Profits Bots Review 2020

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Bitcoin Profit – Does It Work or Is It A Scam?

  • The cryptocurrency market has been evolving over the last few years and as a result, today, there are many trading tools and software solutions that have been developed in order to make online crypto trading easier.
  • While you will not be spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection of available trading tools, the fact is, some of them are simply scam products. Since it is really difficult to always differentiate effective software solutions from those that simply do not work, my team and I have been dedicated to properly reviewing the wide range of trading tools available in the market and to provide honest, accurate and unbiased information about them. Our team is made up of tech gurus and trading experts with years of experience in the market, enabling us to give a clear assessment of any trading tool we test.
  • With this in mind, today we will be focusing on automated trading software, especially since they have been gaining a lot of relevance in the online trading space. Quality automated trading software makes it easier for both seasoned and new traders to trade and make money. A significant software in the growing cryptocurrency sector is the Bitcoin Profit. We will discuss this software’s features and services, dissecting some of the information made available online. In the end, we will confirm if it is an automated trading software that delivers on its promises or not.
  • By the end of this review, you will have a clear picture of the Bitcoin Profit and all it stands for. Based on this, you can then make an educated decision to partner with this software and to really profit from trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What is Bitcoin Profit?

The Bitcoin Profit is an automated cryptocurrency trading software that allows virtually anyone to trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies with ease, ultimately leading to profits. The Bitcoin Profit scans and analyzes the markets searching for lucrative trading opportunities and it then produces profitable trading signals. It goes further to execute trading orders for the user to ensure they make maximum profits per trade. Thanks to the Bitcoin Profit, everyday people can now earn impressive profits daily by trading cryptocurrencies.

Developer of the Bitcoin Profit

John Mayers created the Bitcoin Profit software that has become popular in the auto trading sector. The Bitcoin Profit is unique because it carries out market analysis faster than other systems in the market. Its algorithm has a time leap of 0.01 seconds, allowing it to know what will happen in the market in terms of a crypto’s price, even before it makes this move. As a result of this, this gives Bitcoin Profit users an edge in the market, which results in them making money on most of their trades.

New and Advanced Traders

From our research, we found out that the Bitcoin Profit is also perfect for new entrants in the trading scene. As an automated software, it uses the trading signals generated from the algorithms to place trades. Since the analysis and trading are done for you, there is no need to have any form of experience or an understanding of the markets in order to make profits. Based on this, it is evident that the Bitcoin Profit is useful software for both new and seasoned traders.

With the automated functionality, you simply get to sit back and enjoy your profits while the Bitcoin Profit trades for you. In addition, it does not matter what the market conditions are or how volatile the market prices are. With the Bitcoin Profit, the advanced trading algorithm is able to scan the markets and do in depth market analysis, quickly and accurately. As a result, users of the Bitcoin Profit are able to make money while trading cryptocurrencies.

Earning Potential

Since being introduced into the markets, Bitcoin Profit has helped many people attain financial freedom. The early users made millions within a few months while the new users are earning their share of the profits in the cryptocurrency sector. Many online testimonials confirm that people are really making money from Bitcoin and crypto trading with the Bitcoin Profit.

In our review of the software, we didn’t encounter any problems as the Bitcoin Profit is user-friendly and transparent. The way the algorithm of the software operates is easy to understand, making it simple for us to test its features and capabilities.

The software generates trading signals once trading opportunities are found in the market and then the software proceeds to execute trades on the platform of the Bitcoin Profit’s preferred brokers. With our initial tests, we can definitely say that Bitcoin Profit presents an excellent opportunity for everyone to earn money from the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, opening a Bitcoin Profit account is free, and there are no hidden fees for services provided. The information on the Bitcoin Profit homepage is clear and honest, presenting you with all you need to know to get started.

Our research shows that the developers at Bitcoin Profit are clearly committed to improving the system all the time, to enable traders to make even more money from the market. The Bitcoin Profit is sustained using spreads (the difference between the buy and sell price of an asset). This, therefore, allows a trader to hold on to 100% of the profit they make and to withdraw these funds with ease. This is a big plus.

Is Bitcoin Profit Legit? Yes It Is!

Yes, the Bitcoin Profit app is a legit auto trading system. It is an intuitive and effective automated trading software that makes it possible for everyday people to earn money from cryptocurrency trading. While it was designed to work with Bitcoin, the software has progressed to work with other cryptocurrencies and even forex as well.

With smart algorithms, the Bitcoin Profit is able to monitor the crypto market and to accurately identify profitable buy and sell signals. It buys at low prices and sells at high prices, ensuring users earn profits in the trading process. It has a success rate of over 95%, making it one of the best automated trading systems for cryptocurrency trading.

