Is Fusxion a legit service or just another scam

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Millionaire detector review: Scam or legit?

The millionaire detector (also known as Bitcoin Era) is a trading app that is available as a software as well. It is supposed to act as a trading robot and identify the best binary trading options in financial markets. It claims to create thousands of dollars from an initial deposit of a few hundred. The makers of this software claim that it can detect the most profitable trades in the market and select those specifically to help double or even triple your investment.

This app is created by the same group that created the Lie detector millionaire. Since then, that app was pointed to be a scam by many users. Many people lost their money investing in that scam. Millionaire detector is created by a similar company. They have no physical address, phone numbers, etc. They have a website that appears to have since gone down. Judging by the lack of their history, this is the first indication that this is a scam.

Millionaire Detector Review

The millionaire detector primarily operates on the expectation that your money will be invested in the best trades. If you are a new trader in binary options trading or in the cryptocurrency market, you may have difficulty predicting the most profitable trades. After all, it takes a lot of time to keep an eye on the market and look for the most profitable options. You may have trouble looking at the stats of each trade as well as different exchange rates, etc.

The millionaire trading software claims to make this process easy for new traders and can act as a broker in a certain way. Not only does it claim that it can detect the most profitable trades, but it can also make the trades for you. With an initial investment of only $250, it claims that you can earn thousands every week. However, there are many indicators that they do this trading through shady brokers, which could cause you to lose all your money.


The millionaire detector is based on a fixed algorithm that can detect a mix of the most profitable trades from a variety of options. If you are looking to keep a diversified portfolio, then this software can help select the best trades from a variety of financial and crypto markets. It can help you trade in bitcoin, binary options trading as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Although the company claims that the algorithm can detect changes in the market, it is actually based on fixed patterns. These are highly unstable as they may perform well in certain situations and they may cause you to lose money in other situations. These trades are completed through an external broker to which you may not have any access.

Below are a few more options for you to look into:


  • Product: Automatic trading robot
  • Features: Portfolio management, automated trading, and profitable trade detection
  • Company type: Digital Company
  • Product strategy: This app uses algorithms that are supposed to detect profitable trading options in various financial markets and manage these trades through a broker.
  • Product results: This product has shown varying results in the market. It appears that it works based on random prediction, which is the same as just allowing the software to gamble for you.
  • Price: $250 deposit

Trading Results

The millionaire detector has produced mixed results since its release. It sometimes makes some profit for you and you may think it is consistent. However, investing more money in this app will only make you lose all your cash.

The company claims that it can turn an initial investment of $250 into more than $13000. However, these numbers have not been verified by any user and many users have reported getting losses from this software. Therefore, trading results are highly unreliable.

Client Feedback

The client feedback for the millionaire detector has been poor, most of the reviews that you will find on this product are negative and point towards the fact that it is a scam. Many review sites have supported this notion. Although there are positive reviews of the software that you can find online, it appears that these reviews are all fake because the same people endorsed the previous millionaire lie detector scam. Fake testimonials are usually indicators that the software is not legitimate.


There are many trading robots claiming that they can turn an initial investment into thousands by selecting the most profitable trading options from thousands of available trades. However, these are all scams and they do not provide any proof that their brokers are legitimate.

Also, many customers have complained about losing their investment to the broker’s associated with the millionaire detector software. Therefore, you should always use a verified broker to trade in the binary options and cryptocurrency markets in order to avoid scams such as these.

Have you had any experience with this application? If you have, do share with us in the comments section below! Scam Review – 1000’s of Complaints!!

Do NOT BUY and AVOID Just Fashion Now ( Scam!

Operating as a fraudulent online retailer, Just Fashion Now has made it common practice is mislead and swindle innocent online consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Just Fashion Now is operating as a trending discount retail scam where the majority of the traffic stems from display advertisement sources along with referral based sources.

Sadly it isn’t until consumers have been already swindled that they learn that JustFashionNow is not a legitimate retail organization and their money has been stolen.

To learn what consumers are saying regarding the JustFashionNow Scam we invite you to read our unbiased review. Scam

Just Fashion Now is a trending discount retail scam based overseas, according to research we believe their headquarters to be based out of Hong Kong.

Just Fashion Now primarily targets female demographics and pretends to support inventory such as women tops, shoes, dresses, bottoms, outerwear and accessories.

