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Binary Options Guide For The Learner In You

Binary Options Guide For The Learner In You

Learn from Binary Options Guide

Before starting Binary Options Guide For The Learner, let us give a little explanation of “What is Binary Options Trading”.

Binary Options trading is one of those new ways of making big money with limited amount of time.

A good amount of market knowledge and a bit of luck with some investment will serve the purpose.

The major advantage of trading binary options is there is no need to possess the actual asset that you are willing to trade on.

For example if you are planning to execute a trade on tomato price movements, there is no need to hold physical tomatoes and there is no exchange of the same.

It is only one the difference between the market value and deal strike value has to be settled.

This is not a way of making one-time money through investment.

If you can know to play the cards well there is every possibility of earning regular income by way of interest.

However, for this a set amount of time should be dedicated to understand its working and then you will be able to master the trades with a bit of skill.

Considering this here are some tips and guides to help each trader to take right moves at right time to make maximum profits from the given investment.

Demo Account and its Working:

Getting a free of charge and free of use account to do demo trade will not just help you to understand the working style of the platform but will have increase your confidence for trading .

If you see that your logic applied on trades is working, it is purely a positive sign of making money.

When demo account has given a light in your life about your financial profiting, then you can take a step forward to invest your hard earned money to make profits.

Most platforms offer real cash for demo account and the profits you earn through the same will be yours if you choose to be a trader on that platform.

Styles and Choices in Binary Option:

Either through online or through mobile app there are hundreds of binary option trades that can be traded.

For this make use of a guide that clearly has the list of binary options trade types and analyze each of them to understand how it works and which type will go along with your style of trading.

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of each type of binary option trading, this will help you to decide which ones are beneficial and which will not be your cup of tea.

You can read this Binary Option Trading Checklist for better understanding.

Platform Types for Binary Option:

Though there is plenty of Binary Options Trading Platforms it is up to each trader to pick a reliable and legit one.

Among the whole of list of genuine and scam platform finding a trustworthy one is always a challenge.

Having access to the platform through mobile is an add-on especially in trading as it is associated to live platform.

This feature will help you to trade any time from anywhere without depending on a PC or laptop.

Make use of the reviews to pick the right one and also check for the benefits offered by each platform.

Book a Binary Option Trade:

It is quite easy to understand the trading environment.

Once you start using it by understanding its technique, making money is pretty simple and straight forward.

It is up to each trader to decide where their investment should go and the same can be pulled out immediately if you see things are not moving in favor to you.

Having an account with any trading platform is a basic need for trading.

Go through the signals offered by these auto trading platforms which will help you to execute trades and everything will work easier and faster than you expect.

Binary Options Trading Signals:

To check the movement of the stock, commodity or currency you need to track various signals, pointers and latest popular news.

These are the indicators of market movement and investment decisions can be taken on the basis of the same.

The guides and training tools in each platform will give you enough food for thought before taking any investment decisions.

Apart from giving any information for trading it will also suggest ideal time for making any investment.

Check our Top Robots from Binary Options Robot Comparison List and Top Signals provider from Binary Options Signal Comparison List.

Money minting thumb-rule for Binary Option:

A bit of dedication, lot of patience and good knowledge on the markets will help you to be successful in Binary options trading .

The trader should be ready to spend at least 3- 4 hours per day on a continuous basis to actually see benefits and return on the investment.

Of course, things can change overnight but relying just on luck and not putting effort is not a great sign of getting towards success.

There is no perfect formula for trading:

Most of them can make money through single binary options trading.

But in order to execute winning trades continuously you need to have good knowledge and should be able to play smart with some tips and tricks in binary options .

Trades should be executed at the basis of some knowledge.

The strategies of trading can be tracked to understand what works well and what don’t.

There are plenty of legal requirements and licensing required before starting a binary options trading platform.

As a trader your main focus should be to choose a regulated and licensed trading platform.

Choosing best rated platforms or brokers will help you to have safe and secure transaction and your investment will also be safe.

Make use of these guides and tips to have a successful binary option trading experience.

Do a continuous review of the site through which you are trading to check if there is any other reliable and more beneficial platform out there.

Your ultimate aim should be to make maximum return through minimum investment in a safe, secure and regularized manner.

