Kelly Wallace WikiTrader App – Review

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WikiTrader Review – is Kelly Wallace Software Legit?

WikiTrader is a new binary options system software that has made millions of dollars in profit for a lucky few till today but that’s about to change.

This system has been used by only a select group of traders and brokers for many years to make millions of dollars in profit. Some of the other users of this software have been making at least $35,000 a month.

In this WikiTrader review, you will discover the person behind this amazing software and how the existing users have been using it to mint money, and how you can too make amazing amounts of money with WikiTrader.

Before beginning the review, let’s take a look at the current binary option trading space and automated software systems. The truth is that there are a number of automated software systems being launched these days and it is also true that most of them turn out to be a big scam. It’s a big challenge for honest and hardworking people like you to find a reliable and working automated trading system that can help them make money from the comfort of their home.

However, WikiTrader is an exception as it has been used by elite traders and brokers for many years. In other words, it is a proven system. Luckily, the creators of this software now want to share the wealth with a select few and therefore, they have now opened the systems for beta testing by a further 100 users. You can be part of the select group of 100 lucky beta testers and start making money today.

What Is the WikiTrader Software?

It’s an artificially intelligent platform that learns from the behavior of its users and the changes happening in the market by studying the trading patterns. Though this software has been in use for years, the auto trading functions still needs to be fine tuned.

It has been created by tech venture capitalist Kelly Wallace and her team. Her venture capital firm has invested millions of dollars in space travel companies, Hyper loop and various other companies on the cutting edge of technology.

Who is Kelly Wallace?

Kelly Wallace is the brains behind the WikiTrader app. She says that these days, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and she does not like that. Her father was a middle school math teacher and her mother was a receptionist for a dentist her whole life. Her parents were hardworking people who gave Kelly and her brother a good life but those days are long gone.

These days, people are hardly able to earn enough to take care of their monthly expenses even after spending some crazy hours in the office. The release of this software system to a select group of beta testers is an attempt to create a platform where people like you are also able to make as much money as the other big shots without any training or experience in the financial trading field.

WikiTrader App

This trading platform was conceived by accident. Kelly and one of the developers on her team created an open source trading software so that they could use the software for their personal use as well as for the use of their finance buddies without the need to pay broker fees and other such costs. They wanted to develop trading software that learned on its own by processing the data generated by its users. In simple terms, they wanted to make an intelligent software system that learned from the trades made by the users.

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Over time, they discovered that the program became self learning which means it was artificially intelligent. This software is so capable that it can predict the market’s future and knows exactly what trades are going to win. It is also able to correctly predict the trades that are going to lose with 100% accuracy.

In fact, there is no other such software available in the market. Due to the investments made by Kelly and her firm in various other tech companies, they are able to get access to some of the most amazing and ground breaking technology available today.

They are currently offering the software to just 100 people for free. There are no license fees but it is still in the testing phase. When it is launched in the market after the testing, it will be sold at a very high price as the company has to make money to stay alive and to develop more amazing software.


This is the only binary options trading software available in the market today that works on artificial intelligence and smart machine learning. In other words, it learns from the trades performed by the users and it keeps improving its trading algorithm. Now, it’s available for use with its new auto trader function.

Its auto trading feature makes it completely hands-free. In other words, you do not need to know anything about binary options trading or for that matter, any other type of training. You just need to launch this software and let it do its work 24 hours a day to make you money.

The founders of this company are also partners in a venture capital firm which has made huge investments in commercial space travel as well as other technological marvels such as Hyper Loop.

The software is still not available to the public but the team behind this software is opening up 100 slots for beta testers to help them perfect this system with its new auto trading feature.

This software has been in use for years but only a few select traders and brokers had access to its amazing features. Now, the system is being opened to a few select beta testers before being opened to the public for a very high fee.

This automated tracking system is completely risk-free which means you are guaranteed profits and its cutting edge technology has been highly successful in identifying the winning trades with 100% accuracy.

You do not need to pay anything for the software as it is being offered for free to 100 lucky beta testers. The only thing you need to do is enter your e-mail to start making money now.

It has a completely user-friendly interface and it’s cloud based software which means you only need a working Internet connection to access the software. The auto trading feature requires only a click to start working and you don’t need to know anything or have experience in anything to make money.

