistake, as the live rooms were making lots of points. Instead of stopping trading altogether, I decided to use EURUSD, which provided a much calmer movement, and I made 15 to 20 pips per day on average. I will be returning to the live ‘training’ room, from Monday.

Very easy to do. NOT simple, but, if the rules are followed, it becomes easy to make plenty of points
Support is fantastic
Live ‘training’ – trades will be shown, YOU decide if you want to take them
They will help you succeed in this as far as they can.

I will say, if I can do this, most people can. It does take some dedication, which is an absolute requirement

It is difficult to be critical about something that I really like, so, please do not read too much into my cons, but, as per any review, there should be cons.

Expensive – quality like this does cost
ChartingCenter should improve their customer service and their website – the charts are amazing, but the website itself is not that great.

In summary, this product itself is simply amazing. The support given is second to none, and the live trading room is fantastic. Yes, I have been referring to it as ‘training’, but, if I am honest, this is a trading room, that also provides some kind of education and training. it has probably been the best purchase I ever made.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Highly professional

Trendsignal have consistently proven to be excellent in the information, education, coaching and support that they offer..
I recently attended an on-site workshop which provided very relevant and honest guidance on a subject that is complex.
Fabulous presenter – highly recommended!

Thank you for your brilliant review!! :) We’re very glad you’re enjoying Trendsignal tools.

For many years I had been struggling…

For many years I had been struggling with my trading ,
Found myself selling the market when I saw the trend going down to find that I had actually hit the bottom of the trend and the market would turn and go back up against me and the same when buying the market,
This didn’t happen all the time but when it did it was frustrating and damaging to my trading account.

I decided to take a look and purchase the Trendsignal Software, I have only been using the software for a short time and already turned my win /loss ratio in to profit..

I still get losses at present about 2 in 6 trades but I have never enter a trade right at the top of a trend or right at the bottom of the trend using the Trendsignal software.
When I do get a loss now its because the markets are not 100% predictable, if it were we would all be millionaires..

Trendsignal works for me and my style of trading.

Thank you for your awesomereview :) We’re very glad you’re enjoying Trendsignal tools.

Great methodolgy for building a trading business:

Great methodolgy for building a trading business. I have had success straight away as I simply followed the system. I am also impressed by their coaching, support and constant webinars to educate you. In addition they are also adding to current systems, giving us opportunity to add more pips.

Thank you for your great review :) We’re very glad you’re enjoying Trendsignal tools. Let us know if you need anything!

So far so good

So far so good, a strong business model with years of experience.

Thank you for your kind review :) We’re very glad you’re enjoying Trendsignal tools.

It does what it says on the tin.Follow…

It does what it says on the tin.Follow the courses, prompts and you will make money. It is a fun way to make extra income without taking big risks.

Thank you for your kind review :) We’re very glad you’re enjoying Trendsignal tools.

Great support to get trading started for a novice.

The package is very easy to use and read. The level of support to get a novice trading has been excellent. I attended a very informative training day at the Trendsignal office which I would recommend to any new and aspiring trader. I also have a one to one with a very supportive and knowledgeable tutor (thanks Mike). Mike’s job is to help me avoid errors and to reign me back until I have built an account. No mean feat but his support is brilliant. At the time of review the markets are crashing and there are few trading opportunities, but time will tell if this is the norm or not. Over the first 3 weeks I am in a slender profit which won’t cover the charting costs as yet, but I have made a couple of errors (even though the signals were obvious) which have made a higher loss than they should have. There is a message board also which advises if a position that has been identified is still valid
Lastly there are several live webinars through the week. As I work I only get to tune in to Keiths’ Thursday night review which is another valuable source of making sure you identify trading opportunities. All webinars are available though on the website.
I hope that in the coming weeks to start trading more markets and therefore increase risk/reward, but the steady approach is a great learning tool to get me walking before I run (promise Mike :-)).

Thank you for your kind review :) We’re very glad you’re enjoying Trendsignal tools.

