Cyber System Review

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Cyberpower UK Reviews

4,952 • Excellent

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Write a review

Reviews 4,952

Exceeded expectations – one happy customer!

I received my Cyberpower machine from the UK outlet mid last week. Firstly, the PC was a pain to unpack, because it was packed so well. It was tightly snug in the box it came in as well as having extra wrap inside the machine to protect all of the components. Upon unboxing the machine I noticed cable management was done perfectly allowing great airflow through the system – I’ll be using my machine for machine learning + gaming of course, so airflow is a must since I’ll be putting my machine through its paces. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with Cyberpower, especially their customer services who answered a couple questions I had throughout the build / delivery process; overall a very happy customer. Thanks guys.

Wide choice of pre built machines as…

Wide choice of pre built machines as well as custom options. Mine was shipped on a day that I was able to choose and they used DPD so I received shipping notifications every step of the way as well. Already recommended to a friend.

Everything fine but two times they told…

Everything fine but two times they told me we will send it on Friday for SATURDAY delivery, two times, then on Saturday I contacted DPD Which told me the person who sent parcel choosed MONDAY delivery when I was told 2 times it will be Saturday, nothing else to complain everything perfect

The web ordering process was very…slick

The web ordering process was very intuitive and we ended up with a very good configuration as I wanted a level if future proofing for my 13 year old. The delivery was as forecast and everything arrived safely. It’s now all set up and working and I have a very happy son.

Would never use or recommend to anyone

Would never use or recommend to anyone.

Machine was junk. The liquid cooling had been hard wired in to the PSU because they couldn’t get the cables to reach the motherboard slots. Fans were all running full chat and they hadn’t told me that they had done that so spent ages trying to isolate the problem. BIOS not configured correctly for a liquid cooling system.

Massive problems getting them to respond to me with solutions.

The machine had been purchased for work and left me in a really difficult situation.

After weeks of chasing and having daily battles just went for a refund. They were just defensive and unhelpful at every interaction.

What made me really angry was that they tried to blame me for the build being such a disaster.

“we just build it, we don’t check that the component are compatible. “

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“we don’t have time to phone customers if the parts they select aren’t right. Its up to you to choose the right parts.” Imagine if someone said that when you were buying a car!

Would never, ever, ever, ever, ever use them again.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a Review

The Cyber Acoustics 3602a have been waiting for review for about 5 years. I’ve had them on my desktop twice for months at a time before this for review, and both times I was just unhappy with the DSP correction and my understanding of the speaker. I had all kinds of trouble nailing down the measurements and placement recommendations. After years of suffering with the Cyber Acoustics speakers performance I think I’ve got something worth sharing.

This may be my most important review, given that the Cyber Acoustics 3602a is probably the most popular stereo speaker system of all time. While the CA-3602a speakers are sitting in second place right now behind the Amazon basic speakers the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a were in first place 7 years ago and held that spot solidly for 5 years. I would say that any product that sat on top of that list for that long is more than likely the top selling stereo speaker of all time – given that it is a global product and millions of people entered into the middle class from the new markets in India and China during that time frame.

It’s no wonder that the speakers are selling well considering what is offered in this package is nothing less than incredible giving the price point. I don’t grade on a curve, so my price is no object mentality will work against Cyber Acoustics in this review, but I wanted to mention that it is in fact a stupid good deal before ripping it to pieces figuratively and literally.

Component Overview:


Cheap metallic looking cones with large shiny plastic dust caps, and a foam surround that is soft and pointlessly high roll. There are dual 2 inch drivers per satellite. This is a strange configuration that is either the shortest line array, or an MTM without the T. Pros and cons of this configuration will be the addressed in detail further on in the review.

Back of the driver show a paper texture covering the cone that is either a coating the metal cone, or the paper cone is coated on the front with a shiny surface. Either way, the driver construction is it’s more complicated than I expected.

The thick foam padding on the top of the drivers magnet structure is compressed when the cabinet is assembled. This is a nice attempt to stiffen up the cabinets using the drivers themselves as braces in the small cheap feeling plastic cabinets.

Pulling off the foam reveals a backing magnet that will help shield the speaker to avoid radiating magnetic interference. This also will increase the efficiency of the speaker slightly, making it able to play a little louder.