The site is littered with a multitude of incentives to further encourage consumers to purchase retail goods from their site.

Site claims such as:

“Sign up and Get 15% OFF Coupon!.”

“Free Shipping on US $99+”

“$10 Order 99+”

“$25 Order 139+”

“$35 Order $189+”

Back tracing some of the inventory images will reveal that the retail images shown as the product images are actually taken from a multitude of different online retailers.

“JustFashionNow offers fast fashion at designer boutique quality. Our team of professional buyers identify all the latest fashion trends, at the same time examine every detail of product quality.”

To save you some time, this is a nearly identical About Us template incorporated in previous launched scam campaigns, two of them we have exposed as viral retail scams previously: and

JustFashionNoW About Us Template.

JustFashionNow Complaints

At , JustFashionNow reflected a 2 out of 5 star rating out of 1,056 reviews.

792 of the consumer reviews left were 1 star reviews.

Shared below are some of the most recent complaints we found:

Emma M. – “I bought some clothes from the website. Terrible quality and fit. I returned them following instructions (to China which involved considerable cost) but have not received a refund. I have attempted twice to contact the company with no response. It is obviously a complete scam, lousy quality, service and I warn everyone to stay away from this company.”

Jon K. – “You could return your order, but they never ever receive the returned parcel! That’s mean , they willing to return your money but never receive the parcel back to them!”

Timothea S. – “This has been the worse experience I have ever had with an on-line purchase! The return policy of requiring things to be returned within 15 days of delivery can require you to make several SEPARATE returns because what you order is shipped in numerous different shipments that arrive days/weeks apart. On top of that items need to be returned to…”

Susan P. – “The product you receive isn’t what you see on the website. Upon asking for a refund, they give you excuses and don’t actually give you one. You get such a fun around. If you send an email to customer service they give you the same automated response so you actually don’t get anywhere.”

Sandy S. – “I ordered 7 items and was only an keep 5, due to quality issues and fit issues. This company and others like them that advertise low prices on FB and PINTEREST make it impossible for you to find out they are shipping from China until you have already purchased the items, and that is when you find out you will…” Reviews

The reviews regarding JustFashionNow are just as offsetting as the complaints.

To add both SiteJabber and TrustPilot have also issued warnings that there are a large number of fake reviews regarding, while most of them were removed it doesn’t mean that some of the reviews you see now are genuine.

JustFashionNow has been exploited with offering product exchanges, coupons and discount codes with consumers in exchange for positive reviews.

Shared below are few of the most genuine reviews we found:

“VERY BAD quality clothing, see through bad quality fabric. Nothing like in pictures. Takes months to receive. Company does not reply to your queries. You will not get your money back even when you have followed their return policy to the dot. DO NOT USE! I would have given no stars but that is not an option.”

“My stuff hasn’t turned up after a month. The Beaulite site is a scam. They’re now not responding to my Facebook messages and their contact page on their website doesn’t work. I spent £70 with them which I’ll never see again.”

“Ordered 3 dresses from this company Cost £72 They Arrived in 3 separate parcels. Over the next month. Quality was very poor and fit far too small. I Attempted to return them Royal Mail First to China Guandong. Cost was over £13. Firm has denied receipt of dresses and claimed I should have had them fully tracked The cost would have been nearly as much as the original purchase. Paypal declined my request for a refund. Not impressed with Paypal guarantee! I think the JustFashionNow firm is a total scam and dishonest. Look at other reviewers opinion. I wish I had AVOID this company at all cost”

These reviews can be found at TrustPilot .

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a scam.

Domain Insight was registered on December 20th, 2020 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

Chicv International Holding Limited of Hong Kong, HK is disclosed as the registrant contact – the same registrars behind the and scams we exposed.

Detailed in a SimiliarWeb report, reflected a global rank of 34,164 with a US rank of 21,298 as of September 6th, 2020.

Demographics most targeted would be: US (28.21%), UK (11.45%), Israel (9.71%), Greece (6.60%) and Italy (5.68%).

Approximately 46.48% of the sites traffic stems from display advertisement sources while over 11% originates from referral based sources.

Just Fashion Now Scam Review is a trending retail scam that misleads consumers into believing that they are shopping trendy, ultra-affordable clothing when in reality it is just one giant mask of deception.

