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2 Remarkable QA Daily Status Report Templates | Free Download

Writing a Remarkable QA Daily Status Report (+ Free Templates)

In software or any product development, there is a quality assurance phase to assess its readiness and completeness before the actual product or software releases.

QA teams are able to do this by executing test cases or situations that simulate actual usage of the product or software and reporting on the defects found and fixed.

It is necessary for a QA team to create or generate reports that will reflect the integrity and credibility of the tests they make, and most especially, the significance and value of its results. Typically, a test status report is something to do on a daily basis by the QA team to the developers and other stakeholders, during a daily status meeting.

A QA daily status report accounts for the team’s activities for the day that includes both test case and defect information. Aside from the development team, recipients of this report may include business analysis, environment support, or project teams.

This report should contain the information generated on a daily basis in terms of a number of test cases planned and executed, defects encountered and their respective states, and downtimes.

Test execution sheets or link to the test management tool is also attached to the report to support the results presented and to serve as a reference if the recipient of the report needs one.

Here are some important things to remember in coming up with a QA daily status report:
  1. Show the overall status of the test cases and include simple metrics such as percentages in terms of test cases passed, defect density, and others.
    In doing so, the QA team is not just providing figures but is actually giving an overview of the quality of the test on the product.
  2. Highlight significant phases of the test execution, as well as critical defects, found if there are any.
  3. The visual presentation of the test results will help make the report interesting and easier to understand. If it is applicable, use charts, tables, or graphs to present the test results.
  4. It is also beneficial to include the test cases planned for the next day and to state in the daily report of the QA team needs input from other groups.
  5. If the QA team is seeing a trend or pattern based on the results of its test execution, it will be helpful to include such observation in the daily report, including a brief explanation of how that trend or pattern impacts the product or what it means in terms of test execution or product development.
Make the report concise and short, as much as possible, and ensure that the data are accurate. Use bullet points to make the report easy on the eyes of the reader.

QA Daily Status Report: Free Download Section

Templates on ProsperForms:

How to Make Status Reporting 10x Easier

How to configure status reports on ProsperForms:

Step 1:

  • Create a “Project Status Report” applet — customize our preset forms or easily create a new form in minutes.
  • Setup reminders if you want your team members to receive automatic reminders when their reports are due.
  • Configure who will submit reports by choosing the “Participants” tab.

Step 2:В Users will click the “Open Submission Form” button to fill in and submit the report.

Data such as the report type, date and name will be added automatically.

As soon as a new status report is added, participants with “View” rights can view it in real time.

Step 3 (Optional): Generate a report and export it to PDF.
(Skip this step if you share status reports online and don’t print them.)
Click “Generate Report”.

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Daily Results Syndicated Software

Welcome to Lotto-Logix.com the lottery player’s portal to lotto and lottery information resources on the www: Need last night’s winning numbers, click on Lottery Results . Looking for books on wheeling systems, click on Lottery Books at Amazon.com. Original articles on playing the lottery to win visit our Lottery Articles page. Want top of the line lottery software programs, we’ve got links to some of the best. Whether you play Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-5, Pick-6 or just buy Quick-Picks, we have information to help you win the jackpot. Looking for free lotto games we have the best, the ones with odds that make sense and a few well chosen contests and sweepstakes as well. Don’t forget to check out our wheeling page where you can save big money over playing generic wheel covering designs. Your host Robert Perkis

INFORMATION: These links are for information purposes only. Posting of these links in no-way implies approval or a recommendation to purchase product or services. Some links are here partly because they provide good links to even more links. Missing links, in no-way implies disapproval of a particular product or service and said missing link probably appears in a list of links, on one of these sites below.

LINKS: Remember, some of this information may be helpful, some discouraging and some about as useful as fairy wings on a dump truck.

CLUBS: Join with others to share the costs and wealth, visit. . .

Lotto Magic
Lottery Syndicate Management Software, with Full Featured Lottery Software for most lotteries including Powerball, KENO, English Soccer Pools and even Horse Racing (Box Trifectas) Be your own lottery syndicate boss. Take control of your own office, club or lottery pool.

