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Navstar Trader claims to have been founded by Ethan Harrington, a self-made multimillionaire from Boston. Ethan claims to have been a technical architect for NASA working on the Navstar GPS project who knew nothing about binary options trading. That is until he reconnected with his best friend, Zach, a financial trader on Wall Street and after some discussion they came up with the idea of combining their expertise to create the Navstar Trader system. 2 months before the system’s launch, Ethan took 10 random people as their beta testers, and made them all into millionaires and is now opening his system to a select few. He is so confident that his system will make its users a minimum of $22,005 per day that he will even top up the difference if you make less than that amount. You can hear this entire fantastic story in their 30 minute long promotional video here.

So is Navstar Trader a legitimate system or just another scam?

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations

– Fake claims and testimonialsn
– No real information at all provided
– Unregulated broker

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What is Navstar Trader Robot?

As you might have expected, Navstar Trader is nothing but another scam, this time using the technology buzzwords of ‘GPS technology’ as a justification for the fantastic claims made by their software. For further creativity, they even threw in NASA into the mix! Right from the beginning, when Ethan guarantees that all its users will be able to make $22,005 per day at minimum with a 100% guarantee, we already know that it’s a fake. There is no such thing as risk-free trading, binary options or otherwise, and anyone claiming otherwise is 100% trying to deceive you. Also, the promised amounts of $22,005 per day, which translates to $8 million per year, is simply absurd.

Figure 1: Scammers love to use ‘100%’ for everything

Of course, ‘Ethan Harrington’ does not really exist, and a quick Google and LinkedIn search will tell you that no such person has ever worked at NASA. As is the case with all these scams, Ethan is nothing but a paid actor and you can see him here in a cameo role in another scam robot; the Amissio Formula. However in that particular scam he didn’t even get a speaking role and was just a background actor; we would like to congratulate the actor playing Ethan Harrington from being promoted from ‘scam background actor’ to ‘main scam actor’.

The scammers also create false scarcity by telling you that only 3 people in your region will be accepted into this program; we know that this is of course nonsense and that they are targeting as many people as possible. This is standard practice in such scams; another standard scam practice is the use of stock images or stolen photos for fake testimonials, and Navstar Trader does this as well.

How Does It Work?

All these free scam robots operate in the same manner, they lure unsuspecting people in with no upfront costs, or any costs really, and then redirect such people to their partner broker. Once their victim funds the account with the broker, the scammers will then receive an affiliate commission. The robot is usually just a generic white label auto-trader and whether it performs or not is irrelevant as the scammers would have already made their profit. Essentially, these scam robots are just a really unethical version of affiliate marketing.

In our case, we were redirected to the binary options broker Secured Options when we went through the Navstar Trader site, which is a completely unregulated and unlicensed broker. We also discovered numerous complaints in relation to this broker which we are not surprised with at all.


Navstar Trader is yet another scam robot, in fact, it is just a recycled scam similar to GPS Trader. Watch their promotional video here and notice how similar the claims are to Navstar Trader. Their claims are completely absurd and you will not even see a fraction of $22,005 in profits if you sign up with them, in fact, you’ll probably lose all your money. Skip this robot.

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Navstar Trader Robot Review: Binary options trading no matter with or without a binary robot always involves a lot of risk, especially if the market is too volatile and unpredictable. This is the reason why there are so many automated binary options trading software being offered online that claims to minimize the risk and provide the traders with bigger returns and profit. Navstar Trader is one of this binary options trading software that is meant to help traders in their investment opportunities. Before signing up or downloading any software, it is smart to do background research about the company to find out if it is legitimate and secure. Today, there are so many binary options trading platform offering software that really doesn’t do anything but get your money. This review can provide an insight on the app and help you decide whether it is a good place to invest your money.

Navstar Trader Robot is a binary options trading software that was developed by Ethan Harrington. This software promises to deliver huge returns and profits that can reach up to $344,000 per month. With this amount of money, your dream of financial success and freedom is finally within reach. As of June, 2020, it is accepting beta testers for their software. The cost to download and use the software is free; however, there is still a minimum deposit of $200 when you are getting a broker that is affiliated with the software. There is a money back offer of 60 days.