Accurate trading decisions are usually made when a trader has the ability to analyze and understand the many market events and trends, which enables him to speculate on the price movement of assets. Furthermore, there are a few crucial signals to watch out for in order to help identify possible profitable trades. With the Bitcoin Profit, you do not need to worry about analyzing the markets as the as the entire process is automated and handled by the software. All you have to do is enjoy your profits and continue to extract maximum earnings.

Is Bitcoin Profit Scam or Legit: The Verdict!

The Bitcoin Profit is a legit cryptocurrency automated trading software. The system is not a scam in anyway as it passed all the tests we carried out to determine its legitimacy. Its success percentage is over 95% and it has been able to achieve this because of the smart algorithms it uses to analyze the markets. It is also very easy to use and to navigate, making it ideal for new traders too. Thanks to the effective features in place, users of the Bitcoin Profit can record massive profits from cryptocurrency trading.

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Another factor we liked was the low deposit requirement. This makes it affordable for virtually anyone who wishes to earn money from crypto trading. Our research indicates that anyone can make massive profits from the initial $250 trading capital.

Opening a Bitcoin Profit Account

To see how the features on the Bitcoin Profit work, we decided to create an account with them. This process lasted for a few minutes, and our account was activated right away. Here are the steps we followed:


To start, you have to create a Bitcoin Profit account. Simply go to the official Bitcoin Profit website . The signup form is on the homepage; thus, you don’t have to go through much stress to create an account. We were asked to insert some basic personal information, such as full name, country of residence, email address, and phone number. We went on to create a strong password for the account, comprising of letters, numbers, and symbols. We recommend you do this too as it makes it tougher for hackers to gain access to your account. Click the ‘REGISTER NOW’ button, and your account will be activated instantly. We received an email with the account confirmation link. When you see this, you are ready for the second phase.


Next, you are to fund your Bitcoin Profit trading account. We were happy with the several payment options available. Some of the choices we saw included Visa, MerchantPay, MasterCard, GiroPay, Maestro, and more. We selected our payment method and provided the card details. We started with a minimum of $250 to see the results we would obtain. Spoiler alert; the results were outstanding.

Demo Trading

Bitcoin Profit developers made demo accounts available to users. We believe this a great initiative in several ways. Firstly, the demo account allows traders to learn and understand how the system works before they start trading with real money. Secondly, it will enable you to test your different trading strategies to see the one that works best for you. A strategy that doesn’t work can be replaced or adjusted. Thanks to the demo account, you can choose your best trading strategy before you start live trading with real money. We went ahead to test the demo account and we were pleased with its speed and the full range of features available to users. We advise all users to try out the demo account before switching to the live trading mode.

Live Trading

Up next is the live trading account. You can move to the live trading session after you understand the demo account and how the system works. Upon entering the live trading platform, activate the auto-trading feature. We went ahead to set up our trading parameters to include information like amount to stake per trade, take profit and stop loss limits, risk levels, and more. You can see all this data on the dashboard under the auto trade tab.

We went further to select our preferred trading pairs. We saw several popular trading pairs like BTC/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD, ETH/USD, and a wide range of others. These processes were easy to navigate, thanks to the insightful layout of the software. All the required information was available on the screen. The platform has a help button users can use to get in touch with the customer support team anytime they counter a problem or have a question.

Essential Features of the Bitcoin Profit Software

The Bitcoin Profit comes with several features. Here are some of the important ones:


  • The payout system is vital as it shows the ability of the users to access their earnings. To see if the payout system is credible, we had to test it out for ourselves. We funded the trading account with $250 and activated the Bitcoin Profit live trading account. We earned an impressive profit from our first trade and were excited by the prospects of the platform. We proceeded to withdraw our earnings. The withdrawal process was swift and straightforward. From our research, we realized that users could earn as much as $1,300 per day using the Bitcoin Profit software.

Withdrawal and Deposits

  • A great platform will have an impressive payment system to ensure fast deposits and withdrawals of funds. Both the deposit and withdrawal processes here are quick, a trend that made us satisfied with what the Bitcoin Profit has to offer. You can deposit funds with ease and withdraw your earnings at all times of the day and night. It takes less than 24 hours for the funds to be sent to your bank account.