Of course, there are plenty of scams out there, do not fall into these by being greedy for money.

The success of every trader lies in his/her hand.

How To Make Money On Binary Options- 10 Must Follow Word Of Advice

How To Make Money On Binary Options- 10 Must Follow Word Of Advice

How to make money on binary options? I was searching for the same thing when I first decided to make money with binary trading.

Come on, who does not want to be a millionaire?

Everyone wants to know the process to fill the box with money. Even in the trading business, there is no difference. But, somewhat, there is a thin line between earning and making money.

Binary options trading is about the decision, between yes or no. However, the process is less complicated than other trading types. Traders around the world can perform binary on different assets such as forex, commodities, stocks, etc.

Besides, you won’t feel the necessity of being a professional. In the flip side, we recommend you to be the master in trading to generate a steady income.

For example, to place a trade on gold, no need to buy gold bullion. All you need to do is decide whether the price of gold expects to shoot up or go down, within a certain period.

Before deciding, go through our article how to successfully trade binary options . Especially, it will help you to take an implacable decision.

Additionally, the following 10 words of advice will make your trading life as simple as pie.

How To Quickly Wipe Out An Account – 6 Mistakes

As a trader, you suppose to know that risk management is the key to long-term success. It will also help you to grow your account. However, we will here to mention 6 things which guarantee that as a trader you will blow up your account.

  • Trade large size without a strategy
  • Trade more after losing
  • Place trades as often as possible
  • Ignore market movement
  • Ignore trends
  • Do not bother to have plan

10 Effortless Steps To Make Money On Binary Options

# Proper Trading Knowledge With Profitable Trading Assets:

Trading knowledge is necessary for every trader before entering the market. Having a clear basic concept of trading will help you to make the right decision in a very crucial moment.

90% of traders lose because they don’t know how to make money from a volatile market. They blow up an account within a few weeks. It is hard to recover the account if you have limited knowledge.

On the flip side, you can develop your knowledge by applying it in the real trading field. Hence, you can make good use of a demo account .

The minute you set your mind to start, choose the asset that you are willing to get involved. In general, it means to decide the asset class – stocks, forex, commodities, and so on.

Each trade holds different methods. For example, if you think the value of oil prices is going to crash soon, your choice of the asset should be commodities.

# Choose The Right Trading Broker:

Often, new traders face a dilemma to choose the right broker. All traders need to choose a broker because it will work like a bridge in the financial market. It is always good to check whether the broker is properly regulated with reputed authority or not.

But why it is important to check the broker’s regulation?

The leading advantage is that your capital will be safe. On the other hand, you can charge for the compensation if the platform attempts any fraudulent activities.

Moreover, unregulated brokers often attract customers by showing impractical offers with bonuses. But, regulated brokers run a transparent and honest trading operation.

We have a complete list of binary options trading platform from where you can check features, services, cost, etc. Additionally, you can make a shortlist with names and open a practise account to test the platform’s features.

Luckily for you, we have done all the research and sorted out the best brokers for you.

We are recommending you top 3 brokers b ased on the profitability and regulation such as, IQ Option , and BinaryCent .

IQ Option


# Choose The Right Expiry Time:

In binary options, expiration time determine the moment when the trade expires. Traders have to predict the right asset price within a fixed time.

Depending on the asset, different brokers may offer different expiry time. It is the most important terminology of binary options trades.

Moreover, the expiry time can be less as 60 seconds . Necessarily, traders have to choose the right expiry time to consider the extreme conditions of uncertainty.

As a result, the expiry time will decide after considering the level of risk you are ready to take. Furthermore, trading binary option is much easier than other trading classes.

Before setting the expiry time, traders need to analyze the market. Here, you can use the combination of 3 analysis to pick the right asset.

After all, the financial market is volatile. So, things can change upside down overnight. Make well research on your investment strategy until you are expecting to keep the option live.

# Understand The Potential Gains:

The potential gain varies trader to trader. In trading, investors need to invest after calculating the appropriate potential gain. Each broker is different. So, their offerings also different from each other.

Compare each broker to check the potential gains and what you will miss if you do not make the right choice.

Not only that but the comparison will also help you to understand the potential gains that you are expecting to get from a broker.

Try to gather the latest and most useful trading market information. At the previous time, traders need to collect trading related news from different media. Now, you can easily find the latest updates or news on the trading platform.

