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Torchexpro Flashlight Reviews: genuine or fraudulent online store? Torchexpro Online Store located at is offering discounts on its Laser flashlight. Is legit? You may have come across many systems on the internet promising you quick fortunes, the truth is that majority of them turn out to be scams. In this review we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help guide you make the proper decision.

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Is Torchexpro Store a Reliable Online Store? is an online store claiming to sell all kinds of flashlights and tools. The price of these goods seem too good to be true, and this leave many asking Is Torchexpro store genuine?’ is Store trustworthy or just a rip off scam? How do I know if an online store is scam or legit? Online Store Review: Disturbing Things Found

Though this website might appear legit, the designed platform and mouth watering offers is just a facade. It is not a legitimate store but rather a fake copy meant to lure unsuspecting shoppers with its discounts and convincing platform. It simply takes after other online store scams, the difference just being the domain name. These are red flags which gave us more reasons to mark as scam-.

  • Huge Discounts. Beware when you see discounts like that, it is just a bait to pull you in.
  • Anonymous lots. We couldn’t find out who is behind this platform. Even when we checked on whois, we couldn’t come up with anything tangible.
  • Negative Customer reviews

Is a Trustworthy Online Shop?

Forget the lies they are feeding the public, this online store is just a make believe store and a scam like payneshop, zlibshop, mmjstore, oapmoney, topkipling, fd5info, .thebobo. They don’t have any of those products. They don’t have any flashlight for sale. The discount rate is quite alarming and actually show they are not into any business. What the people behind this Store do is abscond with your money once you have made a deposit. There is no way you can reach them. Not even a provision on how to track the goods when you buy from them. Some website reviewers might tell you timberland outlet is safe, but please don’t fall for it.

OUR VERDICT: is an Untrustworthy Store . Don’t be deceived by their promises

Everyday we get complaints of people been scammed. Most people fall for these schemes because of the sweet promises of making huge profits within a short time or getting a huge discount on purchases.On a serious note, legit systems exists but scams are very very numerous. So you need a guide to help you make a good decision. We have made it our duty, by exposing scams.

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They are lots of online investment opportunities which could fetch you money and give you a good Return On Investment. We constantly search them out to guide our readers so they don’t fall for scams. Always feel free to interact with us in the comment section. Review – Is ‘TorchExPro’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

Hello and welcome to our Review. Is ‘TorchExPro’ Legit or should we say that is a scam and an untrustworthy online store? So there are a few things about that e-store that has me concerned that they maybe being deceptive. They are a new site and yet every few seconds ‘someone has added the ‘TORCH EX PRO to their cart’ – seems suspicious that a very new site could be making such so many sales every minute of the day.

Those that are convinced they were scammed by them are advised to contact your payment adviser and leave your review in our comments section. You can also leave any scam review in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame and report work from home scams HERE. Also, do make good use of our FREE SCAM REPORTING TOOL where you may detail your experience about any site and upload your own images also. Lets begin now our ‘TorchExPro’ Review.

Is a Scam?

Am I right in saying that is selling a torch that can cut through metal and the like? Well, $39.99 seems very cheap for such a tool and so that has me suspicious. It seems to me that it is a highly specialized tool sold for a bargain-basement-price. The inventors I do not believe would sell themselves so short as to sell it for anything less that a few hundred dollars I’d imagine, but honestly, I do not know the actual real price – does anyone? Let us know in the comments.