Is WikiTrader Legit?

As mentioned in the beginning, there are hundreds of automated trading systems available in the market today with huge claims but it has been observed that most of these turn out to be big scams. However, WikiTrader is completely legit as can be seen from the testimonials of many users who have been able to make thousands of dollars each month with the help of this software.

Also, it is completely risk-free as you are not required to pay anything to get access to this software. They are only opening up 100 slots for beta testers. You just need to provide your e-mail to get access to the software which means you don’t need to pay anything to make money.

Reviews by Other Users

There are a number of testimonials posted on the WikiTrader website where a number of users sing praises of the software as they have been able to make thousands of dollars in profits with the help of this free software. In fact, many users have been able to get out of debt and have bought their dream homes and cars due to the money they made from the software.

How to Join and Make Money?

As mentioned above, joining the system is completely free as you do not need to pay anything to access the software. You just need to provide your e-mail to get started. Once you get access to the software, you will only need to fund the brokers account with just $250 to get started.

Once you have deposited the money in the broker’s account, you just need to press the auto trading button on the right side of the dashboard and sit back and relax. The system will take care of everything else and it will start making trades and make you money. Keep in mind that it is a completely automated system which means you do not need any experience to make money.


Overall, it is a genuine auto trading system that has been used for years by only high-end brokers. In other words, people who already had a lot of money have been using the software to make more money. Now, it is your chance to get in and make money for yourself and make your dreams come true.

It is completely risk-free and the only thing you need to give them in return in order to get access to the software is your e-mail. Once you get access to the software, just find your account initially by $250 and the software will do the rest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click bellow to go to the Kelly Wallace WikiTrader official website and start making money.

Kelly Wallace WikiTrader Review – Is it worth it or Another Scam?!

The binary options industry is full of scams and it can take you a long time to discover a resource that will produce the results that you seek. Thankfully, your search ends today once you learn about WikiTrader.

If you would like to earn money online fast with little effort, knowledge, or experience in binary options then trading in binary options on autopilot is your best bet. Unfortunately, not all binary options autotrading products out there are honest about possible results and profits.

You have probably searched hard for quality binary options trading software that works on autopilot but each time you get excited you end up disappointed. You have probably fallen for scams numerous times but all that ends today. By the time you finish reading this article you can be sure of getting real results with WikiTrader.

WikiTrader Website

When you visit the WikiTrader website, the first thing to catch your attention will probably be the totally different feel to it. Unlike the binary options scam websites, you won’t find any Fiverr actors or any pressure tactics. What you will receive is just real promises and straightforward information.

WikiTrader Software

WikiTrader is the latest binary options autotrading software designed to help traders such as yourself generate winning signals at an exceptional rate. Kelly Wallace is the CEO of WikiTrader and she has created the software using her amazing Market Analysis skills. Kelly created the software with beginner traders looking for a genuine system of making money in mind. WikiTrader has spawned many successes but what makes it tick? Read on to find out!

WikiTrader binary options trading software is completely free. However, as with other trading software you must invest at least $250 with your selected secure broker to start trading. This money is obviously yours and it is only needed for you to start trading. It is a completely web based software meaning that it is accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Is Kelly Wallace To Be Trusted?

Kelly Wallace is a well-known name behind a very successful venture capital firm that is into all sorts of things including the hyper loop, space exploration among other things. She is already a very wealthy woman and is simply looking to help less wealthy people to become financially free unlike the scammers.

Kelly came up with the idea for WikiTrader to help traders of all levels generate excellent profits. You will find numerous articles about Kelly in various financial magazines. She developed the software using a proven algorithm of market sentiments. The algorithm was previously used by huge investment firms to generate amazing winning signals and profits.

Kelly is already wealthy and thus does not need to rely on scams to make money. You can trust Kelly to make you financially independent using her revolutionary WikiTrader software.

Incredible 88% Winning Rate Is Now Attainable!

WikiTrader is the only authentic binary options software to deliver an average winning rate of 88%. You are probably wondering why the promised winning rate is this low considering that most binary options trading software promises winning rates of up to 100%.

