Brexit Money Machines – Scam or Not

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Brexit Money Machines Scam Review – Check Proofs!!

If you’re here and reading this article that means you want to know whether Brexit Money Machines trading software is legit or is a scam, Right? If this is the case, then you’re at a right place and reading exact content.

In this article, we will expose the another binary options trading software described as Brexit Money Machines, which we declare a SCAM after completing our in-depth examination. In our research, we discover lots of proofs, which are sufficient to call it a Bogus trading software.

Every promise, the voice of Arnold Palmer shared in the pitch video is a big lie. Even the scammers who’re operating this trading software from the backend using stolen pictures of the users for fake testimonials. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find out all the fraudulent claims including the evidence by which we’re calling Brexit Money Machine a Fake or SCAM.

So are you ready? If yes, then keep reading.

Bogus Promises and Explanations of Brexit Money Machines.

Fake Claim One: As mentioned in the demonstration video, with the help of this trading software you can make $25,000 a month and even become a millionaire in a year. Now this totally sounds like a fake promise because we all know that using binary options you can’t make the profit of $25,000 a day, especially when you’re starting your trading account with $250.

Fake Claim Two: Brexit Money Machines trading software works on auto pilot. Do you think that any binary options software which runs on autopilot can make your money? Off course not! Even we don’t believe these types of trading systems.

Fake Claim Three: You can withdraw money on the same day before Two PM. Now this is one of the worst claim made by any binary options trading software. We’re into this business from years, and we can give you guarantee that no broker will not make this type of deal. The good broker always allows a trader to withdraw money after a week (which is a minimum period) or more.

These are some of the big claims made in the presentation which is completely bogus. Even after checking these promises no doubt left in our mind that Brexit Money Machine is fake trading software, but we didn’t finish after research here.

To show our readers, the truth of this fake trading software we have also managed to get sufficient proofs against it and in following lines you will read about all of them:

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Why is Brexit Money Machines a SCAM?

Providing Fake Reviews or Testimonials of Members

If you have checked the every pitch video of Brexit Money Machines, then you must have checked the web page where members of this trading software have provided their opinion or experience. In our research, we found that all these members are fake. Even the images of these fake members are taken from the web.

For example, there are reviews of four members named as Mike P from the UK, Ryan A from Malaysia, Jenny H from Germany and Mark C from the USA. After searching all the images of these users on Google we come to know that these users exist on the internet but with different names Ryan A has the LinkedIn account with name Neil Pursey, and he belongs from Nepal, Mike P is Creative Director a Momento with name Olivers Waters and same for other users too.

So this validates that this trading software is showing us fake testimonials.

15 Day Old Trading Software Making Thousands with just $250. Impossible

All the fake members of Brexit Money Machines has shared that with the initial payment of $250 they have made thousands of dollars till date. Mike P earned $180,656.42, Ryan made $87,250.30 and Mark C made $301,100.00

Now we have two reasons why these profit statements are fake:

  1. We have already proved that all these testimonials are fake. There is no chance that these earning reports are legit.
  2. This trading software is only 15 days old as we checked this thing on WHOIS. Now we all know that with the initial payment of $250 you can’t make this much profit in just 15 days.

So don’t trust these earning statements because both earning and people are fake.

Brexit Money Machines is Freeware software

In the video, Arnold Palmer mentioned that this cloud-based trading software is free to use, and you don’t need PayPal account or credit card details for using it. Now this is another misleading statement. When we’re creating an account for Brexit Money Machines, the time comes when system redirected us to the web page, where it direct us to enter our credit card information.

Now the question is if this binary options software is free to use, then why they want our credit card information? So it is confirmed that this software is not available for free as well as it is downright risky. Even we’re not suggesting any of our readers to enter credit card details into this form.

Arnold Palmer is Anonymous

After watching all the pitch videos embedded on the website, the only information we get about the owner of Brexit Money Machines is his name. We discover no appearance of him in the video, even didn’t get any information about him like who is he, what is his purpose in this binary options software. What made him create this binary options and related stuff. It is necessary information which is provided by almost all the trading software.