None of the products that you see available for retail are really available for purchase.

Let’s not forget that the people who created JustFashionNow are also responsible for other discount retail scams such as Noracora and Nokula, which when combined, scammed hundreds of consumers out of their money.

Just Fashion Now is nothing more but another scam iteration.

If you have been scammed we invite you to share your insight with us below!

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FloryDay Review – Is Legit or Scam? (2020 Updated)

FloryDay is an online fashion store that says it is “committed to bringing the stylish fashion trends to you wherever you are”.

The big question in this review is whether this is just an advert blurb or whether FloryDay does have the stylish fashion trends that you’ll need to be your own fashion icon. If it does, have trending fashion styles what is the quality offered; do FloryDay products feature top quality? Also, how about its prices; are the products in FloryDay competitively priced?

If top quality and competitively priced items are offered, does FloryDay as an online platform offer top-notch service that we’ll expect of an ideal online store (such as easy ordering, fast delivery, easy returns, effective customer support service, etc)? In the first place, is FloryDay legit, or is it just another scam store out to rip off unsuspecting customers?

Yes, FloryDay is legit. It is not a scam because they will never take your money without delivering your order. And you will get every product you purchased from the store without a problem. Read on to know why we said FloryDay is legitimate.

Top 5 Most Popular Fashion Stores Online:

This FloryDay review will examine FloryDay in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more.

FloryDay review at a glance

  • A Hong Kong-based online fashion store started in 2020
  • Provides a range of women fashion products including Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Swimwear, Shoes, and Accessories
  • Operate warehouses in North America, Europe, and Australia
  • Prices are competitive
  • Ships merchandise worldwide
  • Returns are accepted if the customer service is contacted within 14 days of the delivery date
  • Customer support is available via email ([email protected])

What is FloryDay?

Flory Day was started in 2020. It is operated by ZC Holding (HK) Limited which makes it one of the numerous China-based cross-border fashion stores. That is; Flory Day offers fashion products to customers all over the world. However, unlike much other china based cross-border fashion stores, apart from its warehouse in China, Flory Day operates warehouses in many parts of the world, which includes the US, the UK, Belgium, Norway, and Australia. However, Flory Day is exclusively an online store; it does not operate retail outlets so you can only buy from them from the website (

Flory Day says it offers customers an inspiring place to discover the latest and most-wanted products at fantastic prices, with an eye on catering your fashion needs and optimizing your shopping experience.

Is FloryDay legit?

There are many scam platforms in cyberspace ripping off unsuspecting online shoppers on a regular basis. As such, before buying from any online fashion store, it is wise to determine that it is legit. That said; the big question here is whether Flory Day is legit. The short answer to this is “YES”.

Our first check of a legit online store is usually legality. This is because stores that are 100% legal are less likely to be legit. Thankfully, Flory Day ticks this box as it is owned by ZC Holding (HK) Limited. This is a Private Limited Company registered in Hong Kong. Suffice it to say that a scam store does not come complete with legal company registrations.

Another check of a legit online store is the test of time. This is because scam stores are generally short-lived. It’s only a matter of time before their scams are discovered, and with such discovery, the store shuts down and disappears. Thankfully, Flory Day ticks this box. Granted the company is relatively young, as it came onto the scenes around 2020. However, 4 years is enough time for any scamming activity to be called out.

However, the ultimate check of a legit online store is fitness for purpose. An online fashion store is fit for purpose if, when customers place orders, the store delivers the real and functional product. At the other end of the spectrum, scam stores are not fit for purpose, as they’ll take your money for orders but will not deliver. Thankfully, Flory Day ticks this “fitness for purpose” box. There’s no doubt that FloryDay fulfils orders; and most often than not, the products are satisfactory.

With Flory Day owned and operated by a 100% legal company, and with about 4 years record of fulfilling orders with real and functional products, there’s no doubt that it is legit online woman wear store.

Is Flory Day safe?

FloryDay is safe. While a legit platform will not rip you off, if it is not safe, sensitive information that you submit to it will leak out, leaving you exposed to fraudsters out there. Thus, the ideal online store should be safe in protecting users’ data.