Props to Cyber Acoustics for implementing the best cost saving measure in audio – No Grills, No Grill Problems.


This is not a subwoofer, it’s a shared woofer. The 5 1/4 inch driver crosses at 250Hz with the satellites, and the lowest I got it to play was 50Hz using ludicrous amounts of equalization. The cone material appears to be wool fiber, but the back of the cone looks like regular paper. Foam surround is a hair more throw than you would normally see for a woofer this size, and is soft and pliable after 5 years of storage and random abuse.

There was a grill on this speaker, but no screws, just four plastic posts wood glued into the cabinet. I do not suggest taking this grill off.

Back of the driver shows the aforementioned paper cone texture, some quick and nasty soldering on the terminals, and a large motor with a backing magnet to cancel magnetic radiation and increase output.

Subwoofer Port

Port is a cardboard tube slathered with wood glue and stuck to the plastic flared end. This might be ugly, but stiff cardboard is a better port material than ABS/PVC plastic because it the cardboard will absorb some of it’s own resonance. The KEF LS50 port tube uses a more high tech composite material to get the same effect, check out the white paper if you don’t believe me(it’s on page 17). It’s not a bad material, but the mating is sloppy in implementation – there is a large 1/8 inch lip where the port transitions to plastic flare which could cause whistling.

Notice in the background the standard wall wart type transformer. It’s nice that they put it into the box, which means that it uses a regular two prong power cord.

System Amp

This is a very tiny amp. I could spot two op amps, and that they only used one amp chip which is the only thing attached to largish heatsink. The amp chip is probably designed for 2.1 systems and 3 channel output.

The remote control and satellites plugs into the sub, the cables are pretty short, but it worked well in my little room.


This remote control has to be the worst thing about this system. I would go so far as to say it is more than likely the worst thing ever created in the history of audio reproduction.

The static shits all over everything and the tone changes at the slightest turn of the volume knob. This is some kind of protection circuit idea gone wrong, as you turn up the music the bass response falls and eventually the tweeters get an overdriven kind of distortion that is nightmare material. Not only that the bass knob, which operates as a volume for the subwoofer has no visible mark or detent for center – I had to make my own using paint markers. The curse of this setup is that the speakers sound so fucked in their out of the box condition that you end up tweaking these knobs back and forth endlessly trying to save which ever song the speaker system is currently mutilating.

A look inside the mind of a mad man. I’m no expert at circuit design, but looks like there may be a few bridged pins that should not be bridged.

Desktop Setup:

The soup cans are back, but I’ve got some new lighting in my cave, as well as a love note from my number one fan.

Sounds exits the computer via optical output on the motherboard, and goes to my old Onkyo receiver garage sale pick up, and the CA-3602a’s are plugged into the headphone output. I did check to see if there was much of a difference using the computers onboard dac and speaker output. There was a little hiss on it in comparison, but I can’t see justifying an outboard dac purchase for $40 worth of speakers. The Onkyo was used mainly to have a nice volume knob.

Putting the speakers up on desktop stands is a requirement of good sound – I’ll get into the details of that requirement in the measurement section of the review. Everyone has soup cans, and they work great. Putting some poster tack on the joints will help keep the stands from falling over or rattling.

Subwoofer placement is critical considering it’s acting as the woofer in the system. The design dictates that it goes to the right side of the desk, otherwise will need to place the sub upside down to keep the sub pointing forward and port firing into the room.

I was lucky to have a corner within reach, but if you do not I recommend placement a few inches away from a wall with the driver pointing the same direction as the satellites. Boundary gain will help with headroom, and having the speaker point the same direction gives you a good shot at avoiding audible phase cancellation in the crossover range(250Hz).

Desktop Listening Impressions:

If you fiddle around with the bass and volume knob for long enough you can get to a place where things sound only mostly horrible.

The volume knob adjusts the treble, and the bass knob adjusts the lower midrange – there is no helping the bass, it’s just annoying 110Hz buzzing or nonexistent.

Once adjusted the speakers are “lively” with sharp treble from rising response and cone breakup that is high, but just inside of the hearing range where it is still annoying.

Midrange is muddied by the peaky output of the subwoofer, but turning down the bass knob will just make the midrange disappear.

