Operation 10K Review

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Operation 10k Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on April 2020


If you are thinking about making money easily and having an extra income, then you have probably thought of an e-business. The thing is, that it is not as easy as it seems. In order for you to make a living out of an online business, you need to have pretty much knowledge in the area of e-business and e-marketing; otherwise, your business will not work as it should. If you are now reading my Operation 10k review is because you must be definitely interested in knowing the answer.

In this Operation 10k review, we are going to learn the easiest way to win 10,000 dollars less than two months. By reading my operation 10k review, you are going to have access to all the information and solutions this program offers: what it includes, how it works, if it is for everybody, pros, cons, benefits and other stuffs you should definitely know in order to decide whether this program is for you or not.

Operation 10k program

This program has been developed by Matthew Neer and Desmond Ong, two online business experts, with the aim of helping people whose goal is to make online money, but who aren’t experts and don’t know much about the e-business. They have been in your situation, and they know how hard it can be to win money online if you don’t know how: you keep failing, wasting your money and time, and getting no results at all.

That is why they decided to come up with this new idea: making a program to help people succeed on running their online business. Within the program, they provide you all the information you need to make money online and stop failing and wasting time on useless ways of getting that extra incomes.

At the beginning of this program, they reveal the main secret: great affiliates don’t pay for traffic. Why is that? Because they can have traffic entirely for free… how? By getting other people’s traffic. That is the main point. Once you get Operation 10k downloaded, you are going to learn how to make people send traffic to your website.

What does Operation 10k work?

This program includes several features that you can activate once you download Operation 10k pdf. When you start using this system, you won’t have to worry about anything, you just need to have a four-step routine:

You are going to download the program; set up the campaign (set up and activate everything as the program will teach you); make money out of commissions (you don’t have to do anything, just relax and wait for other people to drive traffic to your site); and then repeat the whole thing as many times as you want (now you know exactly how the program works and you are enjoying the results).

Unlike other online strategies, this program is different and unique. You don’t have to spend money or time on YouTube, SEO, Blogging, etc.

What does Operation 10k include?

Once you get Operation 10k downloaded, you are going to receive a lot of information in order to run your business properly. Besides, you will be getting:

  • A video training in which you will receive a super accurate explanation about the setting up of the program.
  • Already patented campaigns for you to use over and over again, to make a profit out of the internet.
  • The business plan you need to follow to ensure your way to success.
  • A three-pages guide for you to learn how to become a money machine.

Is Operation 10k pdf for everybody?

The thing I like the most about this program is that everybody can have access to it. It doesn’t matter if you have a full time job or if you are unemployed; it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or you are just getting started. The secret revealed in this program is good for anyone who is trying to change his incomes.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Perfect for Beginners!

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Besides, the authors of this system explains how much did their lives change: they spend all their time travelling, they don’t need to waste time taking care about their business since everything is super automated. So once this program starts running, you can just sit back and relax. You can definitely be making money by lying on a beach, how amazing is that?

Pros and cons

Pros: the program is very easy to use and the only thing you need to do in order to make sure it works is to set it up correctly; after that, you can relax and wait for the traffic to come.
Besides, since the program does everything for you, you don’t need to be an expert on e-marketing to make a living out of online business.

Cons: once you start using this program, you need to be patient since it might take some time; the program does not work immediately, so don’t worry if it hasn’t worked yet.

Operation 10k reviews

At this point, either you are eager to buy this program as soon as possible or you are thinking that Operation 10k is a scam. I, personally, was a person who tend to disbelieve everything; especially if it was an online program. why? Well because there are many frauds online, so one has to be careful.

That is why I decided to google Operation 10k reviews, to check other people’s opinions. I was very surprised to read that people who had tried the program were highly recommending it, since they have had the greatest experiences.

After reading this experiences and opinions, I realized how useful the reviews were for me. So I sincerely recommend you to do the same: google Operation 10k reviews and see people’s results for yourself.

Is Operation 10k free?

The program is not free, it costs $19. So, even though you are not receiving Operation 10k free, the cost is really low, especially compared to all the money you are going to make once you start using this system.

Besides, on another note, there are great news to share: if you buy Operation 10k and you are not satisfied with the results you are getting, you are going to have a 0-day money back guarantee. It means that, as little as it is, your investment will be protected during the first month after the purchase.

