Is Magnum Options a Scam

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Magnum Options Review

Magnum Options strives to stand apart from other brokers and succeeds in operating differently when compared to most other brokers. Generally, the functional differences between brokers are so trivial that when the bird’s-eye view is considered, the differences have no significant impact on the trader or in the trading experience with binary options . Magnum Options mainly triumphs because of their transparency and standards of integrity that they maintain with their customers. They are doing their best in every aspect that can be measured. Even though Magnum Options does not have the official endorsement of CySEC or any other regulatory body like Malta Gaming Authority ,Magnum Option cannot be written off as a non-trustworthy site as they have been delivering excellent results.We will prove this statement with our review below.

Introduction Video

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Is Magnum Options an Excellent or Bad Broker? Scam or Trusted One? Read the Full Expert Review Here! Important Information, Must Read Before Investing!

How to Make Money with Binary Option Robot

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Claim your free binary option robot, get started with three easy steps:

  • Name of Robot
  • Min. Investment
  • Min. Deposit
  • Rating
  • 1. Your Binary Option Robot will analyse the market and decide, which asset (currencies, indices, commodities and stocks), is right to trade at that point in time.

    2. The Binary Option Robot Will Predict the Price Movement

    Your robot will assess a wide-range of factors, and then make a prediction on how the assets price will move, saying: Call (up) if it believes the price will rise and Put (down), if it believes the price will fall.

    3. Decide on how much you want to Invest

    Then you need to decide how much you want to invest in the commodity and when that investment will expire.

    4. Collect your Earnings

    Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)

    As Magnum options no longer accepts US traders, in case you are from US we recommend you to check other brokers such as CTOption, GOptions,Porter Finance and Bloombex. The best way to get everything out of this article, is to first open a free account to Magnum Options by clicking the button below. After that you are able to test the features alongside while are reading this review.

    Magnum Options in a Nutshell:

    • Broker: Magnum Options
    • Platform: SpotOption
    • Founded: 2020
    • Bonus: Up to 100%
    • Return/Refund: 70-85%/1-10%
    • Number of Assets: Around 200
    • Minimun Deposit: $200
    • US Traders: Not Accepted
    • Expiry times: 60 sec, 5 min, 15 min, hour, daily, weekly, end of the month, end of the year
    • Deposit: Multiple Credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Bank Wire, Skrill, Moneybookers

    Magnum Options Slogan


    Trading with Magnum Options as new traders has added benefits in the form of bonuses that they offer. Magnum options offer new traders bonuses ranging from 10% all the way upto a whopping 100%. Maximum bonus will be $10,000. It should be noted that larger the deposit amount, higher is the bonus percentage.

    Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
    • Binarium

      Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
      Free Trading Education!
      Free Demo Account!
      Perfect for Beginners!

    • Binomo

      2 place in the ranking!

    Demo Account

    Magnum Options unfortunately has no demo account option at this point. Nevertheless, the minimum trading amount in a single trade is a measly amount of$5 and therefore the money involved in a single trade is not that significant. This is a good way to learn the nuances of trade by investing in several small trades and see how those go. Such a method can be termed as dividing the risk which is an important aspect of trading. Like they say, never put all your eggs in the same basket! We recommend you to adopt these small steps in the beginning and carrying out the minimum-amount trades until you gain a better know-how of trading and eventually, with practice trading will come much more naturally to you.

    Features of the Broker site

    Tradable assets:

    The list of assets available to trade while using the Magnum Options platform is extensive. There are around 100 different stocks, 30 currencies, 8 commodities, 50 indices and 15 pairs. Naturally, stocks are picked from the biggest global companies.

    Currency pairs encompass the most used currencies of world capital markets such as USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, GBP. AUD etc.There is an additional feature of a possibility to trade with Bitcoin crypto currency as well.

    On the other hand, the commodities list is typical of the industry standards with offers of 8 commodities to trade. They are coffee, corn, gold, oil, platinum, silver, sugar and wheat.

    The list of indices includes the most important stock markets around the world and comprises of most liquid indices as well. The indices represent several markets and industries which makes it easier for traders to find their favorite ones quite effortlessly.

    Magnum Options Ifollow where you can follow your favorite traders and copy them

    The list of pair options includes some extraordinary pairs whose success is compared with each other. Some examples of such pairs are Apple vs Amazon, Apple vs Google, gold vs silver, gold vs EUR.

    To shed light on the payout and profits offered by the Magnum Options,their average return falls around 80% with a maximum of about 85% which is overall a good number. What makes it more attractive is the refund they offer which can be up to 10% from the traded amount. This refund is offered to a trader after losing a trade. Such an offer increases the total amount of profits in the long run because some of the lost trades are refunded back to traders.

    How to trade with Magnum Options

    Magnum Options operative-platform SpotOption provides a wide range of trading possibilities that includes expiry timings apart from the options for assets as mentioned above.

    Expiry times vary between 30-300 second in the “sixty second” category. In the long-term category, expiry times range from a week to more than 15 months. These are vastly different type of investments and both have their own special advantages.