  • We will now take a deeper dive into their site and forget about the surface for a moment. We want to know about the founder, where their offices are based, manufacturing location, the designers and inventors and the back story and lastly when they registered their site.
  • We simply stroll on over to WHOIS and we can see their site was registered on the 2020/10/29 and only year they done that for. For me, their product seems like it could be of great benefit and so why would a business with a good product like that only set up biz for 1 year?
  • Very suspicious ! 1 or 2 year registrations for an online business is considered suspicious and so do not believe the until they have proven they are legit and safe.
  • When site owners register their URL they have the options to put in their name, business address and contact info. They have done none of this and that is only typical of scammers. I am calling them a scam I am only saying this is the behavior of a fake site and so draw your own conclusion on that one.
  • We go to their website, as I have noticed even some few legit sites will hide such info at registration at times, but give full transparency on their site.
  • We do not see this with Only we see a CONTACT FORM and they do not think having a phone number, email, a contact name or an address would benefit their own business for sales.
  • For me, no way in hell would I give my payment information to a site that can not even be transparent. That is the minimum level of trust between seller and buyer that has to be in place otherwise it is only a gamble and a needless worry that could turn into months long waiting and haggling for a refund. Very Stressful!
  • Their Shipping Policy is Interesting:- why have they left their email there? Too bizarre and actually this is also too irritating as people now have to hunt down this data when it should of been in their CONTACT US section.
  • Their email is [email protected] and I do not see any other site using that email. To be very fair with that site, this is very good news. When we suspect a site of being fake so many times we find other sites using their contact / business information – not so in this case. So that is a credit to them, I guess….
  • I see on their Facebook Page some content has been viewed over 1.7 Million Times – O-M-G! IF they are a scam then it could be very damaging indeed and may have already caused much.
  • So “estimated times are provided by the shipping company” – does that make sense to you? Why are they ‘passing-the-buck’ to the shipping company? This seems they are claiming as little responsibility for this end of things and that is something that just popped out at me. I do not feel at ease on their site.

Final Thoughts.

TORCHEXPRO.COM IS NOT RECOMMENDED! Where are their credentials? Limited forms of contact is not good and a scam sign . Their contact us is empty yet their email is in a different section of their site – why?! Why is such a sophisticated product being sold so cheaply?

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I use to work on building sites for years and I can tell you that tools in general are not that cheap. You have to buy the more expensive ones as the cheaper versions do not last and you end up paying more to replace them then if you bought the right tools you need in the beginning. So, for me, that product appears too cheap – but like I said, I do not know how much a tool like that actually goes for and so hopefully someone can enlighten us on that in the comments below.





77 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘TorchExPro’ Scam or Legit Online Store? ”

Definitely a scam. I keep getting same auto-reply from them for the last 2 months. They keep saying its stuck in customs – they never mentioned this is shipped from over seas once. Getting Chase involved to get a refund.

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 4, 2020

Than you Paul for your report.

I believe the site is a total scam.. I ordered the TACTILAX lasers from them Dec 7th.. It’s now Feb 22.. they took the money but no product has been delivered. I contact them through their web site.. and I get replies.. THe first was on Dec 28.. which read as follows…

“Thank you for contacting TorchexPRO.

I will always be here to help you, we are a responsible company. We also ask for your patience, since follow-up updates may present delays. We appreciate your understanding.

I inform you that your order has been sent, however, as you can see in our shipping policy on our website, our tracking numbers usually take time to show information, I ask for a little patience. I will always be here to help you, we are a responsible company and I can assure you that your order is in transit to your destination.

We recommend that you track your order through We also ask for your patience, since follow-up updates may present delays. We appreciate your understanding.”

When I go to the tracking site.. the tracking number they gave is not valid..

So I wrote them again.. The response was the same canned message.. So I wrote again on Jan 11 and this time it came back with a different email..

“Goodningh, James
I am waiting for the purchasing department to send me the new tracking number, just have a little patience, it is known that you have a lot of time and that the order has not reached your hands, but that it will arrive. Thank you
Atte. Isabella”

Tried to reply to emails.. go mail delivery errors.. then I contacted agin through their web site Feb 5.. Received the same canned response as I receive Dec 28..

So I can conclude this is a FRAUD operation.. steer clear.. Now I have to try to get my $80 back..

  1. Scam Witness Post author February 23, 2020

Thank you James and all others who have generously shared your experience with this TorchExpro site.

Same as James! I ordered November 22…. Email and email no useful, informative replies from them. On February 24, I finally did receive my TorchexPro Blue, but C batteries do not fit! There is no way to use it! I am so mad I cannot get my money back. Do not fall for this scam!!

I ordered mine January 11, 2020. March 15 I asked/demanded a refund. They replied asking me to be patient. I waited another 2 weeks. Today I contacted MasterCard. I launched a dispute. Now they have 30 days or I get my money back. I should have looked up this site before as I can see I am one of the many scammed.

well i ordered the aluminux and after months and a few emails to the customer service dept. i received the product…with no batteries and no way to know what kind it takes…too little for C and too big for AA… I have been looking to see what kind it takes but to know avail… if anyone has any idea, please reply…

I got one too finally in the mail, came without batteries, the focusing caps and no instructions. mine came in green when blue was advertised. It an takes 18650 battery x 1 and the green one wont burn anything, but it is bright.. at least I got something fro my money, yay.