The reality is that anybody or any software that promises a 100% win rate is a scam. Those scams use such fake claims to lure in traders into their trap. The software is still in its beta testing phase but users are already reporting weekly profits of between $1,000 and $5,000, which is amazing.

Supports Both Auto & Manual Trading

WikiTrader supports Manual Trading and Auto Trading. Using the software, it is easy to switch from Auto Trading to Manual Trading and vice versa.

If you are already an experienced trader, manual trading will undoubtedly be the ideal option since it achieves a slightly better win rate by manual filtering of the signals.

If you are a beginner trader and still don’t know much about trading binary options, you should stick to Auto Trading because the software will automatically place trades on the basis of your recommended settings (Minimum Trade Amount, Risk Level, etc.).

User-Friendly Interface

The app features a highly user-friendly interface. WikiTrader is a cloud-based software that runs on any device that has a working Internet connection. Traders of all levels can use the auto trading option because all that you should do is enable it.

Once the auto trading feature is enabled, the software takes care of the trading. You will also never have to keep checking the trades that WT places in your broker’s trading platform because that are directly visible in your WT dashboard. In general, WikiTrader is quite easy to use and anybody can use it without experiencing problems.

Is It A Scam?

There are no indication of WikiTrader being a scam. It is a genuine opportunity to make money online and you can rest assured about that. People that have actually tried WikiTrader for a couple of weeks have reported earning great profits with it. All promises and claims that Kelly Wallace makes have been shown to reflect the truth. Kelly does not make any unrealistic and exaggerated claims like many of the scam binary options trading software vendors do. Kelly is also a well-known and wealthy individual and would never risk her reputation by promoting a scam software.

Income Potential

If you are just starting out, you obviously don’t expect to start earning thousands of dollars per day. However, once you become more familiar and confident with the software you can start increasing the minimum trade amount and risk level and start achieving those figures. WikiTrader has never and will never be a get rich quick scheme for making you a millionaire overnight.

Success Stories

WikiTrader has spawned many success stories as previously stated. On the website, you will find testimonials from actual users who have enjoyed massive success using the software. The testimonials feature WT users from different parts of the world who are making tens of thousands of dollars each month using the software. One thing you will find common in all the testimonials is that they took action and decided to try out the software and are now enjoying the rewards.


WikiTrader software is completely free to use but you need to fund your account with your broker with at least $250. This money belongs to you and it is what you need to start trading.

How To Join

  1. If you would like to enjoy the rewards that this app brings, you should simply follow these simple steps:
  2. Visit, which is the official website of the WikiTrader software
  3. In the form provided at the right side of the web page enter your email address then click on “Start Making Money Now”
  4. To complete the registration process, enter your Phone Number, Name, and Password
  5. WikiTrader will now assign you a suitable, reputable binary options trading broker based on your geographical location
  6. All you have to do is simply fund your trading account with at least $250
  7. Start trading and generating amazing profits using Kelly’s app.

Final Thoughts/ Recommendation

It is quite clear that WikiTrader is an undoubtedly authentic binary options trading software that can help traders make money. WikiTrader is poised to become a revolutionary software for this year and beyond. With an 88% Average ITM Rate, WikiTrader is an exceptional binary options trading software. You can easily make the stated profits or even more within just one week using the signals WT app generates.

WikiTrader promises to be the go to binary options trading software for today and beyond and it is highly recommended. Please remember that you can never be financially free without taking action. So, take action today by signing up for WikiTrader Today!

WikiTrader Review – Is Wiki Trader Software Scam?

Are you looking for unbiased WikiTrader review? Then you are at right place. In this review, I am going to share my experience with WikiTrader software. I know the number of scam robots is increasing day by day and 9 out of 10 robots are a scam. So, it’s very difficult to find a working binary options robot. So if you are looking for a genuine binary options robot for trading, then it’s time to rejoice because finally there is a robot which you can trust. But what makes WikiTrader app trustworthy? Well, read this WikiTrader review till the end to know more about this system. In this review, I will share about my personal experience with Wiki Trader app.

WikiTrader is latest binary options robot that is designed to generate winning signals at a good rate. CEO of WikiTrader, Kelly Wallace has created this revolutionary binary options robot by using her Market Analysis skills. She created this system especially for new traders who are still looking for a genuine way to make money. There are hundreds of success stories of WikiTrader traders but what makes it that much great? Let’s find out!