    A significant feature of Magnum Option is the Ifollow where traders can see, follow and imitate other successful traders and their individual trades. The Ifollow gathers the top traders and ranks them in order. This definitely aids to lift up your own success rate.

    One Touch Options are high payout options.

    The actual trading procedure is quite straightforward. Trader needs to choose the asset, the duration, and whether it will tend to go up or down in the chosen time frame. SpotOptions platform is clear and well designed for that.

    SpotOption is one of the most reliable platform providers in the binary options industry. Their platform is clear and easy to trade with. Magnum Options offers following option types:

    Among the aforementioned types, Ladder options have the highest available profits. By reaching certain limits in the valuet, profits can rise over 1000%. One Touch option is an additional high payout option that will be profitable if certain lower or higher pre-set limitsare reached within the duration of the trade. These are definitely worth trying if you are comfortable taking such high risks in order to gain profits.

    Ladder options offer even over 1000% payouts.

    It is highly important to possess risk adjusted portfolio in trading and therefore,it is important to select all the features of short and long term options. Magnum Options offers wide range of products and tradable assets that traders can list in their portfolio which they feel comfortable with.

    These features allow traders to build risk adjusted portfolio and divide total risk to multiple assets, markets and time frames. Such adjustments lead to best possible outcomes instead of putting all the eggs in one basket.

    Minimum trade is $5 and maximum is $5,500 for regular options which is quite a desirable option.

    Educational material and tools

    Magnum Options provides many trading video courses in their trading academy. They offer 5 courses for beginners, 8 for advanced trading, 5 for binary options and 3 in- depth courses.

    Beginner courses are about importance of learning the nuances of global trading, understanding the advantages of binary options, carrying out the trade and eventually becoming successful at it, knowing the options of change and risk, emotions in trading and distribution of risk.

    Course selections is wide and there is a lot of useful information available.

    Advanced courses handledeeper issues such as passive trading, aggressive trading, market analysis, trend, support and resistance, shooting star and Harami patterns, pattern identification, and breakaway for pattern features and characteristics.In-depth courses deal with winning tactics, basic and advanced technical analysis.

    In addition to the various training options, Magnum Options provides an eBook to its traders that covers all the aforementioned issues and many other insights and details.

    If deluge of the learning and reading materials seem too weighty to handle, there is a solution which might be just for you: a fully automated binary option robot which can help you trade better. The Real Robot will perform automatic trading according to pre-determined parameters. This helps in profitable trade even when you do not have any access to a computer or do not have the time conduct manual trade. According to us, it is the best binary option robot available that can help you to trade successfully by placing actual trades on your behalf utilizing highly sophisticated signals system. The Real Robot is fully automated options trading software that aids you to earn more money with less work. Now you can get this auto trader completely free by clicking the button below.

    Mobile trading

    The SpotOption software makes it possible to trade through a mobile application when you’re on the go and not even near a computer. The mobile version of the platform allows to make the very trades and actions that the full version does.

    With mobile version you have access to your trades and thus you can place new trades from anywhere. Mobile version is accessible through the App Store and Google Play, and you must furnish your login before being able to start using the app.

    You can trade on the go with Magnum Options mobile app.

    Is Magnum Options a scam or a proper broker?

    Magnum Options has been around for over 2 years and their excellence is apparent. Their trading platform is properly build and designed to make the best trading experience in the industry. Is it the best available option? That, we cannot determine but we can say that comes extremely close to being the better options available at least. Trading with Magnum Options is straightforward and intensive. We have not found any indication of scams at this point of time and firmly believe that there are no fraudulent activities associated with this site.

    Customer service

    Magnum Options offers toll-free international phone line number. Live chat option is available on the site in real time and the support staff can also be contacted via email and a contact form. Chat replies are quite fast and in the test conduct by us, they were able to quickly help us with the problem that we simulated. Advices meted out by the staff were relevant and was of significant help. From our experience we could gather that Magnum Option is really keen on assisting their customers with the best of their abilities.


    There are several deposit and withdrawal options that include multiple credit cards (Credit / Debit Card: Visa, Delta, MasterCard, Diners, Visa Electron, Maestro, Maestro UK (Switch) and Solo) and wire transfer. Wire transfers have some additional fees and therefore, we recommend using the credit card as primary method. Notice that the bonus money has to be circulated according to the terms before the withdrawal.

    There are numerous banking options available.


    As this review comes to an end, we will conclude that Magnum Options is not a scam broker. Their range of assets is comprehensive and everything related to actual trading is exceptionally clear and straightforward. Educational material is extensive and even amateurs can trade successfully when they understand the messages of the video courses. Magnum Options customer service is fast and accurately straight in case of any concerns. We recommend their broker services to traders belonging to any level be it beginners or professionals.

    In our overall verdict, we award Magnum options a rating of 4.7 points out of 5 as a binary options broker site.

    Open an account and start trading with Magnum Options by clicking the button below!

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    Magnum Options: Is Magnum Options a Scam?