Lucky Lottery Club
UK National Lottery Pool. Past and present results. Hints and tips. the Lucky Lottery Club is a privately-run syndicate designed purely and simply to increase the chances of its members making a profit on the National Lottery. (archived copy, you can no longer join, but you can still read the tips and hints)

Mario’s Lottery Groups
These groups mainly play the Canadian Lotto 649 and Lotto Max games. On occasion, the following other games are played: US Powerball and Mega Millions; Euro Millions, Brazil’s Mega Sena and Mega da Virada. There are never any fees to participate in any group. All monies collected is used to buy tickets. All wins are split evenly and fairly.

Winning Lottery CLubs
An article about aspects of some lottery clubs to avoid if joining or starting your own.

Beat Pick-3
I once read that if you go back a certain amount of games . . . excel spread sheets for Pick-3 and more. (Archived copy final date/version where the spreadsheet downloads still work unless you submit individual page links to the web archive search.)

CBEL’s Lottery Links
166 quick and dirty lottery links on one page without descriptions modified from the dmoz directory (archived copy).

Colonial Lottery Tickets
American history a collection of colonial lottery tickets that helped finance the building of america.

Compulotto The Lottery Analysis Pros. Compulotto is simply Vtrac City. Vtracs for breakfast, Lunch and Evening Drawings. Site is gone, archive copy only for V-Trac information, do not try to subscribe.

Crazy Nuts Daily Pick-3
Pick3 Lottery, custom picks for California Daily 3 and any Pick 3 Lottery by CrazyNuts!

CSGNetwork Lottery Number Selectors
A list of calculators and selector programs available for use in picking Lottery numbers for various national, regional and state lotteries. We have written and provided these for your use and convenience, and hopefully some luck.

Fraud Aid
Lottery Scammers are very dangerous! Tips and tricks, let us show you how to be safe!

Global Lottery Collectors Society
Worlds largest on-line collecting site for collectable lottery tickets and related items.

Free Lottery Tickets
A spoof of the lottery chain letters that were going around for awhile.

Idiot’s Delight
Examples of fake lottery tickets given to lottery players as a cruel practical joke. Don’t be taken in by this nonsense.

Instant Pick 3 Statistics
Quickly spot which hot combinations will continue to be drawn, and which cold combinations are due to come up. This online Pick 3 software runs entirely in your Web browser. There’s no need to download anything. To use this tool, your browser must support JavaScript.

John Lottery’s Bimonthly Lottery Articles
The purpose of this blog is to bring you a variety of articles focused on sharing Lottery Specific Topics that will better help you understand your chances of winning the large Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto 649, Super 7, Euromillions, etc. jackpots.

Johnph77 Lottery Math
Lottery Formulas, Computations, Percentages, Odds and Payouts. The math behind the lottery already worked out for you.

The Lottery Bible
Use the last ten draws to collect the 40 recommended numbers and boil them down to what you’ll play for Pick-3 today.

Lottery Books on ebay
This link provides a look at lottery books currently available on eBay.

Lottery Directory Resources and Search
offers searchable links for lotto players to regional results, software, draw numbers, lotto wheels, tips, magazines and lotto clubs.

Lottery Forecasting and Metastatistics
The use of metastatistics for lottery forecasting. Metastatistics can give you an indication of numbers which are more likely than average to appear in the forthcoming draw(s). (archived copy)

Lottery Glossary a Dictionary of Lotto Terms
A repository of lottery related terms and their definitions. The Lottery Glossary is comprised of words, abbreviations and meanings of terminology used by lottery players and lotto number predictionists.

Revealing the true lottery secrets, myth busting and exposing fake lottery gurus. Become a wiser lottery player with tips and tricks from a real Lottery Guy.

Lottery Info Inc
Our mission is to provide high quality lottery related publications to the businesses and individuals who have the desire to acquire such items for both pleasure and profit. These are the little daily number books many players are looking for.

