Can You Trust Epix Trader

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Can You Trust Epix Trader?

Today I received a couple emails about a new automated trading service, Epix Trader. This software claims that it’s been “1,321 days since we became the #1 trading solution.” I’m not sure who is telling them that they’ve become the number one trading solution, and the domains only been registered for 20 days. This doesn’t add up.

The vendor does not provide an address or location for their company, but they can be contacted for support via [email protected] If you are interested in higher rated binary options trading systems, go here .

Epix Trader Review

The sales page for the Epix Trader software consists of a YouTube video, an email subscription form, a FAQ, and a few bullet points about the system. As is frequently the case in this market, the important details are all left to our imagination. As in, they are just not provided.

The vendor wants us to know four elements in specific:

  • No complex charts
  • No baffling analysis
  • No complicated methods
  • Nothing to learn at all

This type of, free and easy methodology is common in the binary options market. Yet, it’s frequently used by poorly developed systems, and systems developed by vendors with little trading knowledge.

How It Works

The Epix Trader system works just like any other automated binary options software before it. You are pushed to deposit $200 with their recommended brokerage, PlusOption. After you deposit you gain access to the software, but it’s really hard to say if the software is any good.


According to the sales page the system will inform traders when to trade, and when not to trade, and utilizes a bunch of different features to achieve this.

  • Risk/Reward Stabilizing System
  • MPMIS – Multi-Indicator SystE
  • Supply/Demand Price Predictor
  • Auto-Adaptive Profit-Trade Technology
  • Super-Accurate Leading Signals

This list of features, really just sounds like they are made up hogwash. There’s nothing that suggests that any of these so-called Epix Trader features are actually real. They don’t explain any of them, and I don’t believe they can.


Despite claiming to be in business for over 1000 days, they don’t have a single trading statement to provide the community. This is really quite odd. I don’t see how this trading service would be able to attract the over 26,000 members they claim to have, without ever providing a single shred of evidence that this even works.

In the members area, they tell us that they are giving the first 200 members free access to the software. Yet, they claim to have over 26,000 members. The entire sales page doesn’t add up, and I’m really never interested in a trading system that can’t provide me with any results anyways.

The closest thing they have for results, is a screen shot of an email that seems to be for Auto Binary Signals . This has to be a mistake. Either this developer stole marketing material from ABS, or this is the same developer, and an error was made when creating the sales page. Either way, this is not professional, at all.


There is really nothing to this new Epix Trader system. It looks like so many automated systems we’ve seen in the past, and the amount of discrepancies and issues with the sales page, is quite alarming. I suggest that the vendor put together some results, and come at us with the truth. There is no way they have over 26,000 members, and they certainly haven’t been around over 1000 days. Too many lies, you really can’t trust this service. Please let me know what you think by leaving a review below the article now.

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Epix Trader Review: 100% Proven Forex AutoTrader

by Gary Wilson June 7, 2020, 5:09 AM 139 Views

Epix Trader

Hello guys welcome to our Epix Trader Review. This article is one of the trendiest coverages of recent time. Why am I saying that? Because this forex auto trader convinced me with the legitimacy and not similar what you used to see in the forex market. I am using Epix Trader for last few months to test its performance and I am able to double my balance by this signal service.

I am going to share with you my analyze result here with you. There is no other way without testing to know if an auto trader is legit or scam? Quality is the best thing for an auto trader software and you have to target the quality of an auto trader before joining them. You obviously know that for Forex Meta Trader 4 is the best platform.

Epix Trader is using Meta Trader 4 platform. They will nor manipulated you and you will learn here all the genuine information about Epix Trader forex trading software. If you are not familiar with the forex then read this article carefully. I will discuss the forex trading as well as with Epix Trader.

Epix Trader Overview

Software Name Epix Trader
Product Niche Forex
Minimum Deposit Amount $250
Winning Rate 84%-89%
Signup Cost FREE
CEO Mark Evans & Tina D’Angelo
Product Type Forex Semi-Automated & Automated Trading Platform or Robot or Software
Trading System Semi-Automated, Automated & Manual Systems are Available
Brokers Best, Trusted & Suitable Brokers
Allowed Countries Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom
Trusted Trading System Fully Trusted & Tested
Skill Need for Operating Traders with Basic Forex Trading Knowledge to Experts

Epix Trader Review – Legit & Expert Forex Software

The online trading industry is full of scam trading software and services and for that reason, it is very hard to find a legit auto trader. You will know that if you are a regular reader of our posts. If you are not then you should regularly follow our posts about trading whatever it is binary options or forex. On the other hand, you may know about the currency trading and that can be the most profitable niche for you. Of course in one condition and that is you have to do all the things right. It is possible to solve your life’s problem if you can trade accurately.

For more than half a decade I have been trading forex and I have seen a lot in this market. If I lost some in a bad day, I received even more in my good days. Forex is the ultimate invest platform, at least for me. You have to remember that forex trading only will be fruitful if you determine to trade for a long run.