Traders should check the economic calendar at least once before place any order. It is crucial to understand because the market movement is unpredictable.

Getting a specific strategy of trading and sticking to the same will not help you to reach anywhere. Your trading life will be boring.

# Place Trades Instantly:

Due to market volatility, things will flip instantly. If you decide to execute a trade without considering the market movement , then you are going to blow up your account very soon.

Analyze the market properly by using different trading tools and indicators. Once you place a trade, there is no chance to take back.

If you are sure that the market will move on your favour, then there is no reason to delay in executing the deal.

# Increase The Trading Budget:

Brokers offer unique and attractive features to gain customers. In some cases, these offerings will increase your trading budget. On the flip side, depending on your trading experience, you can also increase your trading investment.

For example, some brokers offer welcome bonus during registration. Moreover, you will find a lot of brokers who offers bonuses after inviting friends.That means, if you introduce someone new to the platform, a certain percentage of their profit will be shared with you.

However, unrealistic promises will not help you to generate money. Additionally, trading tournaments are also a great source of increasing profits.

You can compete with various traders around the globe and win a prize. It will also help traders to polish trading skills.

# Hedge Your Trades:

Do not try to make money by exposing your risk to the market movement. Being greedy will not get you anywhere. Thus hedge your trades through off-setting positions and nullify your risk in the trade.

Though the profits you make through are very marginal, but it will help you to play a safe game, especially when the market is very unstable .

#Roll Forward Features:

Rolling option trades offer by a few brokers. It also available when you have a live trading account. Unfortunately, you can not apply to test this feature in a demo account.

By extending the expiry time of existing trade, roll forward feature will help traders to deal with the losing position. However, under the right circumstances, it will work as a great strategy.

Moreover, traders will get the facility, if the market moves to them.

The feature will help you to make money through binary options on existing trades, that moves in your favour. To use this strategy, a proper understanding of the financial market is very essential.

# Look For Early Exit Option

Getting into a trade with a broker who offers the early exit option is very good and beneficial. Suppose you fear about some uncertain event in the market that can take a loss on your investment.

Early Exit option will give you a chance to get out from the risky transaction with some minimal charges.

This charge will be acceptable by the trader if he thinks he will face loss on his investment from the uncertain event(s).

Some of the brokers who are offering this feature are:

Make good use of all these tips and guidance to safeguard your investment and to make money with binary options which will increase your profit-earning power!

Can I Make A Quick Money With Binary Options?

The answer is NO. Making quick money is impossible though, the trading type is less complicated. But it is not that simple you are thinking.

There are so many traders, still losing money for their poor strategy and psychological fact.

Most beginner traders scare to trade options because of the outcomes. The outcome is whether a winning payout or nothing. It brings me to the main point, that is the difference between making and losing money in binary options.

For all traders, trading practices and mindset is necessary. Furthermore, newbie and inexperienced traders see binary options as a one-time opportunity to score a big payout.

They invest a large sum of money (usually a large percentage of their investment size) on a single trade, without properly analyzing the market and asset. Finally, they gain nothing instead of losing all the initial investment.

On the flip side, traders that make money from binary options, don’t gamble at all. They carry out small trades and aim for small gains. No trader has a 100% win ratio.

So don’t be disheartened by losses. Just take the right decision at the right time with a small investment amount.

Is Binary Options Auto Trading Really Making Any Difference?

This Binary Options Auto Trading Guide is for them who are curious to know that “Is Auto-Trading Of Binary Options Making Any Difference?”.

While you are looking for reliable brokers, they are busy finding reliable information for all binary options traders. It is essential to have a safe trading platform for every trader who is looking to trade binary options .

This writes up will help you with all the necessary information about binary options auto trading robot.

Moreover, the interesting guide will provide an in-depth overview of auto-trading and the latest news in the financial industry. A binary option is a recent type of trading that has become popular among advanced and beginners.

Binary Options Auto Trading Guide

It is fun, easy, and requires no knowledge of prior experience in trading binary options.

Once you have finished your registered process, you can immediately start trading. Profits can be expected from day one.

There is no block on your investment; the amount can be fully used for trading and to make more money.