The Lottery Insititute
Lottery news, results and historical databases. Advice, tips & strategies. Wheeling Systems – Covering Designs & Combinatorics. Lottery glossary & FAQs. Lottery software lists. Probability and statistics pages. Predictions reports, theory and analysis. (archive copy)

Lotto Judge
Comprehensive reviews of lottery software and ticket agencies.

Lottery Lotto Lotteries
Exposes bogus lotto scams, reviews systems and lottery web sites. (archived copy)

Lottery Moments
Winning the lottery is just the beginning. Blog covering all angles of the lottery under multiple topic headings.

Lottery Power Picks
If your current numbers aren’t performing. Lottery Power Picks offers Much Better Quick Picks, hoping to give you a better chance of winning the Mega Millions or Powerball or Lotto 649 or Super 7 Lotteries

Lottery Top 100 Websites
A list of the top 100 lottery websites with a search option for all the others. Includes official sites along with free lotto games, results, software and more.

Lottery Systems on eBay
This link provides a look at lottery systems currently available on eBay.

Lottery Win System
The Lottery Win System lets you go for the jackpot at no cost over the long term.

Lotto Crawler
Picks the best state lottery instant game scratch offs. LottoCrawler analyzes state lottery instant game scratch off remaining prizes and provides you the best choices and odds to win.

649 results and programs for free for loto, lotteries, lotto, coupons, keno, big game, powerball. Play for free to the super-millionaire lottery Primitiva. English(?) and Spanish page versions.

Lotto Books on eBay
This link provides a look at lotto books currently available on eBay.

LottoLaffs Pick 3 Lottery Systems Book
Lottolaughs from LotteryPost 44 page book of Pick-3 lottery systems.

LottoMasta International
Win a Lotto Prize Every Single Week with inexpensive Systems guaranteeing AT LEAST 3 Winning Lottery Numbers. Suitable for all Lotteries worldwide, including Powerball. Use mathematics to get 3 or 4 lotto numbers – Trust Lady luck for just 2-3. Free Lottery Systems on site. Includes Unique Lotto Systems, dual-guarantee & multi-guarantee systems.

Provides comprehensive services for U.S., Canada and U.K. lottery players including winning numbers, lottery winning strategies, number picking systems, wheeling system, analysis and more.

Lotto Systems on ebay
This link provides a look at lotto systems currently available on eBay.

Lotto Tutor
Lotto Tutor provides Lotto 649 numbers, lottery tips, wheels, results, discussion forums and links.

Lotto World Magazine
The final Lotto World Magazine web site as it appeared April 15th, 1997. (Archived Copy: Most internal links work if you allow each page to fully load before moving along. Don’t send money to offers that no longer exist. ;-)

Malaysia 4D
To win a 4D lottery winning numbers has never been easier and is not based on luck. It’s all about math, manipulation, statistic and hardworking study on how to win.

Pick 3 Edge
Win pick 3 using the professional free pick 3 lottery systems and strategies found in Pick3Edge. These systems and strategies can help you win pick 3.

Lotto Books, Lottery Software, Forecast Prediction Services, Your Lucky Numbers, Lotto Edge Magazine, PICK 3, PICK 4, Powerball, Mega Millions WheelWorld.net and more

The Procyon Rising Project
Beating the lottey through teamwork an ambitious attempt to predict the results of the UK National Lottery by teamwork and co-operation. (Archived copy)

Recurrence Analysis
Lottery Prediction one player’s opinion

Royce Penny’s Money Machine for the Canada Lotto 649
Best Lottery Site for the Canada Lotto 649 – Full analysis of historic draws – winning numbers – prize payouts – This site was last updated 2003.

Smart Search Direct
The plucky little search engine. Search the web for lotto sites, news, pictures, audio and video. Give it a try.

Strictly Mathematics
The Number Combination Slasher 3 and 4. We offer free online lottery numbers, lottery and lotto forecasts for every lottery state and country, free monthly newsletter and the best lottery prediction software available.

Texas Lottery Scratchoff Tickets
By using publically available data, a ranking of various lottery scratch games can be established. The ranking system uses game odds, number of claimed prizes, and prize amounts to compare each scratch-off game to each other game available via the Texas lottery.