But in this case, we’ve no information. Now we already know that lots of things about this trading software which is fake and completely fabricated, then how we can invest money in the system whose owner is completely anonymous. Even we’re not sure if he exists in real life or not.

Software will Generate Revenue at least for Two Years

Another fraudulent statement which we noticed in the video, According to it, this trading software will definitely make the profit at least for two years. Even it will start making a minimum profit of around $5000 from the day one. But after checking disclaimer page we come to know that this software provides you no guarantee that you will make any profit. Even it is also mentioned that using this trading software involves lots of risks and don’t invest the money which you can’t afford to lose.

So all this confirms that these fake scammers keeping themselves into safe side making a fool of innocent users.

Final Verdict: Brexit Money Machines trading software is one of the worst trading software, and we’re not recommending this to any of our readers.

Whatever you think about it, let us know in the comments.

Brexit Money Machine Review – Binary Options Trading Scam Exposed

The Brexit Money Machines proclaims to be a successful Binary Trading Software that will generate up to $1,000 in profits per day. As its name suggests “Brexit” is allegedly an algorithm developed as a response to the extreme level of volatility in the aftermath of Brexit and is able to exploit those trading opportunities. The Brexit is a big event risk that is occurring in Europe with the UK voters’ decision to leave the European Union.

Brexit Money Machine Scam – Another Blatant Binary Options Software Scam

Apparently, some scam artists decided to create a binary option scam surrounding itself by the Brexit movement, so in this review, I’m going to expose some of the scamming factors and to give you an idea of how misleading and dangerous this Brexit Money Machines scam is.

Brexit Money Machine Review – Unrealistic Claims to Lure Unsuspecting Traders

Binary Options, general speaking, are legit… these are options to trade on the market that enables traders to win or lose large sums of money, however the people behind the Brexit Money Machine know that the appeal to an ignorant or uneducated investor to make 90% to 100% return on your money is very attractive.

The Brexit machine software literally guarantees traders that you can make a minimum of $5000 per day within your first 24h after activation and you can make up to six figures within two weeks. The promise of exaggerated profits in such a short amount of time is a common scamming trait that we deal with on a regular basis.

They claim profits in excess of $264,300.75 in just less than 14 days or $150k per month. Advertisements that promise staggering amount of money made through trading is the first red flag that leads me to believe the Brexit Money Machine is a SCAM. In truth, no legit investment will dare make any form of guarantee. So this is a BIG red flag for all of us.

Brexit Money Machine Review – How the scam works!

The Brexit Money Machines it follows the same pattern like all other binary options software. So, basically, the scam works like this: initially you’re offered a free software and for you to get the free software you have to go through his broker and open a minimum $250 account or more. There is a market created by international companies that are not regulated and it’s 100% illegal and against the law, for a company to solicit you as an investor without being regulated by a regulatory body like CFTC or FCA.

The Brexit Money Machines also add some incentives that look like they are cash bonuses, but in reality, they’re just bonuses from the Broker. They claim you can get $2000 for free, but from experience, any bonuses in combination with a scam software actually prevent you from withdrawing your money once you realize you’ve been scammed in the first place.

The free deposit bonus is a very malicious and misleading trick that these scammers implement to make sure that they hold on to your money and profit from your losses. Even though they claim their trading software is based on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) systems and deep learning the algorithm is designed to lose your money after you sign up so that the Broker pockets everything.

Brexit Money Machine Review – Fake $2000 Bonus Deposit

Brexit Money Machine Review – Fake Testimonials

Brexit Money Machine Review – Fake Testimonials

As a warning sign, all the reviews are made through fake profiles with either stock photos or stolen images from other people’s websites. For instance, on the first review, we have a guy named David L. who claims that on his first trading day he made around $4,550, but in reality the profile picture was stolen from a twitter account belonging to a Jesse Gardner from New York (see Figure below).