  • While many trading platforms have hidden costs and commissions on trades, the Bitcoin Profit doesn’t have that. We looked at the fee structure on the Bitcoin Platform and we found out that they have no hidden costs or charges. The brokerage platform they partner with also doesn’t charge fees. They make money using spreads, which is the difference between the buy and sell prices of the cryptocurrency assets. Generally, we were happy with the system since it is accurate and transparent. This makes the Bitcoin Profit different from the other automated trading software available in the industry at the moment.

Customer Support

  • Customer service is the backbone of every platform, and it determines whether customers stay or leave. We tested the support team on the Bitcoin Profit platform to see how we would get help when we needed it. As advertised, the customer support team is available 24 hours a day. We contacted them at odd hours and they were responsive and solved our issues in no time. We were impressed by the customer agents as they had an in-depth understanding of the auto trading system and the financial markets in general. It is important to note that we only contacted the customer support to simply test them as we didn’t encounter any problem while using the software.


  • The Bitcoin Profit affiliates with the top brokers in the industry. The brokers manage the deposited funds and allow users access to the crypto market via their trading platforms. These brokers also offer a range of other services like access to educational resources and trading tools, secure banking options, professional customer support and more.

How to Make More Profits with Bitcoin Profit

From our personal experience and research, we can confirm that virtually anyone can make impressive income using the Bitcoin Profit platform. We had an enlightening experience using the Bitcoin Profit software, and we will discuss some of our findings here to help our readers understand the platform.

The cryptocurrency market has a cap of hundreds of billions of dollars, which makes trading these assets very lucrative. However, using automated trading software, such as the Bitcoin Profit, increases your chances of earning more.

John Mayers and his team put in much work to ensure that users gain maximum profits while trading cryptocurrencies on their platform. Here are the steps we followed to earn more money with the Bitcoin Profit software:

  • Start small : even if you have a large capital, we advise that you start small. Deposit the minimum of $250 and start with this amount. This will allow you to study and understand the nature of the system. You can increase your deposit and invest more in trades as you go further.
  • Withdraw your profits : it is a great idea to access your earnings as soon as possible and allow the capital to continue trading for you. This can be a passive income for you which you can then use to take care of other expenses.
  • Learn more about crypto trading : while the Bitcoin Profit software does all the work for you, we recommend that you keep learning about crypto trading. This enables you to identify additional profitable trading pairs in order to maximize your profits.
  • Invest what you can afford to lose : we don’t advise people to invest what they can’t afford to lose. This is because the crypto market is highly volatile. The prices change very quickly, and the market might turn against you at any time. Based on this, we recommend you invest only what you can afford to lose.

Why Should You Use Bitcoin Profit Software?

There are tons of automated trading platforms that proclaim to give users high returns for their investments. In most cases, the claims are not valid as they aren’t backed by in-depth research into their services.

However, after our in-depth and thorough review of the Bitcoin Profit platform, we can convince our readers as to why they should use the Bitcoin Profit instead of the other platforms they find online.

Responsive and User-friendly Software

From our personal experience, we were satisfied with the general responsiveness and user-friendly nature of the software. The algorithm was effective, and the features responded to our request without wasting time. With its user-friendly environment, the Bitcoin Profit is perfect for both new and seasoned traders aiming to make money from cryptocurrency trading.

High Win Percentage

The impressive winning percentage is another reason why we recommend the Bitcoin Profit to our readers. From our calculation, the accuracy rate is over 95%. This is outstanding and places the Bitcoin Profit as the leading software in the automated cryptocurrency trading space. The more you invest, the higher your profit margin.

Demo Account and Tutorials

The availability of demo accounts and tutorials help distinguish the Bitcoin Profit from other auto trading software systems. With the demo account and tutorials, users are able to learn how the system works before they invest real money. It also helps traders to test their trading strategies, using virtual funds, before they stake real money.

24/7 Customer Support

Based on our personal experience, the customer service team is available 24/7. They can be reached via email, live chat, or phone call. The agents are responsive, professional, and vastly knowledgeable in the industry.

Bitcoin Profit Review: Our Conclusion

  • The cryptocurrency market gained popularity over a decade ago, and more people realize the massive earning potential in this industry. However, most people struggle with trying to make money trading digital currencies. Automated trading software, like the Bitcoin Profit, has been helping bridge this gap for many people. The Bitcoin Profit makes it possible for anyone to earn passive income from cryptocurrency trading, regardless of their trading experience or knowledge.
  • We reviewed the vital features on the platform, and we were pleased with our findings. The Bitcoin Profit has a great user interface that is responsive and easy to use. The developers have ensured that the payment system is streamlined so that traders and investors can easily and swiftly deposit and withdraw their funds at all times. Thanks to the several payment options available to users, you can choose anyone that suits you.
  • The customer service team is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It is made up of agents with an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets, and they attend to issues swiftly. The Bitcoin Profit is automated, which implies that it produces the trading signals and executes trade orders for the users. Thus, users don’t have to do much when it comes to trading with this software. The wining rate here is over 95%, which makes it one of the best and most profitable cryptocurrency trading tools available to investors at the moment.