In this regards, FloryDay says that it has security at its finest; adding that all customers can shop with confidence as they are guaranteed secure online shopping experience. It uses SSL technology, which is the gold standard in the industry for providing a private connection between two devices communicating on the internet. SSL uses bank-grade encryption, which means that even if data being transmitted is intercepted, it cannot be read by the hackers.

With SSL technology used along with other security measures, it is safe to say that FloryDay is safe.


Many shoppers like stores that offer a wide product range, as that will allow them to get their related products in one place. Such one-stop stores are not only convenient but can bring some savings, especially from bulk order discounts, or from shipping one order instead of paying to ship multiple orders from multiple stores.

Thankfully, Flory Day holds its own in terms of the product range. It is a women’s wear fashion brand, and it holds different products from apparel to accessories. When shopping in Flory Day, the product categories you’ll find and the items you’ll find in each product category are as follows:

  • Dresses – Flory Day allows you to shop by Styles (Boho, Casual, Chinese style, Trendy, Sexy, Chic, Basic, Vintage, Elegant, Cute, Chinese Casual, Arabian, Christmas, and Halloween)
  • Tops – Blouses, Sweaters and Sweatshirts, T-Shirts
  • Plus Size
  • Swimwear – Bikinis, Tankinis, One Piece and Monokinis, Cover-Ups
  • Clothing – Coats, Bottoms, Kids, Lingerie and Sleepwear, Loungewear
  • Shoes – Sandals, Boots, Wedges, Flats, Pumps, Slippers, Sneakers
  • Accessories – Bags, Belts, Scarves, Hats, Jewelry

Buying from Flory Day

You’ll need to register and create a user account to buy from Flory Day. However, registration is simple, only requiring you to submit your email address and nominating a password.

Buying from Flory Day is straight forward, and that is even if you are new to online shopping. You’ll simply have to go through the product categories to discover your item. When you find something that you like, you can click on it to go to its description page. The page holds more product images (allowing you to see the item from different angles), detailed product description, as well as shipping and returns info.

The product description page also holds reviews, which are supposedly what previous buyers of the particular product have to say about it. However, don’t expect anything but 5-star (or near 5-star reviews) as experience shows that negative reviews are never posted to such self-published review pages.

To buy the product, you’ll have to select your size and colour; then use the “Add to Cart” button. Clicking on the bag icon on the page will take you to your shopping cart. From there (if logged in) you can proceed to checkout to supply your shipping address, and then to making payment to submit the order.

Sometimes, after placing an order customer will have a change of heart, and will want to modify the order or cancel it altogether. Thus, customers like online stores that allow order cancellation or modification after placement. Thankfully, Flory Day is one such online store.

As long as the order has not shipped, you can cancel or modify it. However, you cannot do that directly; you’ll have to contact the customer support rep (via email) with your request. Also, it’s not a “no questions asked” policy, as you’ll be required to describe the reason for wanting any order cancellation.

How To Measure:


There’s no shopper that’ll want to just throw money at online stores. Thus, the ideal online fashion store should feature prices that are perceived as reasonable. In this regards, Flory Day promises to provide most-wanted fashion products at fantastic prices.

Looking at the prices of listings in Flory Day and comparing them with prices of competing stores, Flory Day does come out well. For example, at the time of writing this review, many of the dresses in the store were going for $39.99 – $59.99; and many of the Blouses were going for $24.99 – $34.99.

Granted, these are not the floored prices you’ll find in some low-priced stores, but these are not by any means overly expensive. For the quality served, the Flory Day comes out as competitive; definitely not as “fantastic” as they’ll have you believe, but not quite expensive. For example, in the expensive stores, you’ll see most dresses costing three figures, but at the time of writing this review, none of the dresses listed in the Flory Day website has a three-figure price.


You’ll want stores that run many promotions because with promotional offers you can get items for less than their going rates. Thankfully, Flory Day ticks this box. Like every promotion-generous store, the landing page of the Flory Day website always announces different offers.

At the time of writing this review, one of such was a cyber Monday Sale which promised up to 80% off plus an extra 5% off certain items. Promotions are time-specific, only running within a specified time frame. Thus, you’ll have to keep checking the website to know what promo is running at any particular time.

Payment Methods

You’ll want an online store that supports a range of convenient payment methods so that you’ll not run into brick walls when trying to pay for your orders. Thankfully, Flory Day ticks this box. You can pay for your order with PayPal and with the popular credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Discover, American Express, and JCB).