The Navstar Trader system is also fully automated and it requires no trading experience for the users. It boasts of having a 97% accuracy with the system’s winning signals and predictions. When you earn your profit, the software will just require you to pay 1.5% and you will have to pay it within 7 days after the invoice is sent to your email.

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How to Make Money with Binary Option Robot

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    3. Decide on how much you want to Invest

    Then you need to decide how much you want to invest in the commodity and when that investment will expire.

    4. Collect your Earnings

    Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)

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    Who Is Ethan Harrington?

    Ethan Harrington is a self-made millionaire from Boston and he is the CEO of Navstar Trader Robot. If you’ve seen his promotional video, he informs the viewer about who he is and how he created the Navstar Trader software. According to Mr. Harrington, he was a former technical architect at NASA and he was working on the Navstar GPS project. He doesn’t know anything about binary options trading, until he reconnected again with his best friend, Zach, who is a financial trader on Wall Street. Ethan found out that his job at NASA was not paying as much as what his friend Zach was earning from binary options trading. They discussed their work and decided to start their own business by combining their expertise to create a system that they called Navstar Trading. Before offering the software to the public, he invited ten random people to become beta testers. Ethan said that all the ten beta testers became millionaires just by using his software. He is confident that his binary options trading system can deliver a minimum of $22,000 per day.

    How Does Navstar Trader Robot System Work?

    According to Ethan Harrington, his software utilizes a computer algorithm that resembles a satellite that is orbiting around Earth. The main goal of this binary options trading system is to help users in their trading investment with lesser risk than the traditional trading practice. Traders using this system have a higher chance of winning and predicting the binary options trend of their respective options. The computer code embedded in the Navstar Trader system is capable of analyzing the direction of a particular asset’s price and its impact on which direction it would take. This system allows the trader to always win and earn profits because it provides good signals that you can follow every day.

    Since you have the choice to make the system automated, you no longer have to place the Call or Put options for the trades because the robot will do all of them for you. The only thing you have to do is check the market for any news that might affect your trading decisions. You just need to keep updated with the latest happenings around the world and also in the trading industry. Keep in mind that auto trading robots follow a certain code of action or algorithm, but they are not capable of predicting the human aspect of the market trends and fluctuations. You can still rely on the robot to deliver winning trades for you. However, you also need to check the market for any problems that may affect the trading community.

    Joining the Navstar Trader Robot

    Navstar Trader is always saying that their software is free to download and free to use. It’s true that you won’t have to pay any fee to use their binary options trading software. You need to visit their website in order to join and download the system. However, upon joining, you will then be redirected to one of their affiliated broker. The choice for getting a reliable broker is very limited. You also have to be careful because many of these affiliated brokers are not licensed and regulated. Before signing up and sending your initial deposit, do your research regarding these brokers and find out if there are any previous complaints about their services and practices.

    If you join the Navstar Trader, you will be asked to make a deposit or fund your account so you can start downloading the software. Once the download is finished, you can already start using the system and begin your trading. By choosing an automated robot system to send wining signals, you can just follow the system robot’s recommendation. The system is easy to download and install in your desktop and you don’t need any technical skills to get started.

    When the robot sends a signal to place a trade on a particular asset, your next step is to go to your binary options broker and provide the exact trade that the software suggested. All you have to do is follow the winning trading signals being delivered to you by the system.

    The Robot App

    The system is fully compatible with Windows, iOS and Android. The interface is user friendly and it doesn’t require any technical skills to understand and use the system. Since you can use it in your mobile phone or tablet, you can start trading anytime and anywhere you like. You are not confined to your desktop. Since downloading of the app is free, you don’t have to worry about paying any fees.

    The Navstar Trader Robot Website

    Their website is Some of the information we found online says that you can download their system by visiting the website. However, we tried visiting the website to get some more information about the company and their system but the website doesn’t seem to exist at all. If you type the, the page that would appear only has some links about online trading, market trading, binary trading and so on. There is no information about Navstar Trader Robot, which is very disappointing. In order to establish the credibility and reliability of a binary options trading software, it should have its own legitimate website with complete information about their company. The website only shows related links and listings that don’t have anything to do with the software.