Best Crypto Trading Bots of 2020: Top 5 Bitcoin Trading Bots Reviewed

An Introduction to automated trading software

It is no secret that in traditional markets like Forex or stocks a large portion of these trades are being executed by trading bots managed by institutional, day traders, and other entities. These high-frequency trading techniques have changed the landscape of fintech and traders and companies alike are constantly fighting to maintain their edge. With the explosion of Bitcoin in late 2020 this cutting-edge method of trading has grown rapidly on cryptocurrency exchanges. Digital asset exchanges are more plentiful and rarely shutdown as compared to their traditional counterparts. The new age day trader must adapt and learn to use these advanced forms of trade automation.

Individuals, organizations, and companies are all looking for creative ways to improve profit margins and efficiency. One way of doing this is by automating manual trading strategies that have historically proven to be profitable. In its most basic form, the platforms used for most Bitcoin trading bots allow a user to configure variables that exist inside the scripts, which are typically thresholds for values generated by technical indicators. Other features found in trading bots might include features like copy trading, external signals, scripting languages, charting, and more.

In our review guide, we will take a look at our top 5 Bitcoin trading bots for 2020, features we like (or don’t), supported exchanges, and other features necessary for a day trader to grow new skills with trade automation.

Frequently asked questions

As previously mentioned automated trading has been around for quite some time and goes by several different names, including; algo-trading, high-frequency trading, system trading, mechanical trading, and so on. Automated crypto trading allows traders to recreate manual trading strategies at scale. Once a trader has settled on one or more trading strategies they can input those variables into a framework that allows computers to trade on their behalf.

It’s estimated that around 80% of all US stock exchange trading originates from automated trading systems like HaasOnline Trade Server. If you were trading on cryptocurrency exchanges prior to 2020 it’s more likely than not that you were trading against trading strategies deployed from our automated trading software as it were the only Bitcoin trading bot that was widely available to the public.

These automated trading systems vary in complexity and will generate signals from a single technical indicator or use several combined with other complex rulesets that can enable or disabled new trading strategies based on market movement. It’s wise to choose a platform where you are a little out of your depth and can learn to leverage more complex trading skills.

Cryptocurrency trading bots are a byproduct of trade automation software, which execute manual trading strategies and are typically integrated into one or more cryptocurrency exchanges. Trading bots have existed in the markets like Forex and have proven themselves time and time again. With cryptocurrency these trading bots are no different and are able to take advantage of markets 24/7 with an efficiency that cannot be matched by manual trading.

These trading bots vary in price, complexity, and expandability. We’ve taken the time to list beginner friendly, intermediate, and advanced crypto trading products (like us). There are also free and open source options available for the more determined and technically savvy traders.

Crypto trading bots are able to execute buy and sell orders as defined by their specific strategy or script. Typically these orders follow proven trading strategies that have existed successfully on traditional trading market and can include Ping Pong, Scalping, Arbitrage, etc. Once the trading bot has determined the buy and sell orders, they are then executed on the exchange’s API resulting in high-frequency automated trading.

Depending on which product you’re using, a trade bot’s functionality can be as rudimentary as setting limit orders or something more complex like performing triangular arbitrage. A trade bot will use a combination of technical indicators and other signals to calculate buy or sell orders for your automated strategy.

Once you’ve properly configured a trading bot with your desired strategy it is typically vetted by using a technique called backtesting. This uses historicals exchange data to determine if your trading strategy has the potential to be profitable or not. Traders also use another method called paper trading or simulated trading which uses real time exchange data. Backtesting and simulation both have their flaws, but generally it’s a good indicator of what to expect from your trading bot.

What to consider when choosing your trading platform


This is a priority for any serious developer of trade automation software or products. As a trader you’re trusting third-party software to not only do what was advertised, but also reliably. The majority of the companies listed have a track record of being able to reliably execute proven trading strategies on cryptocurrency exchanges. Look to make sure the companies are developing a product that continually receives updates, new features, and exchange integrations.


It should be no surprise to you that there are people and companies out there willing to do unscrupulous things to steal from you at any cost. Companies like Bitconnect had all the signs of a ponzi-scheme, however a lot of people were still lured into investing in the project and ultimately got rekt. You should be able to identify key people from the company and determine whether or not they’re creating trustworthy products for the long-term.