    If you visit the Magnum Options website, the first thing you will notice is a very large 81% at the top of the page. Magnum Options promises you can earn up to 81%. That might look impressive, but it’s meaningless. Magnum Options claims to have the fastest trading software in the industry. This might be true, but it’s not a good thing.

    Product Website:
    Product Cost: Minimum $250
    Product Owner: Solaris Vision Ltd.
    Opinion: Not recommended.

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    Magnum Options.

    If you visit the Magnum Options website, the first thing you will notice is a very large 81% at the top of the page. Magnum Options promises you can earn up to 81%. That might look impressive, but it’s meaningless.

    81% of nothing is nothing. There’s no mention of how this number is computed, but the implication appears to be that Magnum Options has an 81% success rate. They don’t.

    Is Magnum Options a Scam?

    Magnum Options claims to have the fastest trading software in the industry. This might be true, but it’s not a good thing.

    If you read the Magnum Options disclaimer at the bottom of the website, you will see that their software will automatically place a trade if you do not cancel the trade within 3 seconds of being prompted.

    It is a damning statement of Magnum Options’ lack of integrity that they bury the 3-second detail in the fine print at the bottom of the website.

    When there is money on the line, no one can consistently make good decisions under the pressure of a 3-second clock. That’s insane. Three Seconds! Imagine how fast Magnum Options can clean out your account. Before you know what hit you, you’re broke.

    Magnum Options is not a binary options trading platform; it’s a high-speed vacuum sucking every penny out of your account.

    Three Things You Need to Know.

    Remember these things about binary options.

    1. Binary options are NOT options.
    2. Trading binary options is NOT trading
    3. Trading binary options is NOT investing.

    Bonus Fact #1:

    Magnum Options is NOT a registered broker.

    Bonus Fact #2:

    Magnum Options is in Bulgaria. What could go wrong?

    Why Binary Options are NOT options.

    An option is when you purchase the right to buy something at a later date. For example, you can buy an option to purchase a house for a specific price by a specific date. When you don’t exercise your option, it expires.

    In the commodities market, you can purchase an option to buy a rail car of wheat for a specific price and hopefully sell it later for a profit.

    Binary options are nothing like that.

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    Trading Binary Options is not trading.

    Trading implies an exchange. We trade baseball cards, or I give you money, and you give me something of value.

    Binary options are nothing like that because nothing is traded. When you enter a so-called binary options trade, you are betting that a specific asset will perform a specific action at a specific time and, somewhere in the world, someone else is betting that it won’t.

    To win a trade with Magnum Options, you must pick the right asset, the right action and the right time, all within 3 seconds. Good luck. You’ll need it.

    Binary Options is NOT Investing.

    Binary options, at least for the small investor, is not investing. Remember, if you don’t manage a billion-dollar hedge fund, you’re a small investor. Read How to Invest.

    Investing is when you put money into an asset and have a reasonable expectation the asset will increase in value because of what you KNOW about that asset and what you KNOW about the market.

    The only way to win with binary options is if you are lucky or you have insider information. There is no other way to win. Gurus can’t help you, and magical software can’t help you either.

    Magnum Options is NOT Registered.

    Remember all the stuff I wrote about how it takes luck to win with binary options? That is as good as it gets and that’s assuming you are trading with a registered binary options broker.

    Magnum Options is NOT registered. This means there is no government agency forcing Magnum Options to obey the law or to behave ethically.

    In other words, Magnum Options is free to do whatever they want. And, all Magnum Options wants to do is take your money, all of it, as fast as they can.

    Three seconds and it’s gone!

    The United States SEC warns that unregistered binary options brokers, like Magnum Options, are suspected of stealing identities, faking losing trades and locking clients out of their accounts.

    Did I mention they’re in Bulgaria?

    Who Trades Binary Options?

    Trading binary options appeal to habitual gamblers for a reason.

    If you look at the affiliate programs for a binary options website, you’ll see that they recommend promoting to gamblers. Gambling addicts live for the thrill of putting it all on the line.

    I suspect some are addicted to the strong negative emotion associated with losing. Trading binary options will deliver the pain of monetary loss in spades.

    However, if you’d prefer not to suffer a financial kick in the crotch, why are you interested in binary options?

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    A Better Option for YOU…

    When you try to find an honest way to make money on the internet, you are met with a ton of scams. It’s a minefield of deathtraps for as far as you can see. That’s why I’m devoted to helping people learn how to make money online the right way. And, we will help you too.

    Making money online is a lot like making money off line. It takes skill and work. Fortunately, the internet permits you to leverage your work, so you can make more money more quickly.

    But, this doesn’t mean you can get rich quick. It means with the proper training and support, and if you do the work, you can be financially secure in years instead of decades.

    And it’s not hard. I’m confident anyone who can write an email and research online has the capacity for building a successful online business, IF they are correctly trained and supported. That’s why we promote the FREE Starter Level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

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    When you sign up for the FREE TRAINING through this website, I’ll coach you, one-on-one, at no cost.

    If you found this article helpful or have experience Magnum Options, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

    Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
    • Binarium

      Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
      Free Trading Education!
      Free Demo Account!
      Perfect for Beginners!

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