    Customer Service

    It is a bit surprising that Navstar Trader has a vague website but they still have their own customer support. Their customer support is friendly and accommodating and they are always available to answer any of your questions regarding the software.



    The signing up and application process is quick and easy. The people behind the software don’t want to complicate the process so more people can join. Also, there are no forms to sign up or any complicated processes in order to download the software. Once you’ve signed up and funded your account, you can click on the link provided and download the application within minutes. When you receive the signals from the Navstar Trader Robot, you can start trading immediately.

    Satellite Technology

    According to Ethan Harrington, the software utilizes the satellite technology. This advanced technology allows the transferring of data to become much faster and efficient. Processing and analyzing data and information is also much quicker. We found that other binary options trading software are also using this so-called satellite technology. So, this means that this is not the only one using this state-of-the-art technology.

    Mobile App

    The application is being offered to Windows, iOS and Android users. This also means that you can check your signals and make your trades just by using your smartphone or tablet. You don’t have to go back to your desktop or laptop just to make your trades.

    97% Maximum Return

    The maximum return of 97% is very tempting, especially for traders who are fed up of losing money and making the wrong decisions that lead to negative profit. Their maximum return is also higher than most of its competitors and other automated binary options trading company today. Higher returns and fewer risks mean profit for the traders.

    Navstar Trader Only Trades If Profit is Guaranteed

    The software powered by an algorithm code that ensures high winning percentage and profit for the traders. According to Ethan Harrington, CEO, the database is updated every few seconds, which means that you always get the most profitable opportunities for trading.

    Navstar Trader Features


    No Information On Website

    As mentioned earlier, it is necessary for this type of business to have its own website with information about their services and the company. The software should provide more information about their business and establish their legitimacy. It is very difficult to trust a company that only offers promises that may not even be true. We are not jumping to any conclusions that Navstar Trading is not a legitimate company. However, this lack of information and transparency about their company and how they run their business is really a huge blow to the credibility of the company. They should start rebuilding their website and provide more details about their software in order to gain the trust of many doubtful traders.

    Affiliated Brokers

    This is a recurring problem for many automated binary options trading platform. They keep forcing their users to choose brokers that are only affiliated to them. This wouldn’t have been a major issue if the brokers they provide are regulated. Many traders avoid this type of setup because of the limited choice for these affiliated brokers and reports that some of them are unregulated. Once again, this makes it harder for traders to trust their robot.

    Claims of Huge Payoff

    Some of the best binary options trading software make only $800 per day. These software claims to make $22,000 per day, which is simply too good to be true. Most experts believe that it is impossible for anyone to earn that much in a single day through binary options trading. This outrageous claim certainly raises a lot of questions regarding their software and the methods they are using.


    After my research regarding Navstar Trader Robot, I cannot really say for sure if I can fully trust this binary options trading software. It is too risky to invest your money on the software because of the lack of transparency on their part. There is no proof that their space age software technology exists in the first place. It could just be the same software that every other binary options trading platform are using today. Also, when someone claims to earn a huge amount of money in just one day, it always raises a red flag. There are so many negative reviews and comments on the internet regarding Navstar Trader Robot and it is hard to ignore the testimonials of the unsatisfied users. If you really want to use a legitimate and trustworthy automated binary options trading software, then I suggest that you check out OptionRobot. You can visit their website to learn more about their company and their automated trading methods. OptionRobot is very reliable and they don’t sell empty promises to their customers.

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    In today’s article, we’re going to share NavStar Trader review. It is a binary options trading system that assures you lots of money just in a day. Unfortunately, just like most of the trading system NavStar Trader software is also a SCAM.

    NavStar Trader system is created by a group of some alleged people and their aim is to steal the money of the users by attracting them into their Binary Options signal system. But we don’t want this to happen and due to this reason, we decided to expose this trading system and show you some facts that prove this AutoTrader application is a pure SCAM.