There’s two options when it comes to picking trade automation and that’s on-premise or cloud-based. With each option comes their own set of unique security challenges. Do you trust that the infrastructure housing all your trading data is secure and actively combats against bad actors? Do you have the ability to manage your own virtual private server and implement safeguards to prevent unauthorized access?


This seems like a no-brainer, however you still see it all the time with people posting about how they’re barely breaking even or from influencers saying they just closed a 9001% profitable trade. Be skeptical of companies or individuals claiming results that seem too good to be true, as these often end poorly. The number one rule for trading is to be patient with your trading methodology and refine it over time.

TLDR: Top 2 Choices

Looking for our top 2 crypto trading bots? Here’s our top 2 choices for both cloud and self-hosted:

0.03 BTC

$17 USD

HaasOnline Cryptohopper
Supported Exchanges 23 11
Monthly Price
Style Self-hosted Cloud
Backtesting & Simulation
Scripting Language
Visual Algo Designer
Advanced Order Types
Marketplace & External Signals

Top 5 Bitcoin Trading Bots of 2020

There’s a growing number of beginner friendly crypto trading bot platforms and these will not be considered for our list. All the platforms mentioned below have a proven track record, offer reliable solutions for automated trading, and engage in truthful advertising practices.


Cryptohopper is another great Dutch technology company that provides a web-based platform for automated trading. They launched in the middle of 2020 and have quickly risen to one of the most reputable Bitcoin trading bot platforms that is aimed towards beginners and intermediate traders.

Supported Exchanges

  • Binance
  • Binance.US
  • Bitfinex
  • Bittrex
  • Bitvavo
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Huobi
  • Kraken
  • KuCoin
  • OKEx
  • Poloniex

Backtesting & Simulation

Cryptohopper does offer support for backtesting using historical exchange data. However, the shortest interval candles can go are 5 minutes. There’s also no backtesting or paper trading support for advanced trading like arbitraging strategies.

Scripting Language

There’s no support for developing automated trading scripts using a scripting language like HaasScript. There is a marketplace which does contain a selection of paid and free strategies as well as signals, however there is no way to examine hidden configurations.

Visual Algo Designer

They offer a rudimentary trading script designer that allows you to drag-and-drop technical indicators with buy or sell signals when creating your automated trading strategy.

Advanced Order Types

According to their documentation it seems, Cryptohopper, strategies will only allow you to use native exchange order types like market or limit orders with no ability to create your own.

Marketplace & External Signals

Cryptohopper offers a public marketplace for users to buy and download free templates, strategies, and rent signals. We feel this is where their service really shines and their community really loves.

  • Cloud-based for easy setup
  • Free trial
  • Sleek responsive user interface
  • Low quality external signals
  • Lack of support for advanced trading strategies

GunBot by Gunthy

GunBot is another cryptocurrency trading software option that is designed to be installed on a local machine or virtual private server for maximum reliability and performance.

Supported exchanges

  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • BitMEX
  • Bittrex
  • CEX
  • Cobinhood
  • Huobi
  • IDAX
  • Kraken
  • KuCoin
  • KuMex
  • Poloniex

Backtesting & Simulation

To backtest your strategies with Gunbot you are required to buy their backtesting add-on, which leverages a third-party infrastructure. There is currently no native support for paper trading or simulated trading using custom strategies.

Scripting Language

There doesn’t appear to be any form of open source code or configs available on their demo servers and most of their crypto trading bots rely purely on technical indicators for buy and sell signal generation.

Visual Algo Designer

There was no visual algo designer or text-based editors available to view, modify, or create new automated crypto trading scripts.

Advanced Order Types

GunBot does support native order types from crypto exchange, but also allows users to leverage several predefined custom order types. Custom order types allow traders to create more refined crypto trading bots.

External Signals & Marketplace

GunBot has limited support for external signals. However, users are able to use Telegram and TradingView alerts as buy and sell signals. There is also no central marketplace for users to buy, share, or rent crypto trading scripts.

  • Great for beginner to intermediate traders
  • Sleek user interface
  • Restricted exchange usage
  • No native backtesting or paper trading engine

HaasOnline Trade Server by HaasOnline

We wouldn’t consider this list complete without mentioning the hard work our team has put into HaasOnline over the past six years. Our flagship product, HaasOnline Trade Server, allows traders to deploy highly complex crypto trading bots that will execute automated trading strategies across dozens of exchanges with the precision and reliability our users have come to rely on.