Tonally it is a strange setup. There are parts missing of the performance, the treble can be distorted to the point of being physically painful. Worst still is the twisting of knobs on the nightmare interface leaves you thinking that you bear some responsibility for the audio performance abomination. Still, I can see why this system is so popular. There is no other way to get this quantity of sound for any less money.


These measurements were part of the summer batch where I spent a weekend baking my audio gear in the sun to get nice reflection free measurements for around 30 pair of speakers. Ended up killing a channel in my Behringer iNuke amp, but it’s still got 3 good ones and the data is well worth the effort.

This measurement is taken with the volume knob in the middle position, and the bass turned all the way up. We can see the cone breakup at 11.5kHz, it’s so high because of the small size of the drivers. This is almost acceptable, and when EQ is applied to take out the rising response even golden ears would be hard to find the break up distortion by ear.

The “subwoofer” response is just as bad as expected with a 22dB peak at 110Hz. This is exaggerated from the bass knob position, but I wanted this measurement for use in DSP correction.

The right speaker was 2dB louder than the left, so I adjusted that in windows control panel during listening sessions. This kind of anomaly is part of the fun of ruthlessly cheap speakers.

These measurements are with the satellite speakers unplugged and taken while still on the stand – not ground plane, so there is a bit of floor bounce reflection data.

My detailed notes here indicate where da bass, and where not da bass. Also trying to turn up the volume and bass all the way at the same time gives a nasty distortion that is audible even from the subwoofer.

In this measurement I turned the subwoofer around to point in the opposite direction of the satellites. You can see the phase cancellation in the crossover range. This indicates that the crossover happens at 250Hz, and also shows the damage poor placement of the subwoofer can do to the sound.

Here are the actual ground plane measurements which will not have any reflection interference. You can see in the blue measurement the bass knob in the mid position and how poorly it integrates with the satellite. Red measurement is without the satellites and max bass, pink is with sats and bass at max.

Listening Window Insanity

Now we get to the fun part, where I learned something cool. I’ve heard plenty, but never owned an MTM speaker of any quality, and outside of reading D’Appolito’s article introducing MTM systems, I had only a cursory idea of what an MTM does when it is properly designed. With MTM speakers the driver spacing of the midranges is supposed to be as tight as possible, and crossover to a single tweeter before they go outside of this golden zone. This means that the two drivers act like one speaker, and create a narrow lobe of flat sound that points straight forward and cancels at 45 degrees vertical off axis. I had no idea what happened when you just ignored the guidelines and ran with no tweeter and seemingly arbitrary space between the mid drivers.

This diagram is the product of what can only be described as an alcohol induced episode of autism.

I started with Tolvan’s XDir software, which simulates drivers as a point source on an infinite baffle. The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a 2 inch drivers are damn near point sources, but the little enclosure is as far as you can get from an infinite baffle. Needless to say without this software I would have never figured any of this out so big thanks to Tolvan. Using the software and knowing the 65mm driver spacing I was able to simulate the lobing behavior at 1k intervals from 1kHz to 10kHz and 2kHz steps up to 20kHz. I color coded each one of these steps and overlaid them all in translucent layers.

The end result shows a very narrow beam of rainbow awesome where the highs roll off in a very orderly way in the first 15 degrees. Then as you move further off axis you start to see what looks like cone breakup slide it’s way from 20Khz down the frequency chart, till it reaches 10kHz and another spike appears at 20Khz and they both slide their way down till the drivers own vertical directivity takes over and reduces the output.

IT looks like a mess, but in reality it’s not near as bad as you would imagine. You get a very narrow clean beam that acts like some kind of dirty version of a big ribbon tweeter. After figuring this out I immediately thought of Tekton’s Double Impact tweeter array, which is probably using this same effect and has gotten mostly positive press from the mostly positive audio press(I still need to hear them before recommending them).

If that other diagram was too much, here is a version showing only the 20kHz, 18kHz, 16kHz and 14kHz lobe positions.

Now, why 14Khz, because that is going to be the upper limit on noticing anything going wrong for most careful listeners.

Here are the measurements that started it all. These were taken in room after I finalized the DSP correction, which is why you don’t see the speaker’s natural nasty peaks. The smooth roll off of highs is better than most 2 way speakers at vertical directivity, even large horn systems with low crossover points. Based on what I see here a system built with high quality drivers and amps using these same ideas has a pretty good shot at not sucking.