Flory Day also supports COD (Cash On Delivery) payment in certain countries; these include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Jordan.

With the supported payment methods, you should not have problems with paying for your Flory Day order no matter where you are resident. Also, Flory Day supports about 31 currencies, which means that many customers will not need to bother with currency conversions when paying for their orders.


When you place an order in an online store, the item will have to be moved from the store’s facility to your location. Thus, shipping is an important consideration for online shopping. You’ll have to consider: whether the store ships merchandise to your location, how long it’ll take for your merchandise to arrive, and how much it’ll cost.

Shipping Destination

If a store does not ship to your location, you cannot order from it. Thus, the customers will want online stores that ship merchandise to many worldwide locations so that their location is more likely to be covered. FloryDay does very well in this regards. It ships fashion products to virtually every part of the world.

Delivery Times

No customer will want to be kept waiting for too long after placing an order. Thus, the ideal online store should offer fast delivery times.

Delivery times are made up of order processing time and shipping time. The former is the time from when an order is a place to when the package ships; and the latter is the time from when the package ships to when it gets to the shipping address. For fast delivery, you’ll want both Order processing time and shipping time to be fast.

FloryDay takes 1 – 7 business days to process orders and dispatch them for shipping. After the items ship, how long it’ll take to get to your shipping address will depend on your destination and the shipping option selected (FloryDay offers Standard shipping and Expedited Shipping).

  • When shipping orders to the US; Standard Shipping takes 8 – 18 business days, while Expedited Shipping takes 4 – 10 business days
  • When shipping orders to Canada; Standard shipping takes 7 – 12 business days, while Expedited Shipping takes 3 – 6 business day
  • When shipping orders to the UK; Standard shipping takes 5 – 9 business days, while Expedited Shipping takes 3 – 7 business day

Shipping Cost

When making an online purchase, the total cost is usually made up of the purchase price and the shipping costs. Thus, when shipping costs are high, even items that are acceptably priced can easily become too expensive to acquire. That said; the ideal online store should have shipping costs that are as low as possible.

The shipping costs in FloryDay also depend on where the order is shipping to and the shipping option selected. For example:

  • When shipping to the US; Standard Shipping starts at $10.99 while Expedited Shipping starts at $14.99
  • When shipping to Canada; Standard Shipping starts at $5.99 while Expedited Shipping starts at $14.99
  • When shipping to the UK; Standard Shipping starts at $6.99 while Expedited Shipping starts at $14.99

It is disappointing that Flory Day does not offer free shipping. It does not help that there are many online fashion stores that offer free shipping, albeit with a minimum order requirement.


Sometimes customers receive delivery of their order and their expectant joy turn to disappointment as the item may not meet certain expectations. Instead of being made to keep unwanted items, customers will expect the ideal online store to allow them to return any item that is unsatisfactory and get a replacement or a refund of their payment.

Thankfully, FloryDay allows this; saying that if you’re not absolutely satisfied with your order, it will make it right or refund your purchase.

Eligible Return

It is not all items purchased in a store that can be returned, and it is not different from Flory Day. However, you’ll not want too many return restrictions; so that you’ll not be stuck with items that you’ll want to return but cannot.

In this regards, Flory Day restricts the returns of only the following items: lingerie & sleepwear, swimwear, jewellery, and accessories (except scarves and bags). These items are what you’ll find restricted in other stores for hygiene reasons. So there’s nothing alarming about the Flory Day return restrictions.

However, for eligible items to be accepted by Flory Day when returned, they must meet certain conditions. For example, they must be in the same new condition as they were when delivered. That is, they must be unworn, unwashed, undamaged, and unaltered. Also, all labels must be intact, and the item must be returned in the original packaging.

Return Process

Receiving delivery of an item that you’ll want to return hurts already; the experience should not be made worse by a frustrating return process. Thus, the ideal online store should offer hassle-free returns.

If you receive your Flory Day order and want to return any of the items, you’ll have to contact Flory Day about it. In your return request, you’ll have to state the reason for the return and attach evidence of your claims.

Flory Day will review your request and get back to you within 24 hours; and if your request is approved, Flory Day will send you an authorization mail that will carry return instructions and the return address. Flory Day has warehouses in different countries around the world; so its Customer Support will give you the return address that’s applicable. You can then package the item appropriately and ship to the return address.