Supported Exchanges

Backtesting & Simulation

Compared to other platforms, our backtesting and simulated trading engines are unmatched. We offer multiple methods of determining the closing prices with detailed reporting. Use up-to 56 weeks of historical market data on one minute candles when backtesting. Traders can also use our accurate real-time exchange data when paper trading or simulating their trading bot strategies to get a feel how trading strategies will work in live scenarios.

Scripting Language

We’ve developed the world’s most advanced scripting language built specifically for creating high-quality automated trading strategies to be used with cryptocurrencies and crypto trading bots. HaasScript allows a trader to control every aspect of their automated trading strategy from complex calculations, market data, external wallets, memory management, and much more. Definitely too many options to list in this article.

Visual & Text-based Crypto Algo Editors

While using HaasScript powered trading bots you can choose to create these crypto algos using our brand new drag-and-drop visual designer that allows you to use over 600 visual blocks or get back to basics with our updated text-based IDE with intellisense.

Advanced Order Types

Our platform offers traders the ability to modify and choose from robust selection of native order types like limit and market orders. However, with HaasOnline you can build your own advanced order types that the exchange does not natively support (i.e. 25% market order) and your HaasBots will execute them as an intermediary.

External Signals & Marketplace

HaasOnline Trade Server can receive external signals from third-party sources like TradingView, Telegram, and Discord. There’s currently no support for external signals generated from public marketplaces. It should be noted that development for copy trading and a public marketplace is slated for release in the future.

  • Great for intermediate and advanced traders
  • Highly configurable trade automation
  • Large selection of exchanges
  • Difficult platform for beginners
  • No marketplace and limited external signals

Profit Trailer

ProfitTrailer is another example of a good automated trading platform for beginners to learn on, but if you’re a growing trader you will likely outgrow this platforms features quickly.

Supported Exchanges

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • BitMEX
  • Huobi
  • KuCoin
  • Poloniex

Backtesting & Simulation

Profit Trailer does offer backtesting, however it should be noted that the details on the methods used to generate backtest results cannot be found in the documentation or through demo server settings. You can also purchase an addon, which will give you paper trading functionality for your crypto trading bots.

Scripting Language

Profit Trailer does not offer any form of open source scripting language to design and develop trading strategies or technical indicators. The closest thing they offer are configuration files that can be shared or viewed.

Visual Algo Designer

There is no visual designer or text-based editor found on this automated trading platform as it’s been designed for traders who are looking to only use Profit Trailer’s predefined trading strategies and configuration files.

Advanced Order Types

It appears as though Profit Trailer only supports a limited number of native order types for use with their crypto trading bots.

External Signals & Marketplace

Profit Trailer does have limited support for external trading signals from a few select providers. They also provide a public statistics page that shows historical data related to the signal provider. There does not appear to be a public marketplace for traders to exchange or share free or paid crypto trading strategies.

  • Great for beginners
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to use dollar cost averaging
  • Limited charting inside app
  • Elementary trading bot configuration


CryptoTrader has been around for quite some time and offers users a cloud-based platform that is closely knit with their trading community and ecosystem.

Supported Exchanges

  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • Bitstamp
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Huobi
  • Kraken
  • OKCoin
  • Poloniex

Backtesting & Simulation

CryptoTrader does support simple backtesting with options for intervals down to one minute for all their supported exchanges. They also include basic options like account balance and trading fees. They do not support simulated paper trading from the web interface.

Scripting Language

You can use various wrappers and frameworks developed by the community that interact with CryptoTrader’s API. Their scripting language and syntax appear to be based on CoffeeScript. However, finding in-depth documentation on CryptoTraders API might be an issue for some developers requiring additional explanation.

Visual Algo Designer

It does not look like CryptoTrader offers any visual editors on their platform. There’s only access to an archaic text-based editor in the backtesting section, which some minimalistic traders might enjoy.

Advanced Order Types

Since you are required to develop your strategies by hand, it’s possible you could include your own order type functions. There are no predefined web-based options to create a crypto trading bot with any particular trading strategy.

External Signals & Marketplace

CryptoTrader has an established marketplace full of community generated scripts for download or rent. Browsing for specific strategies or by rank seems to be limited, but community support is there.

  • Cloud-based
  • Strategies marketplace
  • Limited company background and team information
  • Restrictive trading limits
  • Not available for United States customers
  • Required to fund account

Open Source (Gekko & Zenbot)

These free crypto trading bots are open source and ready for you to transform them into working automated trading applications.

  • Free
  • Open source
  • Inconsistent updates to codebase
  • Programming knowledge required
  • No dedicated support

Advantages of using automated crypto trading

Improved Efficiency

Crypto trading bots are able to analyze multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, with dozens of crypto pairs, simultaneously, and execute trades based off those generated signals with speed and precision.