It is true that you have to you have to deal with some factors like money management, different types of orders in different trading platforms, technical analysis etc. in forex which you don’t need to do in binary options trading. However, I believe it will be not difficult for you and once you start trading forex you will be used to with these factors in a few days.

Forex trading will pay you for the long run of your life, just learn how to trade forex, their basic structure and gather knowledge about all types of trading like stocks, bonds, CFDs etc. If you know about a wide range asset trading, then it will be easy for you to invest and you have more alternatives in your hand.

Visit Legit Binary Options Review’s Forex Broker page if you are looking for legit and licensed forex brokers. In this page, you will find the best forex brokers of the world according to your location and all of them are regulated by the financial regulatory authority.

If you are confused about where to start trading forex then this Epix Trader review is for you. This Epix Trader forex software is not only an auto trader but also an expert forex advisor. This software is programmed to trade automatically and this is able to place trades on your behalf anytime from anyplace. Just open an account on Epix Trader and download their MT4 trading platform. It will be installed as a plugin and then run it. It’s that simple.

The best part of Epix Trader signal service is that it will do all the work for you if you want. This software was built based on a real algorithm of forex trading. You can hope for the best from this auto trader because it will not place trades randomly. Before placing trades it analysis the market of the assets by using some sophisticated and most advanced tools.

I am not telling you that you must use this trading software system. In this review, I am just discussing with you about the valuable information of Epix Trader and clearing the facts about that. It’s entirely up to you to take a decision if you should engage with it. This is your business and you are the only decision maker.

However, do not engage with a scam or shady automated trading software or broker. It’s our responsibility to warn you about the scam services and introduce you with the legit platforms. Remember legit products always proved their activity by making serious profits for a long time period.

My Trading Experience with Epix Trader

When I started trading on the Epix Trader MT4 trading platform my initial deposit was $6000. But I decided to wait. I open another account with a different broker from the 1 st one and deposit $300 and in the first week, I earn $96 profit. Though this is not a huge profit, Epix Trader earned my trust to invest bigger amounts. I observed their money management and risk management strategies which make me confident to try this auto trader with bigger investments.

In my case, the trades arrived sometimes after the first trade because Epix Trader is not select forex signal randomly. It was very selective. After starting the trade positions this auto trader started managing them nicely. In order to make a profit and stop my losses, Epix Trader placed the asset price target automatically. Then in the reaction of the fluctuations, it adjusted the order figures.

For instance, to protect my profits and stop losses it moved the stop loss order when I was in the money with a certain amount of gains. It proves that even you face a losing trade it will make some profit for you. But you can get into the break-even level and that can happen in the worst cases.

Epix Trader Live Trading Demo

Epix Trader Result Analysis

My trading result with them obviously speaks for them. However, you may not know why they reflecting extraordinary performances and how to analyze them. Let me discuss it. You see only a summary of my Epix Trader account. It is not possible to add all the data here because the trading report is too long for this post.

My total net profit was $6179.73 and it is more than 100% of my initial deposit. It is not so bad! In the drawdown section, it is standing on 15.90%. drawdown is pretty much complicated to explain here but at least you should know the term for better research. This is impressive and the professional traders also know that. The lower percentage means lower risk which was taken during the trades. In the good trading period, you can make triple amount then your capital.

But it is also true that their drawdown rate will be much larger. For this, you may have to apply risky trading strategies and if their account survived one more month they will be happy. However, the statistics of Epix Trader shows it consistent profit and stability. This software doing its job systematically and in the long run, you can expect to gain more profits.

You will have 70% win rate for both short and long term positions which are equivalent to binary options trading 85% win rate. If you trade smartly with knowledge this forex software can be the trump card of your earning.

How to Register on Epix Trader

You can trade a few numbers of trade for free in Epix Trader and after that, it will cost money to place trades. But I think legit and working auto trader like Epix Trader is not offer anything for free for a ling time. I saw this before with other legit trading robots. So when you join them if you will not find anything free don’t surprise.

So if you are eager to join try it as soon as possible. Joining process to Epix Trader is very easy and smooth. In order to join and use Epix Trader follow the bellow steps:

  1. In order to get the best brokers which are available in your location clear your browser cache and cookies.
  2. Now sign up with few details like your full name and email address, here is the sign-up link – Epix Trader Sign Up
  3. Give your phone number and set a strong password.
  4. If Epix Trader shows you that there are no brokers available for your location, try again with a different email.
  5. Deposit to active your account.
  6. For using Epix Trader with your registered broker download the MT4 forex trading platform.

Epix Trader Review Conclusion: Final Words

I think you understand why Epix Trader is a long waited legit Forex AutoTrader if you read this review carefully. If you are a Forex trader and still look here and there for a legit trading service then you can try this system for your trading. It’s not 100% perfect because no trading service has the ability to be 100% perfect, but this software is able to give you potential trade signal for placing trading most of the time. Decisions are always yours.

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