You’ll need to use a traceable carrier, as you’ll have to go to the Flory Day website to send the tracking number of your return package.

Return Window

You don’t have forever to make up your mind about returning an item in your order. This is because stores only give a limited timeframe for returns, and any item getting back to them outside the return window will be rejected. You’ll want an extended time frame so that you’ll not run the risk of your returns getting back late and being rejected.

Flory Day does relatively well in this regards. It allows 14 days from the day the order is received for customers to contact them about returning any item.

Return Cost

When there are costs, you’ll want them to be as low as possible; especially with return cost, you’ll not want to keep an unwanted item because it’ll be cost-prohibitive to return.

Return cost usually consists of restocking fees and return shipping costs. Thankfully, Flory Day does not charge restocking fees. However, customers are responsible for shipping back the return package, so return shipping cost apply. Also, Flory Day does not offer Return Label, so return shipping costs that apply will be whatever the shipping carrier that you use charges.

Return Processing and Refunds

When you successfully return an unwanted item, you’ll not want to wait for too long to receive the refund of your payment. Thus, the ideal online store offers fast processing of returns and issuing of refunds.

Flory Day advertises good times. It says after receiving the return package it takes 24 hours to process it, after which it issues the refunds immediately. There’s also a waiting time for the refund to reflect in your account, which will depend on your initial payment method. If a credit card was initially used for the payment, it may take up to 30 days, while for other supported payment methods, it’ll take 7 – 15 business days.

This also shows that in Flory Day returns are refunded via cash transfer to the original payment method. This is definitely better than stores that only issue store credits for returns. With cash transfer, you can choose to visit another store (and use the funds) for future purchases.

Customer Support Service

Many times, customers will have questions and need answers before they will commit to a store. Other times, customers who have committed will have issues with their orders and will need these resolved if they are to be loyal. Thus, the ideal online store should have an effective customer support service to handle questions and issues that customers may have.

FloryDay does well in this regards. First, it provides an FAQ resource which holds short articles that answer many of the questions that customers will have. To aid navigation the FAQ articles are arranged in the following topics: Products, Orders, Coupons & Points, Payment, Shipping & Delivery, Account, Returns & Refunds, and Customer Services.

If the FAQ page does not give you the needed assistance, Flory Day supports contact-support. You can directly contact a Support Rep of the company via email. You can send a mail using an online contact form accessible from the “Contact Us” page of the website. Alternatively, you can send the mail directly from your email account using the email address: [email protected] FloryDay promises to respond to all email submissions within 24 hours.

Thankfully, Flory Day does well in its response time. However, while it is good that the response is fast; it’s still disappointing that telephone service is not supported.

Floryday Complaints

The “complaints” section is always a part of our reviews because what real customers of a store have to say about it gives insight into how well the store operates. If complaints are too many and frequent, it may be a pointer that all is not well; but when complaints are few and infrequent, then the store may just be very well.

For this section, we looked at the independent customer’s reviews platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Interestingly, FloryDay has good ratings on these platforms. For example, at the time of writing this review, Flory Day has been rated by 5,591 customers in Trustpilot, scoring 4.6 out of 5; and in Sitejabber, it has been rated by 830 customers, scoring 4.5 out of 5.

The fine rating of Flory Day tells you that there are not too many complaints about the store. Rather, you’ll see more of positive reviews. However, a few complaints were found that had to do with the late delivery and received items being different from the advertised picture.

Delivery Time

One complaint that kept coming up was that some orders are delivered way late than expected. For example:

  • Patricia K in Sitejabber says “Would use Flory Day again”. The review continued “My only problem was delivery time and fact that the money was taken from my Visa a/c before I received the goods”
  • Linda S in sitejabber says “I would not recommend buying from this company; their delivery is appalling. It’s now four weeks and we still have not received our goods. Disgusting! I shall now be reporting this to my bank…”
  • Christine Y in Sitejabber says “Ordered 2 tankinis from this company over 5 weeks ago now and according to their tracking site they have STILL NOT NEEN SHIPPED though money was taken and no contact number for them, only a form which you cannot use
  • Sherry h in Sitejabber says “I got nice dresses, but it took a long time”. The review continued “I ordered three dresses… After a few weeks, the website was showing my order had still not shipped. I emailed them and they did get back to me right away. They said that one dress…was on back-order. They offered to cancel the order for that and send the other two, which I ended up agreeing to. So I did get my refund on the one dress, and the other two finally arrived about a month later. I do like both of them very much and I wear them all the time…”

It must be said that the “late delivery” complaints are drowned by a sea of positive reviews about delivery time. That is, the review platforms have many reviews of persons satisfied with the delivery timeframe. However, late delivery came up and is worth mentioning.