Texas Lotto Report
Easy to read statistics for all Texas games. Here you can get current drawing results, read about the lottery winners, see the financial aspects of the Texas Lottery and read the latest news.

The Universal Currency Converter&#153
The world’s most popular currency tool, allows you to perform interactive foreign exchange rate calculations on the Internet, using live, up-to-the-minute currency rates. See what tickets and prizes are really worth in a foreign lottery game.

Three Too Win
Winning strategies for the pick3 and other Lottery games. If you have never played the Pick3 lottery game then this free ebook is a must. From the very basics of the game to an advanced system of play that allows you to streamline your picks for maximum coverage while still maintaining a reasonable betting range. Free zipped e-book download by permission of author, original website no longer exists.

United States Lotteries
Winning numbers, analysis, RSS feeds, tips and wheels. Up-to-date data and analysis of winning numbers of all United States lotteries. 3/4 daily number games information, odds calculators, combination generators, numbers search, most and least frequently drawn numbers, pairs, triads. (Archived copy: Some information will become dated over time.)

Wheeling and Lottery Odds Calculator
Lottery and wheeling odds calculator. See your odds improve as you wheel more numbers.

Winning Lotto Strategies
Is selling my free Lottery Concepts book for $47.00 see the ad, don’t get suckered.

Win The Lottery
Win The Lottery Webmaster Leroy’s Win Cash Money Pick 3 Lottery Pick 4 Lottery Tips, Hints & Suggestions Formulas for winning the lottery (archived copy).

Win the Lottery Anonymously
Read about four winners who were visited by misfortune as a direct result of their winnings becoming public knowledge. Their stories are far from unique, but are examples of what can be expected when the news of sudden wealth is published.

Win Your Lottery
Our own lottery book for lottery players serious about winning the lottery.

More Lotto-Logix
Links to more interesting Lottery informational web sites.

UK LOTTERY: Sites Specific to the UK Lottery

The Health Lottery
Is a well known U.K. lottery brand which is working with local lotteries across UK. Each local lottery is conducted to tackle health inequalities in their respective local areas by taking a fixed fee included in each user’s ticket purchase.

Just Maybe
The Online lottery syndicate validation system designed to take the pain out of checking multiple ticket lines for winnings.

Len Goundry’s UK Lotto website
Ball frequencies, results service, prize details, best picks, number generator, perms, links and software. (archived copy)

Lottery Central
UK National Lottery results for Lotto, Lotto Extra, Lotto Hotpicks, Dream Number, Thunderball and Euro Millions, ticket checkers, results service by email/SMS and online lotteries. Archived Copy

Lottery Fun – Playing the lottery
There are, in fact, many variations and different types of lottery; many of these lotteries have a much better chance of earning their players some serious cash. (archived copy)

LotteryGen UK Lottery Statistics
he place to find UK National Lotto statistics, and past lottery results. Analysis of the UK Lotto by frequency,sum, colour,temperature and more, featuring extensive chart displays.

Mersey World UK National Lotto
MerseyWorld’s lottery information by Richard K. Lloyd for the UK with results, perms, chat, numerical analysis and general information and links for the lottery playing world.

Premium Bond lottery find out why over 26 million people trust us with their savings UK national savings and investments plan.

Pembrokeshire Lottery
With one Ј2,000 prize and five Ј100 prizes awarded each week, the Pembrokeshire Lottery gives you the chance to invest in the future of our county, whilst benefiting from great odds too! For those with a UK address only.

The UK National Lottery – a guide for beginners
Plus Maths Magazine: Feature Article The UK Lottery game has tightly drawn rules about the amount of prize money available, and how it shall be allocated. The mathematics of counting then allow you to work out your winning chances, and how much your prize might be. (archived copy)

UK National Lottery
The official National Lottery web site.

FORUMS: Discuss the Lottery with Others

Lottery Post
Lottery Post is the world’s largest community of lottery players, with popular discussion forums, latest lottery results for every state in the USA, Canada, UK, and other countries worldwide, predictions, statistics, winning numbers systems, and lottery wheels.