Using brain power with manual trading for this type of scaled trading is not efficient and can lead to more missed opportunities due to the lack of ability to execute the desired trades. This is why trading bots are a far more efficient way to trade with scale.

Increased Speed

It’s well known that computers are more efficient at producing a result for complex calculations in real-time. This is something that we cannot replicate as humans by placing manual buy or sell orders on exchanges from the result of processing dozens of signals at once.

While trading cryptocurrency, the markets never sleep and they’re extremely volatile making every second matter, especially since there’s much larger delays in executing orders than with traditional markets.

Reduce Emotional Trading

Using automated trading system can help to minimize or eliminate emotional trading. This is because you’re trusting your trade bots to execute known repeatable strategies that have track records of profitability in specific market conditions.

Trades are only executed once the technical indicator signals have been processed and meet or exceed the threshold, instead of relying on emotions to trigger buy or sells.

Create Trading Systems

Any profitable trader will agree that you need to stick with a crypto trading strategy that has higher odds of winning than losing. With automated bot trading you are given the tools to create trading strategies that win more often in your desired market conditions. Some platforms, like HaasOnline, will allow your Bitcoin trade bots to manage multiple strategies, so as the markets change so can your trading styles.

Trading 24/7

Using crypto trading bots allows traders to monitor markets and deploy automated trading strategies while being absent from the trading terminal. This allows competent traders to take advantage of crypto markets while they sleep or manage daily obligations.

Disadvantages of using automated trading

Learning Curves

Depending on which cryptocurrency trade automation product you’ve chosen, you will need to learn the intricacies of that platform as well as have a basic grasp on trading fundamentals.

Some of the beginner focused trading bots offer great preset trading configurations, but don’t allow you to reconfigure with more advanced techniques as your experience increases. If you chose an advanced trading platform as a beginner then you will quickly realise you’re out of your comfort zone and may feel overwhelmed.

If you’re not capable of reading and understanding trading strategies such as crypto arbitraging or crypto scalping then you should reconsider leveraging trade automation until you understand the basics.

Maintenance Required

You often see trade automation being a maintenance free way to generate passive income and that’s just not true. Traders need to maintain active strategies by optimizing for current market conditions and overall market sentiment. There’s also other factors to consider like hardware or server maintenance, broadband connectivity issues, and other technical gremlins.

Security & Privacy

There’s been a recent increase in providers being hacked, which have resulted in compromised API keys, funds lost, and in some cases leading to massive exchange manipulation.

While using web-based cloud products like one of the ones mentioned above, there’s a much greater risk of compromising security threats due to the central hosting of thousands of trader’s account and API information being stored in a single location.

Using an on-premise self managed solution you run a smaller risk of being caught up in a large scale coordinated attack than with a cloud-based automated trading platform. This is partly due to installations being configured separately across different hosting platforms and networks.

  • Never use platforms that require full account access
  • Don’t allow withdrawal permission on your API keys
  • Keep API keys confidential
  • Use built-in security features like 2FA, IP whitelisting, and strong passwords

A trader’s privacy is also equally as important, some of the centralized trading platforms monitor users trade activity and strategies. This data is shared with third-parties and is often used to build marketing strategies or promotions to encourage desired behaviors.

Wrapping up our review of our top 5 best Bitcoin trading bots

Should I use free bitcoin trading bots?

One should be extremely skeptical of free Bitcoin trading bots that market high returns with very little risk. There’s several notable instances of companies ripping off consumers looking for cheap or free alternatives to the trade bots listed above. However, open source crypto trading bots are free and can be a great choice for technically capable traders looking for a base to start from.

Yes, crypto trading bots are legal! The majority of exchanges offer a public trading API for third-party developers to create tools that help traders maximize time and profit margins. If an exchange does not allow automated trading access to their infrastructure will be terminated.

Do crypto bots really work?

Crypto trading bots have a proven track record with traditional trading markets like Forex and it is no different with cryptocurrency. There are profitable trading strategies that are often converted into automated trading strategies. However, using crypto trading bots is not a hands off experience, one should understand basic trading principles and strive to continually improve trading performance.

The information provided is not to be considered as a recommendation to buy or invest in certain assets, currencies, or software and is provided solely as an educational and information resource to help traders make their own decisions. Past performance is no guarantee of future success. It is important to note that no system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the attached material will guarantee profits or ensures freedom from losses. HaasOnline shall not be liable to the participant for any damages, claims, expenses or losses of any kind (whether direct or indirect) suffered by the participant arising from or in connection with the information obtained from our videos, guides, tutorials, software, or directly from our website.