If you follow the reviews, you’ll easily see that the main cause of late delivery is long order processing; the order does not ship out early, and so does not arrive at the shipping address on time. As mentioned earlier, the Flory Day up to 7 business days order processing time is not good enough. Thus, it’s something the company can look at improving upon.

Not as Pictured

Another complaint that you’ll find is about “products quality”. The reviews have it that sometimes the items received do not correspond with the product images. For example:

  • Rosemary M in Sitejabber says “I ordered a jumper which was shown in lovely subtle colours and looked like a knitted garment. The item code number is 1364818. There was stitching highlighting the colours around parts of the leaf design. What I received was a woven type polyester jumper in ghastly garish colors; it looked as though the original design had been copied from the picture by a child. I paid £38 which was supposed to be heavily discounted from over £60. I would say the jumper was worth about £10 – something you would find in a cheap outlet. I returned it and was refunded quickly enough (fewer postage fees of £8…”
  • Cynthia S in Sitejabber says “Use fake pictures, deliver rubbish items”. The review continued “…I’m £78 out of pocket and stuck with rubbish clothes which don’t even fit me… fake and not what’s on website pics…”
  • Sabine Palm in Trustpilot says “…when you look at the web, it seems that the goods are of high quality, but if you get the clothes the quality is the worst I ever got over the web. I would never recommend this company to anybody

Also, it must be said that the FloryDay reviews, when taken as a whole, does not show that “poor quality” is a problem plaguing the store. In fact, the “poor quality” reviews are downed by an ocean of “good quality” reviews. However, a couple of customers mention receiving items that did not in any way match the quality of the pictures that informed their purchase decision.

Influencing reviews

We do not trust self-published reviews in the websites of online fashion stores. The reason is obvious; try writing a bad review of a product, and see if it will be posted. They almost always never post. But write a 5-star glowing review, and you’ll most definitely see it posted. Thus, we head to the independent customers review platforms for any reliable customers’ reviews. Unfortunately, some stores have devised ways of influencing customers’ reviews in the independent platforms. Unfortunately, some reviews suggest that Flory Day is not blemished in this regards. For example:

  • Montana L in Sitejabber says “They will pay you to remove your bad review”. The review continued “First they said they would refund 50% of my money if I would remove my review, then they said they would give me 100% refund if I would remove or change my bad review”
  • Trustpilot says “Trustpilot has been notified that this business has offered refunds contingent on the removal of negative reviews on Trustpilot”

With this, the high ratings of FloryDay in the independent online customers’ reviews platforms become suspect. However, there is no doubt that it is a legit store. Also, we’ve been able to confirm many of the positive reviews of the company on these platforms. Thus, it’s safe to say that FloryDay has fewer complaints than many online fashion stores. However, trying to influence reviews in independent platforms is a no-no.


FloryDay is a legit Hong Kong-based online fashion store that focuses on women wear. FloryDay says that its mission is to provide the latest and most-wanted fashion products at fantastic prices. Thankfully, it lives up to this. It provides a range of women’s clothing, accessories, and footwear for all shapes and sizes; and prices are competitive, and also helped by a lot of price slashing promotions.

FloryDay ships merchandise to virtually every part of the world, and with warehouses in Europe, North America and Australia, it’s able to offer relatively fast shipping times. However, its order processing time can see some improvement, as it has been the source of a few complaints.

Quality of items is largely fine, and this is supported by many customers’ reviews expressing satisfaction with their orders. However, a few reviews can be found complaining of receiving items that were “not as pictured”. But this appears to be the exception rather than the norm. However, FloryDay allows returns if contacted within 14 days; processing a refund is hassle-free, and refunds are issued to your original payment method.

Where you have issues, FloryDay has an effective customer support service with relatively fast response time when contacted (via email). Bottom line is; FloryDay comes out fine.

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