DSP Correction:

The DSP correction and careful placement makes the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a speakers good. The output is limited to 85dB for bass heavy music, due to the increased bass bandwidth. Still, I like the Cyber Acoustic speakers once corrected better than the corrected Logitech z623, and even the Audioengine A2+. The narrow vertical dispertion is really good at minimising desktop reflection, and does a great job with imaging. I even had a buddy come by and give it a listen, and the correction got high marks for bass clarity and neutral tone.

Now for the bad news, do to possible manufacturing discrepancies in cheap products like this I’m not releasing the DSP correction to the public because I’d like to get some feedback from owners of the CA-3602a systems first. If you own this system and would like to beta test this DSP correction send me an email with the date your system was made/when you bought it(there is a sticker on the subwoofer). I’ll send you the correction file and instructions on how to install them, but I’m not doing tech support. Once I get enough feedback and know I have something applicable to the systems out there I’ll publish the corrections.

Final Thoughts:

The Cyber Acoustic 3602a speakers are garbage, but very interesting garbage that is dirt cheap. I learned a bunch in this review, and am glad I spent so much time working on this review and getting it right. Hopefully the DSP correction works for most CA-3602a systems out there and maybe a few million users can have good sound for almost nothing.

Review Scores:

Build Quality
Woofer 1
Cabinet 1
Features 4
Crossover 0
Amp 1
Subwoofer 0
Score 1.2
Sound Quality
Neutrality 0
Bass 0
Extension 0
Treble 0
Midrange 0
Headroom 4
Dispersion 7
Detail 0
Imaging 4
Score 1.7
DSP Sound Quality
Neutrality 5
Bass 2
Extension 5
Treble 1
Midrange 3
Headroom 3
Dispersion 7
Detail 2
Imaging 4
Score 3.7

Check out the system finder to see stuff I recommend that costs a little more.

The 10 Best 4k Security Camera System Reviews in 2020

Security is a key feature that every homeowner should consider for their property. Whether you want to keep an eye on things while you are away from home, or you just want to assure yourself that things are in their place, an outdoor camera security system is what you need. Being able to freely scan your home for intruders at any time of the day ensures the safety of your household and is what makes outdoor cameras so popular. Nowadays, security cameras are more affordable and accessible than ever.

As the world continues achieving technological advances, the camera security systems industry does not fall short. With revolutionary new features such as remote zoom, focus, audio capture, and even Alexa connectivity, your home will feel safer than ever. Additionally, such cameras now come in 4K Ultra HD resolution, thus you can record and capture any detail that goes on right on your front porch.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best 4k security camera systems available. Our selection will be based on finding the perfect product that incudes ultra high-resolution picture and revolutionary features all at a fair price. And hopefully, by the end of it, we will help you get one step closer to keeping your home safe.

#1. Lorex 8MP 4K Motorized Varifocal Zoom Audio Dome

The Lorex 4K audio camera is one of the most advanced cameras available on the current market. Its dark and sleek design makes the camera almost unnoticeable in a nighttime outdoor environment and is a stylish addition to any modern house.

This dome security camera can record at 3840 x 2160 pixel ratio, thus capturing crisp detailed images, even with its x16 digital zoom feature turned on. Being able to capture a wide area of 113 degrees field of view this is the ideal set up for monitoring a wide and open area. The camera also has other advanced features such as long-ranged night capture and privacy marking. The latter allows the user to mask an area, such as the property’s windows, in order to exclude it from recordings and protect your privacy.

This small compact camera is packed into a metal housing that is valued by many for its high durability to withstand any type of weather. With a waterproof system, this recording device is equipped for rain, snow, and even high temperatures up to 60 degrees celsius.

The camera also has many options that can help manipulate an image, making it more clear for the homeowner. Some of those features include DNR (digital noise reducing) technology, which filters out any noise or grain from a scene. Furthermore, the camera packs an auto white balance that automatically adjusts the brighter levels of the image.