So you know: if the program wasn’t as good as expected, you may ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

Operation 10k bonuses

Another great thing to add about this program, is that once you buy it, you are going to receive several bonuses completely free; for example:

  • 3 simple steps to win $10,000
  • A training video named ‘magic bullet’
  • A tutorial about the best traffic method that nobody wants you to find about
  • Profits apps of Facebook

Operation 10k Review – Earn Up To $334 Per Day By Using This Simple 4-Step Formula

Earn Up To $334 Per Day By Using This Simple 4-Step Formula


WELCOME to my OPERATION 10K REVIEW. Now there are literally everything on the Internet, and while some people just use it for relaxation, a lot more are cracking their brain to make money out of it. We all know that doing online business is such a tough thing, and making the profit from that business is even much tougher. If you are not a pro, a guru or a tech-savvy, you seem to have no way to make any penny out of your online business.

Yet there are thousands of thousands of people out there, while having big passion in establishing their own empire on the Internet, are being so unconfident about their ability. What they need is something simple to follow, incredibly detailed and step-by-step so that you know exactly what and how to do. So if you are among them, read my Operation 10K Review ‘til its end, and it will show you the way.

Operation 10k Rating.
  • Quality – 10/10


– Begin your mentorship immediately upon purchase
– Professional over the shoulder video setup training
– 7 Figure Dot Com Business Blueprint Download
– The Infamous 3-Page Cash Machine

Operation 10K Review – Overview

Vendor Desmond Ong et al
Product Operation 10k 2.0
Launch Date 2020-Sep-30
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $19
Bonus Yes
Refund 30 Days 100% Money Back
Official Page http://operation10k.com/cb
Niche Software
Recommend Highly Recommend

What is Operation 10K?

Operation 10K is a progressive system that will bring you at least $2228/ week by following the step-by-step guideline. To be more detailed about what it offers, keep reading my Operation 10K Review.

What are the great features of Operation 10K?

Click-by-click Video Training

You will get to watch over the shoulder series of video training to know exactly how to set up the system every step of the way

Dot Com Business Blueprint

You will receive the 7 figure business blueprint. Follow them and they will put you on one of the fastest paths to becoming a millionaire in existence today.

Super Affiliate Campaigns

This feature is what my Operation 10K Review appreciates the most in the software. It has the patented commission campaigns that you can utilize to reap profits from the Internet, again and again. There is really no boundaries to your income when using these high converting campaigns.

Three-page Cash Machine

You have free access to the only infamous 3 pages that you will ever need to make a striking fortune online. Implement them just once and you will be blown away.

How does it work?

Step 1: Download

As soon as you receive the instant access to the membership, you will be able to download the top secret system from Operation 10K for your own personal use.

Step 2: Activate the campaign

Right after you absorb the method, simply deploy and activate the campaign exactly as shown in the software and the campaign will immediately go live.

Step 3: Make commissions

With your brand-new commission campaigns running, you will be able to sit back and relax while “other people” drive traffic and make money for you, on autopilot.

Step 4: Repeat

As you have successfully activated your commissions for the first time, you now can rinse and repeat this exact same process, over and over again to your heart’s content.

Price and How to buy it?

Operation 10K is currently charged at the front-end price $19. The price will be increasing throughout its launch, so my Operation 10K Review strongly recommends you to purchase it ASAP. Also, visit the official page for more information:

Why should you buy it?

  • Bonuses for early birds

Bonus #1 (Valued at $497) Exclusive 3 Steps to$10000 Per Month Webinar

It is a live training webinar for the member. The creators of the software will show you how to make $10K/month in the fastest way possible.

Bonus #2 (Valued at $197) Magic Bullet

You will get instant access to the highly exclusive “Magic Bullet” copywriting template and video tutorial. Download this powerful and gain the key to command the cash flow into your account.

Bonus #3 (Valued at $297) Forbidden Traffic Method

You will discover #1 top secret traffic technique that the Internet gurus do not want you to know. And you will be shown exactly how to implement the method.

Bonus #4 (Valued at $197) FB Profits App

Operation 10K creates fantastic timeline opt-in pages that will go viral with FB Profits App. It is a 100% customizable, easy to install and the step-by-step tutorial to set up as many timeline opt-in pages as you want.

Bonus #5 (Valued at $197) – Media Spark App

This app creates high converting squeeze pages using WordPress. The landing page that can fit anywhere and converts like crazy. Proven to increase your opt-in rates by 150% or more.

Bonus #6 (Valued at $297) – Funnel Template

They are giving away 3 high converting, ready-to-use Funnel templates including Sales Page template, Members Registration template and also Members Area template for free.

  • No risk on your side

If you think that Operation 10K is not worth 10 times the price you paid for it, just send an email to the support center at [email protected], and they will return every single cent to you as soon as it is within 30 days after your purchase. No question asked.

  • High top notch conversion from free traffic

Operation 10K will take you to the digital empire and show you how to build numerous sources of passive income simply by publishing tiny information about the products on the Internet. Users also learn directly from the creators what it takes to make a life-changing income online.