Is “Affiliate Video Bots” 2020 Legit? [Review]

Looking for a review of Affiliate Video Bots 2020?

Affiliate Video Bots 2020 is a software meant to help users in gaining traffic and leads. This is through the video editing that it provides for all users. It is a bunch of apps meant to gain benefits.

The software can help users gain profits more easily. This is through the promotion of the user’s own products and websites. They can maintain a steady income with this software.

Can this software be trusted? Is it helpful in gaining bigger profits, or is it just another way for users to get scammed? This is what this review focuses on clearing out for everyone that buys it.

Before I start…

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Affiliate Video Bots 2020 review

Table of Contents

Introduction to Affiliate Video Bots 2020

Affiliate Video Bots 2020 is a brand new software that has recently been introduced. It is a software that is meant to help users gain bigger profits in one of the easiest procedures.

The software is a 4 in 1 YouTube apps software. It is meant to help users gain larger and better leads, as well as more effective traffic.

There are 4 software tools that have been offered to users. These are meant for videos as well as YouTube. The users can use the tools provided to make their own amazing videos.

They can also use the tools to make sure that their YouTube videos bring in the maximum profits. Their YouTube videos can be made so much better in terms of how they are formed.

The whole procedure is also helpful in affiliate marketing. The affiliates of a user get the best videos and traffic to work with. This, in turn, helps them in carrying out the procedure even more easily.

The users can gain up to 60% commissions. This is one of the best ways that they can gain profits. They are already given a chance to gain a good percentage of income.

This is what can help them in choosing this software. It has been made extremely easy to use for all users. It can help users decide how they wish to proceed with their own businesses and how they wish to change their businesses.

The software is cloud-based. Users do not have to download any extra files. They can simply access the software from any device as it has been made easier to access.

How Does Affiliate Video Bots 2020 Work?

Affiliate Video Bots 2020 contains a lot of features that are considered important. These features are what help users in gaining bigger and better profits.

One of the included features is that the users can get 4 times the video, affiliate, and traffic software’s. These are all meant to bring profits for the user. They are all tested methods meant to help users in their businesses.

The tools have been specially formed to make the businesses of the user more successful. They can help users gain the best traffic. This is done through the minimum effort put in by the user themselves.

The user also receives content. This content is what helps them in bringing in larger leads as well as more profits. The content given can be created from any website.

The content does not even have a copyright label on it. This is what makes it so easy to use in their user’s own sites.

There are also many pre-made videos given to the user. These can help them in promoting their products in an even better way. The videos are bound to bring the user many profits more efficiently.

Every promotion has to have some basic important keywords in it. This is why the software helps users find keywords that can bring them the biggest benefits. These keywords help more customers to find the products of the user.

The user can also get many pre-written lines and scripts. These can help them know what they are supposed to say even before they start the videos. There are also many voice-overs provided for the users.

These voice-overs can help many people in the formation of good videos. This is important as it helps many users be able to create videos without any extra effort.

The user is also given many images to use. These images make the whole process of bringing in customers easier. This is because these images are so incredibly well made that they make the whole process easy.

There is also the inclusion of commercial rights. The user can sell the software as if it is their own. This helps them in gaining 100% of the profits.

Who Is Behind Affiliate Video Bots 2020?

Affiliate Video Bots 2020 has been created by Chris X. He has worked online for many years in the affiliate marketing field.

Chris has gained some years of training in affiliate marketing. This means he is trained to actually help users in bettering their own affiliate marketing businesses.

He has also been trained in digital product production. This is one of the main reasons that his products are well known.

Some of his products are Ai Affiliate Bots 2, Affiliate Funnel Bots, Affiliate Video Bots, Resell Bots, Affiliate Funnel Bots 2, Christmas Affiliate Bots, Tube Profit Sniper as well as many more.

All of his products have been hyped up. This is because they are considered to be extremely effective for everyone.

The pros of Affiliate Video Bots 2020 are

  • Very beginner friendly.
  • It helps in the gain of a better income.
  • Affordable for many people.
  • Profits can be gained constantly.

The cons of Affiliate Video Bots 2020 are

  • It makes some irrational claims that are not true.
  • It cannot help in the gain of quicker profits.

Affiliate Video Bots 2020 Verdict

Therefore, this software can be considered worth the purchase.

This is because it helps users in gaining profits off of already present methods. This is what helps them gain maximum benefits.

Thus this software can be recommended to users.

Before you leave

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