I ordered the blue laser TorchexPro ALUMINUX and got it with a green laser. Very bright, but doesn’t cut anything.

There Site Isn’t Up On Facebook Anymore But There Is A New One Up Just Like It Wondering If They Switched Company Name And Are Still Ripping People With A New Name,Same Type Of Lazer Being Sold,I Ordered Nov 10 And Got Ripped also got 1 email and now no response ,,

  1. Scam Witness Post author February 14, 2020

Could you please supply the URL of the company you are speaking of please? Thank You and then we will look into it. If a company online has ripped you off then please contact your payment provider and alert them to this situation. Look forward to hearing back from you Dewey.

  1. Scam Witness Post author February 15, 2020

Oh yes found them Dewey and sorry for the misunderstanding there. If you find anymore scams then we would love to hear back from you sometime. You can bookmark our site and so you can find us easily as we always expose online scams from our readers reports.

Thanks again Dewey.

Their site is up. I just received mine today – after almost two months! I was shocked that it actually came. However, the tips were not included, nor was the battery. I understand there are issues with shipping batteries, but I can’t figure out what type of battery is to be used.
At this point, I can’t verify if it works at all. Will keep you all posted.

After numeous e-mails back and forth they kept giving me tracking numbers that never showed any tracking updates. Their web site says 8-10 days delivery time which is a crock of $%#@. I asked for a refund several times and they finally told me that they do not offer refunds despite the fact their web site says, “If you don’t like the product, if it just doesn’t work for you, return it. Within 30 days of receipt, products purchased from us may be returned for any reason.” I finally received my green laser today 02/10/2020 after ordering it in the end of November 2020 with the intent of giving it as a Christmas present.

Not surprisingly the laser is nothing like what website advertised. The web site says, “Ultra-high output: Up to 30000mW of Power, Ignites matches instantly, burns cigarettes and papers in seconds. Sets plastics and wood on fire, and engraves on metals.” It does none of those things and when placed on a multimeter the amps show 0.05 on a 3.7V 18650 battery which comes in a little under 200mw. If you look at the sticker on the side of the laser it even says 200 mw.

I did contest the charges with my credit card company and got a refund. Hopefully the vendor learns their lesson and stops trying to scam people.

  1. Scam Witness Post author February 11, 2020

Thank you Andrew and to all others as well for your review.

I ordered 2 tactilax blue lasers 12/1/2020 for the amount of $82.40. Order number 9171. Tracking number LW370434801CN. This order doesn’t exhist. It has NOT been shipped. This is obviously a scam. I have emailed their customer support several times and I do get a response saying thanks for your patience shipping times have been delayed and I keep getting emails wanting me to purchase more crap from them. Don’t waste your money.

I ordered this laser on December 8th 2020. Just showed up today Feb 5th 2020 after I got tired of broken English emails and bogus tracking orders I returned emails with requests to cancel this order. Well I got my Visa card to refund my money. Now I have the product minus the batteries because they say our customs won’t allow batteries. No star caps either. I imagine the credit card will recharge since it was delivered. Pulling my hair out.

  1. Scam Witness Post author February 8, 2020

Thanks for your review Tom.

does anyone have the [ops] bags phone number and address ? i will personally go beat the $39 dollars out of him its not the money but the principal .

  1. Scam Witness Post author January 31, 2020

Thanks Sam and you should probably just contact your payment provider and let them handle this for you. Sorry you had this experience by the way and I am very grateful you took the time to land us your view about

I ordered their Blue laser on black friday, it was on sale from $100 to $55.95. Stupid me I ordered 2 of them.
I got confermation on order I would get it in 6-8 days. Here it is more than 2 months later and nothing.
2 days later they were priced at about $30
I did email tham and got several tracking numbers that did not exist.
I called my cedit card company and disputed the charge.
Now I see them all over the internet cheaper and include batteries.
Stay away from this company.