Brexit Money Machine Review – Stolen Photos from Twitter Profile

Brexit Money Machine Review – Don’t Be Tempted

The Brexit Money Machine software by Arnold Palmer (by the way try to Google Arnold Palmer and you won’t find this supposedly famous trader) is a blatant scam that tries to lure investors into his get-rich-quick scheme. There are many more inconsistencies that we found but it’s not even necessary for us to point it out anymore as we believe the few we pointed out is enough for us to confirm that Brexit Money Machine is nothing but another professionally produced video to scam traders off their hard earned money and we hope that our Brexit Money Machine Review reaches out to you and any trader who is considering trying this out. PLEASE DO NOT! We are confident that you WILL lose your deposit. You have absolutely no reason to fall trap into his scamming tricks unless you really want to lose all your investment capital. Generally speaking, the same scamming tactics can be applied to every investment trading system scams because they use the same modus operandi and this article can serve you to detect a scam when it pops up.

Brexit Money Machine Scam Review

Brexit Money Machine is a new software offering innovative ways of controlling your Forex investments. But does Brexit Money Machine really give you the best trading possibilities or it is just another Forex scam?

There was not enough information to make an informed decision about this system in order to rate them as a scam or a legit one.

We recommend you to OR find a Reliable Robot to trade with form the table below:

Table of Contents

Top Forex Robots

Brexit Money Machines System Overview

Forex investment systems tend to take advantage of every available trading possibility. This includes political and cultural events. Like, for example, the Paris terrorist attacks or Britain’s vote to leave the EU. All of this affects the movement of assets’ price. Especially, when the matter comes to currency pairs.

So, it comes as no particular surprise that the name of a Forex investment software that has just been released is Brexit Money Machines. Creator Arnold Palmer claims that he has developed several sophisticated trading algorithms. But is this really true? Has this underground hacker cracked the code to success? Or is the software just the next scam?

Read the following informative review we compiled in order to learn the answers.

Brexit Money Machine System Basic Facts

Creator Arnold Palmer states that the Forex automated robot is located on a hidden page. Only a handful of users will receive invitation-only access to it. But we have concluded that this is not exactly true. It is absolutely not a problem to access the domain even if you have found it on a search engine by chance.

He also states that he operates mainly in the Internet underground. His computer algorithms are based on the dark web. The most complicated and strongest of them – PHOENIX is the main platform on which Brexit Money Machine Software functions.

How Does BrexitMoneyMachines Operate?

Brexit Money Machines Software supposedly has highly advanced computer codes. PHOENIX is in basics an A. I., short for artificial intelligence, and Deep Learning platform. Because it is mainly cloud-based, it has an alleged 98.4% signals accuracy rate.

This income generating automated solution is in possession of many dubious characteristics. First of all, creator Arnold Palmer is never shown in the promo video. We just hear a distant robotic voice. He also does not have any profiles on social media.

There are no facts confirming that he actually exists. Also, it is stated that the Forex robot software provides same-day withdrawal. But only if users submit the request before 2 p.m. Our investigation, however, proves that this is not true.

Almost every user who tried to utilize Brexit Money Machine and jump on the profit bandwagon states that this is not how it actually goes. People have experienced ongoing withdrawal problems. Some have even never received any of their hard-earned earnings.


Based on all our findings, we consider Brexit Money Machines System is a complete scam. There are too many dubious factors about it. There is no chance that it could be legit.

Final Thoughts

This Forex automated robot starts with a lot of upscale promises. Unfortunately, Brexit Money Machine System fails to execute and fulfill them. This is why, we can not recommend the software for a safe and secured trading process. It is a scam.

Maybe in the future, other profit-amplifying systems will appear that will help people turn the Brexit situation to their advantage. For the present moment, we can advise users to turn to more reliable and proven to work income generating solutions.


Our investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Brexit Money Machine to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Brexit Money Machine is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.

In order to protect traders from bad trading experience and financial loses we recommend you to

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