  • Smart Product Design
  • Does not attract attention at night
  • Many integrated modern features
  • Highly durable to extream weather conditions
  • Autofocus is slow when changing the zoom levels
  • A Motion Detection system is too sensitive

#2. Amcrest 4K Outdoor POE IP Security Camera

Amcrest 4K security camera is another great entry to this list. This designer camera has many advanced features similar to the Lorex 8MP. With a simple yet modern black design case, the camera hides well in an outdoor setting. The camera’s cutting edge infrared night vision allows you to see up to 98 feet. Additionally, the camera is able to capture a wide view of 112 degrees.

Using Sony’s latest scanning sensor and Ambarellas chipset, the camera is able to create an image full of vivid colors with a full 3840 x 2160 resolution. The camera also comes with an account on the Amcrest cloud smartphone app, where you can view your footage regardless of your location. This app also serves as an alert system, which is able to send smart motion alerts reporting any movement going on in your backyard.

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Friendly user interface
  • Compact size
  • Very high video and photo quality
  • Many false alarm notifications were reported
  • Night vision may give reflective glare on an image

#3. Arlo Ultra 4K Wire-Free Security Camera System

This wire-free security camera truly is one of the best picks you can go with when picking a setup for your home security. It is a smart product that comes with a 4k crystal clean shots and HDR detail, due to its high-performance lens. Being one of the wider-angle recording systems, the Arlo can film up to a 180-degree view. Also, unlike the other security cameras on this list, the Arlo comes with a colored night vision camera. Finally, it also has an auto image adjustment that helps enhance any blurred, grained or dark images.

An interesting key feature that the Arlo has, is a dual noise-canceling microphone. This allows for a crisp and clear two-way conversation, so you can get your deliveries in style. Another useful aspect is that the device can connect to Amazon’s Alexa as well as Google Assistant.

Just as the Amcrest security camera, Arlo has its own application that provides the customer with constant visible access and notifications regarding any potential movement. The app has features such as triggering a smart siren or turning on an integrated spotlight, which can ward off any unwelcome guests. And if that does not work, you could always turn on the mic and scream to the intruders to get off your lawn.

A final aspect that many customers enjoy in the Arlo is the autozoom and tracking feature, allowing for some advanced profiling and information gaining.

  • Extremely wide camera view
  • Exceptional view quality
  • Audio is crystal clear
  • Completely Wire-free security camera
  • Indoor/Outdoor capability
  • Color night vision
  • The camera might go offline
  • The spotlight feature is not bright enough
  • The siren is not threatening enough

4. LaView 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System 8MP 4K NVR 2TB

LaView is considered a leader in home security camera systems. They provide high quality and reliable equipment for home surveillance. This camera system comes with an image resolution of 1520P and night vision support. It can easily help you identify the face of a person or the number plate of a car standing outside.

Advanced Motion detection – The security system supports advanced motion detection which helps you customize the motions that would trigger the system to forward your email alerts. It has 8 channels that enable the user to ensure surveillance at all the important locations

Smart Integration and connectivity – The advanced IP technology of the LaView camera system helps you integrate cameras spread across different locations, giving ease of access to a new definition. La View 8MP 4K NVR also comes in a Wi-Fi variant which provides wireless connectivity to your camera system. This makes it one of the best 4k security camera systems in the world.

Mobile application – Another big advantage of having this system is that it comes with the complementary mobile application – La View Connect. This application helps you to watch the live stream and recorded footage on your mobile device.

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime tech support.
  • Great daytime and night vision video quality.
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) reduces the need for extra wires.
  • Game-changing motion sensing and smart alert system.
  • Has a wide viewing area of 100 ft.
  • The installation is a little tedious and cumbersome.
  • NVR fans are a little loud.

#5. OOSSXX 8-Channel HD 1080p Wireless Security Camera System [2020 Updated]

This is one of the best 4k security camera system and features rich security equipment. The system comes with an 8 channel 1080p NVR hardware that supports IP66 waterproof cameras. These cameras are wireless and can be installed and set up easily.

Plug and Play – For installation, you just need to plug it into a power socket. The communication within the integrated system happens wirelessly and automatically. However, obstacles and distance might sometimes hamper connectivity. It also has support for wired connectivity.

Customized Intrusion Detection – Like other best 4k security camera system in the market it features a customized intrusion detection system. You can schedule each individual cameras for intrusion detection and specify detection zones. Snapshot of an unprecedented movement will be recorded and mailed to you.

Night vision – Advanced night vision camera records footage even in the darkest corners and lets you sleep peacefully. The waterproof structure of the cameras ensures that all-weather usability and 24×7 uptime of the system.