I purchased the Tactilax laser, now called the Aluminux Laser.
I ordered it on November 28th, 2020.
I sent several inquiries and never received a response. I called my credit union to cancel the transaction and they opened up an investigation. In the meantime I found the same thing on Amazon and ordered that on December 21. One week later I received the Amazon item, it came with an aluminum case, 2 batteries, a charger and a pair of laser safety glasses. I am completely satisfied with the Amazon item and would buy it again.
Here’s the item on Amazon… Skip these scammers and buy that instead.
Dinsom Hunting Blue Pointer Sight Dot Scope Adjustable with 5 Patterns
Sold by WORD GX
I received my aluminex laser today (01/16/20). When I opened the box there was a note saying because of customs restrictions, the batteries are not provided and any suitable battery would work. Also, there were no instructions enclosed and no recommended battery size to use.
I paid for the laser, the 5 tips, batteries and charger, and all I got was the laser itself.
I used the batteries from the Amazon one, guess what? Green laser light not blue. And it doesn’t even work right. The workmanship leaves a lot to be desired, the threads are gritty feeling and there are burrs on all of the edges.
The batteries went back in the Amazon one and the crappy aluminex laser went on the shelf. I probably will never mess with it.

I purchased the Aluminux Laser. I’m normally very careful about scams and items too good to be true but I figured $38 bucks, what’s there to lose.
I ordered it around December 8th, 2020 and was hoping to give it as a Christmas gift.
I sent numerous inquiries and received emails back saying it would ship soon. I called American Express to cancel the transaction and they opened up an investigation. In the meantime I saw by purchasing any of their items, you accept their Terms and Conditions which basically states you won’t get your money back under any conditions and orders can not be cancelled. These guys are good !! Basically, their T’s&C’s mean they’re not liable for anything !!
I received my laser today (01/16/20).
When I opened the box there was a note saying because of customs restrictions, the batteries are not provided and any suitable battery would work. Also, there were no instructions enclosed and no recommended battery size to use. No normal size battery will fit correctly in the unit.
I jury rigged some batteries and got it to light up. Surprise surprise green laser light not blue.
Shame on me for not doing MY homework and researching so basically I learned a $38 lesson.
My real concern was now they have my AMEX card number.
I immediately called AMEX and had my card shutdown. I’m being issued a new card and number immediately by AMEX.
I highly recommend EVERYONE on here to do the same !! Have your credit card company issue you a new card ASAP !
There’s way more at stake then the cost of this piece of crap product (scam).

Good Luck !!

Run don’t walk away from this seller, I ordered on Nov. 11th 2020 their promised super laser, I received 5 emails stating that my order was shipped. Today (Jan 22 20) after many queries and even threats I received the item, with no instructions, no battery, and no notice of what battery I need for this, I am convinced it is a piece of shit, given my experience with this company. And with all due respect to the truly honest Chinese companies (although I have yet to find one) I wish it were required to show the origin of the seller i.e. China, Slobovia etc.

Yes, it’s a scam. I ordered the blue laser so I could do light wood burning art and they sent me a green laser. Total bait and switch. I guess I was lucky to get anything at all. Call your bank like I did and reverse the charge.

  1. Scam Witness Post author January 14, 2020

Thanks Todd for your review �� .

Think yourself very lucky at least you had something back for your money . I too ordered a blue laser for a similar reason the 4th December and all I got was a couple of cheap excuses ,now they have ditched their e- mail address and are completely un contactable

Scam. It’s a flashlight made in china that costs like $5 from aliexpress. I’ve reached out to the FTC, BBB and District Attorney on this “company”. Here is one relevant information I’ve found on the scammer:

Parteface, Corp is a Florida Domestic Profit Corporation filed on April 15, 2020. The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is P19000034010.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Atc Professional Services, Inc and is located at 3645 West 16th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33012. The company’s principal address is 10229 Nw 64th Terrace Apt 101, Doral, FL 33178 and its mailing address is 10229 Nw 64th Terrace Apt 101, Doral, FL 33178. That’s where he lives

The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Inojosa Pedro Camilo Doumat from Doral FL. His Instagram is @parteface

  1. Scam Witness Post author January 8, 2020

WOW John, incredible research sir. Thank you kindly for sharing your information here for the rest of us to know. Much appreciated John �� .

Most definitely a RIP off. I recieved the light and it is easily the worst flashlight I’ve ever owned. And I’ve owned a lot of them. It doesnt do any of the things it advertised. Not only doesnt it burn anything, the lens doesnt even get warm. And the battery dies after 10 minutes. I’ve bought brand new batteries and it still dies after 10 minutes. Definitely do not buy!

  1. Scam Witness Post author January 8, 2020

Thanks for your warning John.

I ordered the more expensive blue laser. Just got it today after waiting for months. I received the cheaper green one doesn’t burn at all. I hope my Visa will reverse the charge.