Lotto 649 Web Site Lottery Players Club
Lotto649 is a free online community of lottery experts, players and lotto interested people. This bulletin board is for all types of lotteries played in every country. Here you will find winning predictions, lottery strategies, tips, lotto wheels and a lot of other useful information for maximizing your chances to win the big one – no matter where you are or which lottery you play

A friendly online sweepstakes community forum and a highly organized, comprehensive directory of the most current online sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways.

The VersaBet Lottery Forum
The purpose of the forum is to give lottery players, and VersaBet software users in particular, an opportunity to air their views and exchange insights on both general and specific lottery topics, and on tips and techniques for using the VersaBet software effectively. (site closed May 2020 forum is open)

RESULTS: Winning Lottery Numbers Results Reporting Sites and State Home Pages

Lottery results for every lottery in every state in the USA. Our results begin updating at Noon, so you get today’s results, today. We also have archives, links to official lottery web sites, a ticket generator and odds calculator.

World wide lottery results the day after and selected ticket sales for US Mega Millions and Power Ball, AU. UK. Eu. lottos and more.

Provides state lottery results, with free and links to pay to play games for cash and prizes.

Lottery America
Lottery results for every lottery in every state in the US and other countries.

LotteryFeed.com is the oldest and most experienced provider of lottery results and related content for the internet, print, television news and wireless media.

Lotto-Logix: State Sites
Links to state, multi-state and international lottery web sites.

USA Mega
Powerball and Mega Millions results, news, past drawing history, statistics, jackpot analysis, extensive FAQ, and results search engine.

These numbers are updated throughout the day and published based on the best information available at time of publication. Please verify these scores with your local lottery boards for official results.

HEADLINES: Lottery In The News

Lottery News on topix
Link finds News on Lottery continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.

INTERNATIONAL: Lottery Ticket Purchasing Services, visit . . .

5 Dimes
Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery. Best of all, at 5Dimes your winners always pay more. Almost 80% higher payouts than state lotteries. Play straight or box with as little as $0.25 Click on First Time Visitors and Lotto 900 Info to review their offer details.

Irish Lotto
Play the Irish Lottery online. Get the latest Irish Lottery results, statistics and information. Irish Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday.

Oz Lotto Au. Best of the best, state licensed agency, tax free million dollar 6/45 Lotto, two plays for a dollar with two bonus numbers to help you win.

The South African National Lotto Service
Play the South African Lottery Online. Calling all South Africans and Expats! You can play the Official South African National Lottery without standing in line to buy a ticket. And there’s no need to travel either to play the SA Lotto or collect your winnings – winnings are paid directly into your bank account.

USA Mega
Powerball and Mega Millions Lottery Results and News. The Mega Millions and Powerball lottery source for the latest results, news, past drawing results (numbers history), statistics, how to play, where to play, and winning number combinations (how to win).

Win Trillions
Play all the great lotteries without ever leaving home. More lottereis means more chances to win and more fun.

LOTTERY SOFTWARE: Data, Charts, Pick Winning Numbers, Wheeling, visit .

Or shareware, Lottery Software you can try, some of the great lottery programs from the past.

Lotwin Lottery Line Builder
A feature packed lotto program offering an extensive and unmatched range of tools to the serious lottery player. It easily outperforms competing products with it’s powerful Lottery Line Builder Engine, statistical lotto analysis capability and entry manipulation features. Try the full version free for your lotto.

Gail Howard’s Smart Luck
Gail Howard’s are the only lottery systems that have actualy won millions of dollars for dozens of people. Visit www.gailhoward.com for a free system that won $15 million.

Lottery Director
Includes lottery software with over 800 Lotto wheels, updated Lotto game results, and Lotto wheeling freeware. Complete Game Tracking with over 110 screens. Plus, make your own Custom wheels automatically. Powerful Filtering. (archived copy free downloads were still working as of June 2020) Filter combinations Automatically with one click. Or, use Custom filters with Previews of your prize chances. Prints the ‘marks’ directly onto the playslips, on a compatible printer plus, you can create your own new playslip layouts for new games. Compare your game against other games . with one mouse click. See how your game is different from other games. See when and where your numbers have won in any game . and Much More. Full information at this Web site. (Archived copy: Downloads still working last check.)