  • Super easy to use

You will not have to worry about wasting your time and effort on marketing strategies like multilevel marketing, SEO, blogging, social media, CPA, and Youtube. Also as seen in my Operation 10K Review, it works entirely on autopilot. You just need to download and activate the campaigns. The fruits will then be ready for you.


Operation 10K is probably the best sales training guide you have ever followed in the industry. Purchase it now to achieve the significant and stable stream of passive income just by doing super simple yet practical steps. Thank you for reading my Operation 10K Review. See you soon, goodbye!

Operation 10K Review – Matthew Neer’s Scam

by Alex Y · Published · Updated

After 5k Formula System from Matthew Neer, he is back with a brand new scam – Operation 10K. Should you trust this product? Read my review on Operation 10K and find out more. Pay attention to my next few lines.

What is Operation 10K?

Name: Operation 10K
Website: http://operation10k.com
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100
Price: $19

What is Operation 10K? It is pitched as a complete step-by-step training course by Desmond Ong and Matthew Neer that will teach you how to generate $10,000 per month.

The basic idea of Operation 10K is that you plug in a “make money online” offer to the pre-made squeeze page inside the Operation 10K. Then you get free and paid traffic to the page from safe lists, solo ads, click trades, and Facebook groups.

The model works exactly the same way as 5k Formula System. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about this new product launch. Well, I bet you have heard about it and seen some fake and bias review on Operation 10K.

That is exactly how it works. Part of their strategies is to recruit many internet marketers to promote it to their mailing lists.

If you have seen their promotions and came here looking for an honest review Operation 10K review to see what it’s all about, you should skip this and move on. It is just another scam.

Operation 10K Review

There is nothing special about this product. The scam model is basically similar to 5k Formula System where they offer a cut and paste formula that’s been done over and over by others on the “inside circle” of internet marketing.

#Step 1: Get a catchy and attractive name for you product that makes making money sound extremely easy. Most importantly, make it sound extremely easy, fast and for a limited time. Just like what they claim on their home page (see image below).

#Step 2: Get video of expensive houses, cash, cars, and women to show your lavish lifestyle.

#Step 3: Claim that your product can teach anyone to get what you have now.

Sounds familiar? That’s exactly how they teach you to become one fo them and scam people’s hard-earned money online.

The basic idea I could gather from the inside is that in order to make internet sales, you need a sale funnel to convert traffic into paying customers.

Desmond and Matthew will give you an already-converting funnel-formula that you can use. All you need to do is to get traffic.

That’s probably why you see lots of great reviews on this product on the internet because all they need is your money. The members then receive a fair share of commissions from the generated sales.

Now, who makes money?

Sorry, not you but Desmond and Matthew.

Should You Trust Operation 10K?

Keep in mind that you can lose all your money through this product. Regardless of what advertisements are trying to convince you, always try to see through the hype.

Read my post on How Can I Make Money Online Without Being Scammed. Operation 10K has all the warning signs that it is a scam.

#1 Sign – No Free Trial

Would you like to have a peek before you reach for your Visa? No chance of that happening, sorry!

#2 Limited Quantity Threat

“The price for this program will increase soon, so make sure to get your instant access now”.

Sounds familiar? Almost all the scams that disappeared from the market used to put this banner up to steal your money.


I wouldn’t say Operation 10K is a 100% scam. The business model is legitimate but it is not a fair system.

Allow me to elaborate here.

Operation 10K uses an advanced marketing strategy by promoting its product over the internet before its official launch. It is common to see so many fake reviews of the product everywhere on the internet. Most would simply just be a sales pitch to get others to purchase the program without highlighting the con’s.

I have reviewed many other products that also claim they have a “just add traffic” formula like Operation 10K. Most of them actually require you to resell the same product you just bought, but we don’t know yet what kind of thing we’ll be selling with Operation 10K.

Operation 10K is trying hard to appeal to your sense of greed and laziness. I have tried some of them before and I have been scammed a few times in the past.

Have they worked out? Nope.

Is there any sign that Operation 10K is different? Nope.

What Now?

It’s Your Turn Now. I appreciate if you could share this post to alert your friends and people around you.

If you would like to build a reliable online business that you can rely on, you should then look for something else. The earning potential of internet business is massive and it is not limited to sending traffic (money) to products like Operation 10K.

If you have a hobby or two, or you are passionate about something. Learn how to use it as a topic for your own website and make sales from quality products you truly believe in.

If you want to learn more how I do it, you should sign up for my 7-day email course below and I will work alongside with you. Anyway, it is free.

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