I have recently purchased the the End…

I have recently purchased the the End of Day Trader, have struggled with this, due to a lack of clarity with the implementation of the strategy on the webinars and the training videos(they waffle on about past performances). I have just discovered the D2 strategy, which I seem to understand more clearly and have now just been asked to pay an additional £3000. It seems to me that money rules with this company. I’m annoyed that I was never given a choice when I first spoke to this company. They were only keen to get £3000 (End of day trader/D1)out of me and then they would be able to have another bite at the cherry, when I showed interest in the Dynamic Trader. Do not trade with this company, unless you have got a spare £6000 to waste !!

cant say any more than brill service…

cant say any more than brill service from start to finish ,no matter when you need to contact for advice someone will always answer phone ,ive had no problemsat all

Thank you for your kind review :) We’re very glad you’re enjoying Trendsignal tools.

I have recently joined Trendsignal and…

I have recently joined Trendsignal and found the training videos superb, the Attention to your personal training is without doubt energetic, you are continually encourage to learn and study, but the level of input you give is ultimately your choice. I have had an excellent trainer in Keith Hepburn who is patience personified, He takes time to explain things at your pace, listens to your questions, answers until you understand, he never complains, irrespective of how many times you want to go over your questions. What I particularly like, that Keith provided, is a link to view the training session we have just completed, this enables you re-listen to the questions you have asked and the answers given, this gives you the confidence to go on and succeed. Excellent. Colin.

Thank you for your kind review :) We’re very glad you’re enjoying Trendsignal tools.

The Trendsignal DT2 trading system

I have been a customer of Trendsignal for a number of years now, beginning with the Dynamic Trader end of day forex trading system,and recently moving onto the DT2 day trading system.Being retired, the DT2 system is my preference, as I have the time during the day to trade at my own convenience as and when I wish.
My experience with the Trendsignal team has been exemplary, without question or doubt, a team dedicated to their customers, available and with every assistance necessary for those that will and can learn the system, slowly if they wish, which at my age, being a grandfather, was very beneficial. The words “stick to the rules” are the most important.I would recommend anyone with a desire to learn forex trading, and have no doubt that if they have the desire and persistence to learn, they will succeed.

Thank you for your kind review :) We’re very glad you’re enjoying Trendsignal tools.


This is an algorithm based trading system that provides signals on potential trades, with rules as to whether to take the trades. You will learn how to trade online if you don’t already know.

When you sign up, it is absolutely great. The staff come across as nice people and are very helpful. The coach in my case was excellent, leaving me with no doubt as to how to follow the system effectively, and the training day at the Trendsignal facility was quite enjoyable and informative. It wouldn’t be worth traveling far to get to it though or paying for overnight accommodation in order to attend.

Then the problems. This system is not cheap. You have to lay out a few thousand and the guarantee period is far too short to know whether the system is what you want. Then there is the monthly cost of £39 for the charting program, without which the system doesn’t work, then after 6 months, they cut you loose from any access to Trendsignal unless you pay up to £27 per month. Sure, you still have access to the system, but not to updates, alerts, data, help or anything else. So you purchase lifetime use of the system, but it actually comes with a monthly cost of over £60.

The short and restrictive guarantee alone should serve as a warning signal that this is a bad system. The sales people make it sound so good, so easy and so profitable that it is easy to get carried away. But be warned, the terms of the guarantee clearly show that they are not prepared to stand behind this system.

Then the size of your trading positions. You can do this at £0.10 per pip, which requires a £1,000 trading account, in which case you will be lucky to cover your monthly cost in a good year. To stand a chance of a noticeable income, say £6k to £10k a year, you will need to trade £1 per pip, requiring a trading account of £10,000. Prorate that if you want more income. That would be fine if the system were more reliable, but the potential loss from any trade is several times the potential profit, so if a few trades go against you in a month it can more than wipe out any profit. For the system to work, they say, it must be followed exactly, but I have been fortunate enough to be able to tell when some of the signals were rubbish and so have been able to minimize losses and maximize profits on some trades.

Note the other reviews. Mostly positive from people who are new to the system, possibly new to trading, and overwhelmed by the nice people and seeing some winning trades, probably without counting the cost. Negative reviews come from people who have used it for a while and made a loss.

My strong recommendation is to AVOID this system. It doesn’t actually teach you anything about the market and ties you to your computer for 20 – 30 minutes at a set time on weekday evenings for potentially low or negative returns. The sales staff make it sound great, but it absolutely isn’t. I have given up hope of recovering my “investment” and strongly recommend that you don’t throw your money away too.

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