Lottery Software on eBay
This link provides a look at lottery programs currently available on eBay.

Windows Lotto Pro
Unlike many other lottery programs that simply generate random numbers, Windows Lotto Pro picks the best numbers to play based on a statistical analysis of previous drawings. The numbers that the program picks are called Smart numbers. When you play Smart numbers, there is no need for you to analyze any statistical information. Lotto Pro helps you to play the lottery with control, not guesswork. aka = Lotto Players BBS, Data Solutions, Lotto Pro.

Professional lottery analysis software for pick 5,6 lotto games.

Lotto Software on eBay
This link provides a look at lotto programs currently available on eBay.

LottoWhiz PRO
Lottery Software for the smart player. All major US and most International Lotteries, Unlimited Wheeling Systems, Number Analysis, Ticket Printing.

Lotwin Lottery Line Builder
is a feature packed lotto program offering an extensive and unmatched range of tools to the serious lottery player. It easily outperforms competing products with it’s powerful Lottery Line Builder Engine, statistical lotto analysis capability and entry manipulation features.

Systems for Pick-3
More Pick-3 wins then you will believe and a maybe free 10 use demo to prove it.

Lottery software and lottery information. Quality lottery tools for both the casual and serious lotto, keno, pick-3 and pick-4 player. (site closed May 1st, 2020 archived copy)

More Lottery Software links
More links to lottery software on the web, the longer list to chew through.

STARS: The movement of the stars rules everything, visit . . .

3 Wish Lotto
Horoscopes and lucky numbers. Birthday numbers, we have your dream numbers, find the winning numbers hidden in your dreams. (archived copy)

AstroStar’s Planet Lotto
Home of the Astro Lotto Forecasts. Free weekly, astrology horoscopes for the lottery and all games of chance with your luckiest and unluckiest days.

Your source for accurate and dependable Lottery Numbers selected just for you. Acculotto.com is designed to produce lotto numbers specifically for you. We use numerological algorithms and strive to give you a winning edge no matter where you are located. (archived copy)

Alternative Lottery Strategies
1. Introduction to Numerology 2. How to Find Your Lucky Numbers 3. Astrological Signs and Lunar Cycles 4. Lucky Charms, Superstition, and Prayer 5. ESP, Dreams, and the Unexplained.

How To Play The LotteryHow to play the various and different lotto and lottery games you may encounter.

Mystic Number Generator
Get unique random numbers to attract good luck and fortune. This free online number picker is more than just a Random Number Generator (rng). It’s a Mystic Number Generator and allows you to set to pick random numbers from between 1 and 90.

Lotto – White T-Shirt

for fans of the TV show Lost the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 on Hurley’s lottery ticket. Lucky huh?

Didn’t find what you were looking for, try a search on Smart Search Direct . . .

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Send us feedback

This site is best viewed in 800 x 600 resolution on a working monitor.

Radio Programming Sources & Syndicated Shows

Tending to the content steam engine at a radio station is a full-time gig.

You need a constant supply of fresh coals—audio content.

Shortly, you’ll discover some new sources of free syndicated shows, bartered shows, paid shows plus free & paid music sources.

Just getting your foot in the broadcasting world?

No problem, you’ll also learn more about radio programming:

To see the full list of syndicated radio show sources, feel free to scroll down to that section.

Speech and music programming

Audio content falls into two types:

Speech programming – the name says it. It’s spoken content. If most of the content is speech, it’s a talk radio station.

Music programming – Do I have to unravel this one? Okay, it’s sweet music; jazz, hip hop, the Blues, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Folk, Popular Music, etc.

And when music content prevails, it’s a music radio.

Well, most listeners seem to favor a balance, some music, some speech, and that’s what most commercial radios prefer.

Even a talk radio might have some music segments during the evenings.