Ease of Access – Smooth and feature-rich interface for remote viewing through Eseecloud app allows you to seamlessly monitor your home surveillance. You can download the app on iOS and Android, to view the cameras on the go.

  • Comes with a 1-year full parts warranty and free lifetime technical support.
  • Easy to install and use. Simple plug and play connectivity.
  • Full wireless connectivity system.
  • Excellent picture quality and night vision support.
  • Customer support is not satisfactory.

The advanced 4k camera system offers Plug and Play support for fast and easy setup. It supports 8 IP cameras that can be connected through the Power over Ethernet interface, resulting in less number of wires.

Video quality – The cameras come with a 4 Megapixel Super HD and Vivid Night Vision lens. This helps you record videos at a resolution of 1440p. Automatic IR of advanced technology enables the camera to capture images to a range of 100 ft even during the night.

Remote access – Remote link access is enabled by the bundled Reolink application. You can add an unlimited number of cameras for live view and view them on a desktop or smartphone.

Motion detection – It comes with customized motion detection features that can help you stipulate sensitive zones and monitor activity in these areas. The system also sends you notifications when it detects any unwarranted activity.

Reolink 4MP 8CH systems come with a memory of 2 TB that helps you record several days of footage.

  • An exceptional quality video that provides coverage over a large area.
  • Smart motion alert sends you instant alerts for fictitious activities.
  • Supports both HDMI and VGA outputs.
  • The mobile application is smooth for Live video viewing.
  • Does not support Ultra HD (1920p) video recording.

#7. GW Security 5-Megapixel 8 Channel PoE 4K NVR Security Camera System

An 8 channel Ultra HD camera system that gives great quality audio and video recording. GW is a leader in manufacturing camera security systems and is known for providing the best 4k security camera system.

Microphone and encoding – All the cameras of the GW Security System come with a built-in microphone. This adds an extra layer of surveillance as it helps you record and hear a live voice. The camera supports the latest H.265 Ultra HD encoding that saves space on the hard drive, at the same time giving better quality videos. It helps to save around 50% space on HD.

View Area and PoE – It comes with a wide viewing range of 160 degree that lets you capture footage over a larger area. The advanced Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) allows you to see clear images even in high contrast light conditions. Like all modern-day surveillance systems, it also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE). The advanced motion detection and email alert keep you informed about any attempt of intrusion.

  • Great picture quality and mobile application access.
  • All weatherproof HD lens allows reliable surveillance throughout the day and night.
  • 160 degree Super Wide viewing Angle through a 1.9mm HD Lens.
  • Quick QR code scan remote access feature.
  • Technical support is not up to the mark.
  • Loading time on mobile application is slow.

#8. GW Security 8 Channel 4K NVR 8MP H.265 + IP

The camera comes with an 8 channel 4K Full UltraHD, 8 MegaPixel camera. It supports H.265+ coding which helps save up to 50% of storage space and 80% bandwidth.

Lens and coverage – The extended viewing distance of up to 150 ft lets you keep a watch on the outside area of the house. A 2.8mm – 12 mm Varifocal lens with manual zoom offers you to adjust the viewing angle from 20 degrees to 120 degrees.

Face detection – The camera captures snapshots of faces and sends it to the built-in NVR facial detection database. It then runs a match of the detected face through its records. If there is a match, the system can be programmed to take different actions by the NVR. This is one of the rare features to be found among the best 4k security camera system that is available in the market.

Video Quality – The best in class LEDs of the 4K HD IP cameras of GW Camera System gives clear images even during night hours. High-intensity IR LED technology helps deliver excellent quality images during the night as well.

  • Quick QR Code Remote connectivity support lets set up the system immediately.
  • Large event options to specify actions.
  • Night vision image quality is very good.
  • Great customer service that helps you troubleshoot every problem.
  • Does not come with the necessary cables to install all the cameras.

#9. LaView 2K 8 Channel Security Camera System 4K PoE NVR HDMI

LaView offers 4MP high-resolution cameras in this security system. They provide great quality video recording that can be viewed on a mobile device.

Connectivity – The security camera system offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection that connects all the cameras with a single cable supplying both power and data. This enables easy plug and plays support for your cameras. You can view Full HD and real-time streaming on the go.