    We also recommend all our users to check this review before creating an account on NavStar Trader. We are sure that, if you will read this NavStar trader review, you will definitely save your money. So that you can invest it somewhere else in some trusted systems like Binadroid and Copy Buffett system.

    We have done deep research about NavStar Trader software and what we analyzed will blow your mind. Even we have gathered lots of proofs against this trading software to call it a SCAM. But before you start reading about them, first why don’t you read little about this binary options trading system.

    What is NavStar Trader?

    The NavStar Trader is a binary options trader which is recently launched into the trading market a few days ago by an alleged group of the people. If you have checked the video embed on the official website then you definitely know about the name Ethan Harrington who call himself the creator of this binary options trading system. In the video, he also claims that any novice who don’t have much knowledge about the trading can easily earn more than $22,005 just in a day right from the home.

    Ethan wants to give a lucky chance to 24 new members three from each region to create an account for the software so that he can complete his set of 50 users. Now what that means is that he already have 26 users of NavStar Trader and he wants the rest 24.

    After that, he started showing how his system can start making your money in no seconds. That means all you need to do is to invest and rest will be done by software. To be frank these are not the symptoms of a genuine trading system.

    He also shared that he decided to create this trading software when he was doing the job at NASA as they were not paying him the amount which he was earning from binary options trading. Even his friend Zach also think the same. His software is using space technology to enter into this business and beat it.

    After reading above paragraph you definitely have got an idea why we calling this a SCAM, but there might be users who still don’t want to count it a SCAM and want some clear evidence right? No problem we have manage to get lots of proofs. In upcoming lines, you will read all of them.

    Why NavStar Trader is a SCAM?

    Rush Sale Tactics

    Like more of the SCAM trading system available over the internet NavStar Trader also using Rush Sale Tactics. When you launch the website and scroll down to the bottom you will see a sign-up box with a message that 3 Partner is needed in your area to prove that our NavStar trading system work and it will help you earn $22005 in next 24 hours. We have reviewed lots of trading system and what we observed is that these 3 partner offer will never end if you visit the website next week or month.

    Free Software Offer

    In the signup form, you will also see a message that you can get this software for free if you create an account in next 30 minutes. We have no doubt it is also the part of Rush Sale Tactics to attract more people. Like We said above, this offer will be available for you if you visit next week.

    Help you earn $22005 in just a day

    We have reviewed lots of trading system some of them are genuine while other are SCAM. But what we learned from our past experience is that a genuine binary options trading software can only help you earn a maximum of $600-$800 or even less. But the amount NavStar assuring you is giving a SPAM alert because it’s impossible for any trading system to earn this amount in a day. It’s just a strategy to get more and more users into their SCAM system.

    Ethan was working at NASA

    In the video, Ethan shared that before creating this trading system he works for NASA, but he quit NASA because he was getting very low salary in comparison of what he was earning using the binary trading system. A bit lie friends. Tell us one thing, if you’re part of NASA you will quit your job? Off course No. So it’s confirmed that he’s lying because we very sure that NASA must be paying his employee more than expectation.

    In case he was really getting less salary, but we didn’t find any records of about Ethan Harrington as an employee of NASA. Maybe he has changed his name for some reason. Even we didn’t find any records for Zach who also quit NASA with Ethan.

    By keeping all these things in mind we’re sure that this guy is fraud and his trading system is a SCAM.

    Space Age Technology Doesn’t Exist

    In the video, he mentioned that his trading system is using Space Age Technology to access granular data which is must faster in comparison of other technologies available on the internet. But the fact is there is no technology called Space Age Technology and he is using the name of this technology just to impress the people.

    Revealing Fake Bussiness

    In most of the cases, no owner share their client account to the public, but Ethan is doing it. Now, this confirms that he is not a serious businessman and just to attract more and more users he is showing fake bank accounts and fake balances in the account so that more and more people could join his SCAM NavStart trader program.

    Our Opinion

    We’re doing this for years and we know very well how Ethan is trying to fool innocent people. Even we have shared some fact with you which also confirms that NavStar Trader is a SCAM. So we recommend our reader to stay away from it.

    In case you want to join NavStar Trader, we want you to share your experience with us. We’re sure it will be negative feedback for sure.

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