Radio day parts

T he broadcast day is segmented into blocks starting with the morning drive from 5 am or 6 am to 9 am or 10 am.

That’s when most people listen to the radio as they commute to work. Hosts talk between music tracks (linking). Some will have weather announcements, do newscasts, phone-ins, talk about traffic, and run giveaways.

You can always think of the content as a percentage: Is it 50% music, 50% speech. Or 60% speech, 40% music.


Starting from 9 am or 10 am to 2 pm or 3 pm, mid-day hosts take over the airwaves.

Music is the main programming during this slot because people can passively listen to music as they work, while it will be a lot harder to pay attention to a very important debate.

But if you’re talk radio, what can you do? The talk goes on…

Afternoon drive

Then, we have the afternoon drive from 3 pm to 7 pm. Audience numbers soar again due to the evening commute.

Evenings & Overnights

Evenings start from 7 pm to 12 pm. Radios receive fewer tune ins since people are either watching TV, streaming shows, etc.

Overnights or if you prefer the more ominous name “graveyard” shift spans from 12 am to 5 am or 6 am.

Radio Content Sources

a) Station generated programming

The goal of the programming department at a radio station is to produce original on-air content.

For music stations, the radio personalities work in shifts that may be two, three or four hours long.

Popular examples include The Steve Harvey Morning Show that airs from 6 to 10 am and the four-hour Matt and Mollie Weekend Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1.

On the other hand, talk shows are under sixty minutes. For instance, the Freakonomics radio show, This is America Life, etc.

Newscasts tend to be shorter 5 to 15 minutes at the top of each hour.

So what content can we produce at our radio?

You can do newscasts, hosted shows, phone-in run shows, panel game shows, DJ mix shows, countdowns, contests, radio dramas, newscasts, weather announcements, man on the street segments, concerts, interviews, investigative pieces, and more!

b) User-generated content

The user is the radio listener; who may be a chef, nurse, doctor, teacher, banker, endocrinologist, pulmonologist, otorhinolaryngologist, and now I’m just googling professions with difficult titles.

Some users have a knack for producing original audio content. And the proof is in the numerous podcasts you’ll come across on the web.

If you want to learn more about using user-generated content, here is a great resource on the BBC Academy.

c) Syndicated Content

Syndication is licensing content to different radio stations. Who makes syndicated shows? Radio stations, media companies, or individual producers.

Are they are pros of using syndicated content?

You know how you could make your own bread in your kitchen. But you don’t since it’s much easier, less-expensive, time-saving, and yummier to just buy bread from the bakery.

This metaphor explains the benefits of syndicated content.

Do I have to pay for syndicated content?

Some syndicated content is free. The producers may want their programming to reach as many people as possible.

And what better incentive to nudge radios to take up the show than giving it away for free?

It takes time and money to produce high quality shows so many producers can’t just offer shows for free.

What you pay may depend on the show’s popularity and demand. The notion is; if a show is popular, it will attract more listeners. So the radio can charge more money for ad-slots.

Bartered syndicated content

Cash doesn’t always change hands for content. Some syndicated content is offered on a barter arrangement.

The producer offering the show may ask for time on the affiliate station to run ads instead of money.

How can I spot bartered shows?

Check if one of the requirements listed on the show’s website is bartered minutes; for example “8 Bartered Minutes.”

Unhosted shows

Radio stations strive to maintain their local vibe. And though they may use syndicated shows to fill up their programming, they will still want the show to sound local & original.

Some syndication companies meet this need by having the original host mention the affiliate’s call letters and station ID.

Unhosted shows have empty slots. They ship with cue sheets used to prompt the live host when to fill in with speech. Most unhosted shows you might encounter will be music shows like top 40 countdowns.

Are syndicated shows same as network radio programming?

So what happens when several radios stations fall under the umbrella of one corporation? For instance, Emmis Communications which owns about fifteen radio stations in the US.

This may result in network radio programming where one program may air on several stations owned by the same parent company.

There is a similarity between syndicated shows and network shows. But I think the difference is clear.

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