Alerts – The integrated mobile push notification system identifies intrusion and sends a notification to the mobile devices on the LaView app. This can contribute greatly to preventing any attempts of robbery.

Storage – It comes with a massive 2 TB storage space. This helps to store 4K footage on the NVR for longer days. The hard drive is of high standard surveillance grade ensuring high resistance to bad weather and heavy usage.

  • Adequate length of cables to ensure smooth connectivity.
  • Night vision has a reach of about 75 ft.
  • Packed with advanced features that add an extra layer of surveillance.
  • High-quality video recording to keep a watch on your home/office area.
  • Some software setups are really tedious and cumbersome.

#10. Amcrest UltraHD 4-Megapixel 8CH Video Security System in 2020

The system comes with heavy-duty dome cameras with a storage capacity of 1TB. This can be extended to 10TB to give longer recording of video surveillance.

Resolution – With 4 MP HD resolution the camera lets you see everything in crystal clear clarity. A wide viewing area of 100 degrees and a coverage of 98 ft lets you see every corner of your home and outside area as well. 12 superpower IR LEDs and advanced camera lens ensure high-resolution night vision image recording.

Video formats and access – It supports all the popular video formats like HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBD, and IP Video Units. The system can be accessed on mobile application and browser making it the best 4k security camera system.

Notifications and alerts – Like most advanced cameras these systems are designed to send you notifications for any unprecedented motion detection. You will receive text and email notifications.

Operating conditions – It can operate in harsh weather temperatures ranging from -40 to +60 degrees and comes with an IP67 rating.

  • Great software interface.
  • Advanced motion detection and the alert system notify you about any uncalled movements.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • Night vision quality is really good.
  • Does not support Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The Best 4k Security System in 2020 Buying Guide

Home and Office surveillance is an important aspect of your infrastructure. To ensure the safety and security of your premises you need to have proper surveillance equipment installed. Technology has made surveillance more convenient and efficient. Nowadays it is even possible to access your security camera systems from any corner of the world through the internet.

There are several new technologies that have come up in the digital space and even security cameras have these advancements integrated into their system. Some of the features that are widely found include HD recording and motion detection features.

What are the things that you need to consider before buying the best 4k security camera system?

Ease of Set-Up

Nowadays most camera systems come with a DIY set up guide. Gone are the days when you would have to enter all the configuration details manually to get your system up and running.

Most advanced security camera systems offer Plug and Play support that initializes your surveillance system and helps you start watching the live feed right on your monitor screen.

Night Vision support

Installing a security camera system is not something which you do every year. It is known to cost you a lot of money and also effort. The high-intensity IR lens on the modern camera systems is a must-have for better security at your home.

Therefore it would be better to buy a camera system that has support for night vision support. Some of the best 4k security camera systems provide high-quality night vision recording that enables your system to keep a watch on your premises even during the night.

In some cases, this feature has played a pivotal role in stopping robberies from happening. This speaks about the importance of night vision support in the best 4k security camera system available in the market.

Video Quality

There were days when we used to spend long hours deciphering the recording on low-quality VGA video supported camera systems. But thanks to rapid advancements, camera systems now support HD recording. These systems also offer a wide viewing area of 100ft and a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees.

There are several systems that can record video in UltraHD resolution, giving you high-quality footage. This lets you zoom into every detail and monitor the movements sitting in any corner of the world.

Motion Detection and Alerts

The technology in this sphere has really been redefined when it comes to security cameras. Motion detection helps the system to identify unprecedented movements and notify the owner of the same.

There are certain systems that even have facial detection feature. Some systems have the feature to detect the face and match it with their stored database. If it results in a match, the system can be programmed to send alerts to the owner.

Instant alerts through emails and text can be sent to the owner. Some camera systems also send a screenshot of the motion detected to intimidate the owner of the movements.

Though there are plenty of features in these cameras, chances are you might not get the best of all in one. you need to decide which features are important for you and then make a decision on buying the best 4k security camera system.

In conclusion, these are some of the best 4k security camera systems in 2020 available in terms of quality and price. Home protection is among the highest priorities in people’s lives, thus purchasing a proper security system is not a choice to be taken lightly. We hope that now you have sufficient information to make the right choice. Stay safe!

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