Ordered 2 flashlights along with the unbreakable magic toy on 5th December for christmas presents. I’ve received absolutely nothing only broken English emails with false tracking numbers. I’ve requested my monies to be refunded back to me. All I’ve received in return is more excuses and not a single penny?!
One extremely unhappy scammed customer

  1. Scam Witness Post author January 4, 2020

Put in for a refund Liz with your payment company. Likely they will never give you a refund from TorchExpro and so your payment provider is the only one now to handle this potentially in your favor. Let us know how that goes sometime.

Ordered mine back in November still have not gotten the
flashlight yet, I got a tracking number that’s bogus

I lost $39 bucks, can you say RIP OFF…………..

  1. Scam Witness Post author January 4, 2020

Thanks for letting us know Mark and definitely put in for a refund with your payment provider.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. I ordered a flashlight and a laser on NOVEMBER 3 and I have been getting nothing but the same letter again and again with no results IT IS A SCAM. BIGTIME. the only reason I even ordered it was to prove that it was bullshit to people who said it was real! Well it cost me 72.00 to cry bullshit. I agree with u Diego it is truly unforgivable we should do something to return the favor.

I sent them several emails and I told them I’d make it my life’s work to see them in prison. Now I have a tracking # from China which I am sure is fake. Will advise. BTW if you want a quality light, buy direct from Fenix. I have no affiliation with them but got a nice torch in a week.

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 24, 2020

Thanks and looking forward to your update The Rodentman.

Nothing new since 24 Dec. Have tracking # from China and alleged shipment made from China:
CHINA, SHENZHEN EMS, Processed Through Facility
But nothing reaching US yet. USPS says they have been notified to receive pkg but I am of course suspicious. I think I’ll have MC chargeback.

  1. Scam Witness Post author January 8, 2020

Thanks The Rodentman and feel free to keep us all up to date going forward.

Rodentman?? Are you in pest control? I am, and just thought it a funny coincidence . Anyway, the big red flag for me here was that all those “reviews” were in the same broken English as the site. “Hello yes I live Wichta kansus and am exorbitant thrill with light!”

No actually I like rodents and have 30 such tattoos. I live in Monasoda and speak Engrish good.

I went against my gut and ordered this flashlight for my husband as a Christmas gift. I should have listened to my gut. After weeks of waiting I reached out to them by email and received a generic response back welcoming me to the company. Still no tracking number or no flashlight. I wish I would have known about your site before this. Now I am very concerned about them having my banking information. From now on I will check your site before ordering anything from a site I have not previously done business with.

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 23, 2020

Thank you Michelle for your review and warning to others. We are most definitely here to assist Michelle, and if you find nothing on a site in question in our sites search engine (top right), feel welcome to ask us and we will do some research and respond as soon as possible.

About your banking information it maybe very wise to contact your payment provider. Keep a good eye on your bank statements to watch out for small amounts going missing and also any company names you do not know. Given the reviews below in this forum, you may have to cancel your card for a new one. Seek advice from your bank.

Thanks again Michelle.

Thanks again Michelle.

My husband ordered and after 10 days the site continues to say “order still in fulfillment”. After 3 attempts to contact the company and no response, he has decided to call the credit card company and get a refund.

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 21, 2020

Good luck Sanda with the refund and feel free to let us know how that goes.

I purchased the Torchexpro flashlight from an ad on Facebook. Took my money and did send emails every now and then. Finally got a chinese shipping confirmation. Just got my flashlight after a month or so . It does not burn anything and is not even that bright. Took a chance and lost.

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 21, 2020

So they sent you out a generic version and not what was advertised. Since they no doubt gave you a legit tracking code:- then you payment provider maybe to easily duped into thinking you got what you ordered. Well, try a refund case anyways and see how it goes, if you wish Blake.

Thanks for your comment here.

Tried to purchase a lazer on Dec 4th. Had a bad feeling and should have went with my gut. Unfortunately i did my research after purchasing.

Since then ive sent multiple emails indicating my suspicions but hoping they prove my suspicions wrong. I recieved a reply claiming they are super busy on 2 separate occasions. My last email i said if i dont recieve a tracking number in the next couple days i will be going to my bank claiming my card was used for a fraudulent purchase.

I find it suspicious they would even reply with claims like “very busy” or “I verified that your order has been processed and will soon be sent” after threatening to pet my bank know the purchase was a scam. You would think they would just neglect to reply wouldnt you? Maybe there is a time period where the funds can be refunded by the bank with some credit card companies?