Official Website – Click here!

WikiTrader Review – Scam Free Software!

88% Winning Rate Is Achievable!

WikiTrader software has an average winning rate of 88%. Now many of you guys must be thinking that it’s very low as there are many robots which claim to have the winning rate of 100%. Sorry to say this but all of those robots are just a scam, and they make such fake claims to lure innocent traders into their trap. Most of the initial beta testers of WikiTrader are reporting weekly profits of $1000-$5000 which is excellent. (Huge variation is because of different initial deposits and number of trades placed). Let’s accept the truth that no binary options robot can ever achieve that figure as no robot is resistant to little failures.

Supports Both Manual & Auto Trading

WikiTrader supports both Auto Trading & Manual Trading. You can quickly switch from Manual Trading to Auto Trading or vice-versa. For experienced traders, undoubtedly manual trading is the best option as they can achieve slightly better winning rate by manually filtering the signals. Still, for novice traders, who don’t know much about binary options trading, Auto Trading mode is best as it will place trades automatically based on your recommended settings (Risk Level, Minimum Trade Amount, etc.).

Is Kelly Wallace TrustWorthy?

Kelly Wallace is one of the well-known names in this industry unlike the owners of other scam systems. She has helped many poor guys in reaching their financial goals. Her goal is to create an easy platform using which any trader can generate the good amount of profit. There are many articles about her in Wall Street Magazines. She has created this software on proven algorithm of the market sentiments. This type of algorithms is used in huge finance firms to generate winning signals.

User-Friendly Interface

Wiki Trader has a very user-friendly interface. It is a cloud-based software which will run on any device with a working internet connection. Anyone can use it’s auto trading feature especially as all you need to do is to enable it’s auto trading feature, and it will take care of all further trades. Moreover, there is no need to check about trades placed in broker’s account as you can get all of those updates in your WikiTrader dashboard directly. It is very easy to use and anyone can use it without any problem.

Is WikiTrader A Scam?

There is no reason of WikiTrader software being a scam. It is a real money making opportunity and I can assure you about that. I have personally tried WikiTrader for few weeks and I’ve made good profits with this auto trader. Every claim and promise made by Kelly Wallace reflect truth. She has not made any exaggerated claim like most of the scam auto traders claim. Moreover, Kelly Wallace is a well-known name in the binary options industry.

You might not able to make thousands of $s per day initially, but gradually when you will increase risk level and minimum trade amount, those figures are achievable too. After all, Wiki Trader is not a become millionaire overnight scheme.

My Experience With WikiTrader System

I’ve personally tried Wiki Trader for 1 week. As I was a little bit skeptical about this system earlier, so I decided to deposit minimum initial amount which is required to start using this system. I have made $5400 so far using this system and I am damn sure that you can make the good amount of profits using this system too.

Update: My net profit in last month is over $18,000 with Wiki Trader system. It’s performing exceptionally well.

Pricing & How To Join?

WikiTrader app is totally free to use but to start trading initially, you need to fund broker’s account with minimum $250. Just follow below steps to join this app.

  1. First of all, Visit official website of WikiTrader app –
  2. Enter your E-mail address in the form which is located on the right side of web page and click on “Start Making Money Now
  3. Enter Your Name, Password, and Phone Number to complete the registration process.
  4. Now, Wiki Trader will assign the best broker for you by checking your geographical location.
  5. All you need to do is to fund broker’s account with an initial deposit of minimum $250.
  6. Start making money via WikiTrader.

Final Verdict – WikiTrader Is Genuine Trading App! Join Now!

Note that WikiTrader is not available in many countries like United States, Canada, India. So if you are not able to join WikiTrader software, then you can try joining BinBot Pro software.

Final Words:

Wiki Trader is undoubtedly a genuine trading app that is designed to help traders who can’t risk their money. We personally believe that it is going to be a revolutionary software of this year. Average ITM Rate of 88% is exceptionally good as well. You can make good amount of profit in a week by using signals provided by WikiTrader. You can check out our top 5 recommended signals here.

If you have any query about Wiki Trader app, then post it in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share your results below. Subscribe to our blog newsletter to receive updates about latest binary options scams.

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