I used my debit visa card and have kept a close eye on my account. So far no shady account activity. After reading im now convinced im not getting my lazer. I will be heading to the bank tomorrow to report. If miraculously i get a tracking number email claiming my order has been sent i will post here again.

Dont Order From This Site

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 20, 2020

Thanks Shane for your review.

I ordered two of the flashlights on 12/2, emailed them on 12/12 and nada! My first scam ever. I did some checking before ordering but did not find this site.

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 18, 2020

We may have written this post soon after you looked for a review so our timing was off to be of help at this time. Thank you though for leaving us a comment to help warn others.

This is the torchexpro scammers using different names, ads, and websites! DON’T BUY! THIS IS A SCAM! I HAD TO DISPUTE AT MY BANK!Beware! This is the torchexpro scammers with a new website and fb page. They scammed me and many others!

They also go by torchexpro, infinitrend, and boxaplenty! They always go by torchenpro as well They scammed me over 100 dollars for the burning laser

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 19, 2020

Thank you Johnathan and this is very useful information indeed. You have done a great job to expose InfiniTrend and so thank you kindly for your warning.

Greetings, I too got scammed by these people. I ordered their laser device on the 3rd of Dec and have got nothing from them but a email telling me it has been shipped. I have since notified my debit card provider and the Better Business Bureau. I am hoping for a refund.

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 13, 2020

I wish you well with your refund Lorenzo and thank you for taking the time to report on them. Let us know how that goes if you have time.

Thanx For The Info.I Was Just About To Place An Order.

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 13, 2020

I am delighted to hear you avoided them. Nice work Jim on looking out for reviews and feel free to make us your online home for scam alerts. Always here to help Jim and thanks for your report here today.

Thank you so much for the warning. My husband Loves flashlights of all kinds. A very dear friend that knows how much he loves them referred the add to me. I was about to order it for his Christmas gift, but thinking the price and item was too good to be true, I decided to do a little research. Thank heavens I found your site! And thank you to everyone that posted your experience with torchexpro.
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020!

Hello all, been doing my checking too I paid out for a Laser device,
i received this
[email protected] via ksd1.klaviyom
Hi XXXX, thank you for supporting TorchexPro!

Lisa here, I am one of the owners at TorchexPro, and I wanted to take a second to say “hello” & welcome to our family.

You have become a vital part of our success here at TorchexPro and I just wanted to show you how grateful I was that you chose us. ��
I know you are going to love your new product.

Here’s what you can expect from us: We’ll send you exciting new deals on a monthly basis, flash sales, holiday promotions… the lot.
You’ll also be the first to know about the hottest brand new products & we’ll also send you the occasional gift from time to time.
Sound fair? GOOD!

We will process your order in up to 4 business days. It’s being hand-packed as I write this, and we will send you a shipping receipt as soon as it leaves our warehouse to let you know it’s on the way!

In the mean time if you want to track your package you can track it here at any point >> Click here to track your package In the next few days, we’ll be sending you some short emails to ensure that you get the most value out of your TorchexPro order.

Thank you for contacting TorchexPRO.

Good morning, sorry for the inconvenience caused, your case has already been referred to the purchasing department, and you will have an answer as soon as possible.

informed my bank and other people.

They’re using fake info. There’s no one called Lisa. Their real names are:

They have 2 registered businesses in Miami:

I don’t know how the authorities allowed this and they’re still out there

I purchased a few items on here about nine days ago. My order total came to about $200. After I purchased my order from the website. I contacted torch X through email, About shipping times. They said it would take at least 3 to 5 business days to ship. Well, it’s been about nine complete days since I made the first order, five of those days being business days. I should’ve done my research before purchasing. Yeah I know I’m stupid. Fortunately, I used a prepaid card instead of my debit card. Anyway,I should’ve followed my gut instinct “ if something is to good to be true then it probably is”. At least now I don’t have to change my debit card. And if you’re reading this. You’re welcome.

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 9, 2020

Hi Allen,
Nope, you are not stupid. Tens of thousands of people a day get scammed from all echelons of our society. So don’t be so hard on yourself and really its the cyber-crooks that should be feeling stupid etc.

Thank you kindly Allen for your review and I have no doubt it is going to provide insight for others.

Thanks again Allen.

Looks very similar to a product sold on Amazon. The Amazon product does not contain all of the hype. It is probably a better “Flashlight pen” than a “light saber” as mentioned in one of the Torchexpro” reviews.

4.0 out of 5 stars 68 Reviews
LUCHENG High Power Tactical Teaching Hunting Flashlight Pen with Blue Pointer and 5 Patterns

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 9, 2020

Thanks JLW for the additional info and it is appreciated.

Thanks for the advice I was just about to order one of their burning lasers from torchex or tactilax but the price seemed sketchy so I’m glad I did a little research first.

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 7, 2020

You are most welcome Andrew and I am here anytime you have a query about any site should you require our services. Thanks for taking the time to land a comment here.

Good day all , Greetings from South Africa

I was so enticed with the advert I just jumped on the band wagon and payed over the funds on the 26 Nov 2020 and up to today and 5 mails later I have not received any indication off this product being shipped.
I realized that I was an idiot and did not do my homework and gave them free money. Yes its not bank breaking cash but its the idea of just being scammed that pushes the wrong buttons.

Wish I can do something from my side to prevent fellow social media peeps from burning their fingers there as well.

Merry Christmas an prosperous 2020

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 5, 2020

Well Robert you could do what I do. Get a free website and learn how to expose such bad sites and that in itself will help warn people on social media. Many times a day people who visit our site share our content to social media and so that is one way.

Let me know if interested Robert or you can just share this article to your networks.

I fell into their fake advertising. I made the order almost 2 weeks ago from now and i didnt received it yet. If you try to contact them they don’t even respond. I had to change my credit card number because of that. Please, don’t spend your money on this website. Its fake

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 4, 2020

Thanks Jerry for your comment on TorchExpro.

The flashlight in their web videos is the same one shown in a 2020 Wired article…wired. com/2020/05/ wicked-lasers- flashtorch /

  1. Scam Witness Post author December 2, 2020

Nice Catch Paul and I did not notice that myself. Thank you for this valuable additional data.

The 8 Best Flashlights for Everyday Use

May whichever you choose be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.

Flashlights are seemingly simple devices, so it can be easy to forget to do your research before purchasing one. But it’s worth knowing what goes into these handy torches—especially when you consider that you’re counting on whichever one you buy being reliable during power outages and camping trips for years to come.

Bulbs and Features

Most all flashlights now use LED bulbs, which means you don’t have to worry about the dimness and quick battery drain of older incandescent flashlights. And because LEDs are so efficient (most of the energy they draw from the battery goes toward producing light, not heating a filament as with incandescents), you also don’t have to sweat replacing the bulb, since most LEDs are intended to last as long as the flashlight itself.

Flashlights are also now more feature-packed than ever. Some come with strobe lights, which can be helpful if you’re trying to get someone’s attention in an emergency. Then there are multiple modes and colors—those go from merely for aesthetic preferences to suited for certain situations, like how red wavelengths are easier on the eyes and less liable to wake up your bunkmates if you’re trying to sneak out of the cabin at night to answer nature’s call. And solar or USB charging can free you from the hassle of swapping batteries in and out.

While all these sound fancy, keep in mind what you’ll most likely be using the flashlight for when buying your next one. You may not need all the fancy tricks—or you might.

How Flashlights are Rated

Flashlights will often have an IP rating—like IP65 or IP68—that give you an idea of their durability. The first number indicates its protection from solids; six is the maximum, meaning it should be completely impenetrable to things like sand and dust. And the second number indicates how water-resistant or waterproof it is, where eight is the maximum and means it can be submerged in water deeper than one meter. Sometimes you’ll also see a rating like IPX4, or IP6X, where the “X” simply means that the product hasn’t been tested for protection from solids or liquids.

That rating only gives a partial picture of the flashlight’s durability, however, and you’ll also want to take into account things like the materials used—ranging from lightweight but less-than-durable plastic to rubberized enclosures to heavy-duty anodized aluminum—and whether the flashlight floats in water in addition to being waterproof, not to mention the warranty.

How We Chose These Flashlights

To select these flashlights, we relied on Popular Mechanics’ years of previous reporting on and testing of flashlights, and also consulted and number of trusted publications like The Strategist and The Wirecutter. We then looked at customer reviews on sites like Amazon and Home Depot, focusing on products that averaged at least four out of five stars over more than a hundred (but often thousands of) reviews.

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