While advanced traders will start using structured strategies for making money, beginners can make use of the initial period to learn more about binary options , asset types, trading strategies without compromising on making profits.

Trading with software is a perfect choice for everyone who looks to trade. As there is no need to follow any execute analysis or daily news.

The robot will do all these and also manages to offer great results to every trader of binary options. Signals are the recommendations given to traders with a glimpse of how to trade an asset and what would be the expected return on the same.

Based on these signals, traders will take a call, whether to place a book the trade or not.

Financial risk is involved in binary options trading

Why Auto-trading For Binary Options?

Auto trading robots are advanced and sophisticated. These robots scan the market to look for profitable trading opportunities by considering all other factors that are related.

Through this type of auto trading, the chance of human error is eliminated.

However, it is not easy to say which types of robots are easy and more beneficial. Each has its advantages and disadvantages in the form of cost and features.

It is up to the trader to understand what his requirements are and accordingly pick the right and best option.

Some prefer human touch and control; irrespective of how perfectly designed strategies are adapted.

While some are alright with everything being systemic and structured. Irrespective robots have taken over the binary options trading market to the next level.

Traders are accepting these features with both hands as time-saving and accuracy is crucial for everyone who wants to trade.

Once signals are generated, the robots will handpick the most suiting ones from the list as per the trader’s instructions. And, will analyze the same to check if it can generate returns as per the trader’s expectations.

Only if the signal meets all the pre-set requirements of the trader, it will be considered and trades will be booked at the back of it.

24Option Review 2020: A Broker to Trust or Scam For Trading

Reviewed By Binoption

24Option Review 2020: A Broker to Trust or Scam For Trading

Traders who are familiar with 24Option as one of the top representative of Binary Options trading will find it as a full service Forex, CFD and Cryptocurrency Broker, however it is important to know 24Option Review before investing money.

You are in right track because we are back with a full-fledged broker review, so that you can invest your money in much smarter way.

We believe that, trading is not so easy for novice traders who are willing to invest their money in Forex, CFDs, Cryptocuurencies, Indices, and other commodities.

Traders need to have a user-friendly dashboard where they will be able to find all trading tools perfectly and also can learn more on trading while earning money.

Here, 24 Option (Full service Forex and CFD Broker) is ensuring their traders a secure, trusted and easy trading environment by offering user-friendly platform.

Their Tagline is –

“Access the Financial markets all in one place”.

This trading platform is providing latest advance technology for both novice and experienced traders.

For starting trade and getting success, a trader must have the knowledge of trade related issues.

Trading without knowledge has a drawback and by keeping this in mind 24 Option Broker is offering a sector where traders can gain proper knowledge.

It offers their traders customer service facilities including live chat and email support.

Support system is ready to help their customers to meet their goals.

A wide range of trading assets are underlying in 24Option Broker’s dashboard.

Then no doubt, it ensures trade at ease.

We covered this 24Option Review with few topics like the trade window, about 24option trading, demo account, signup and login process, key features of this broker, account types, trading details and strategies, minimum deposit and methods, withdrawal methods and other well formed information, so that you can take your decision either you will move forward with 24 Option or stay back.

Warning: Country Restriction (Do Not Accept Traders)

Warning: Please note that, 24Option Broker does not accept traders from the following countries –

24Option Review

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Before entering the section of other features let’s have a look that which company has come up with this awesome trading platform in the late 2009.

At first they were famous for Binary Options trading but at this time they cut off Binary Options from their trading option.

They are working as full service Forex and CFD Broker.

24 Option is operated by Rodeler Limited, a Cyprus Investment Firm, authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (For European Economic Area and Switzerland) and Richfield Capital Limited, a Belize Investment Firm, authorized and regulated by the International Financial Service Commission of Belize (For International).

Richfield Capital Limited is located at Belize with their own license number IFSC/60/440/TS/17 and Rodeler Limited is located at Cyprus with CIF license number 207/13.

Check the regulation of CySec from HERE.

Earlier, it was owned by CBAY.

In the late 2020, both the mentioned company merged and started operation as Rodeler Ltd.

This trading platform under Rodeler Limited is performing their service within the European Economic Area and Switzerland except Belgium where Richfield Capital Limited is providing their service internationally.

But 24 Option is not running their service in USA, British Columbia, Canada and some other regions.

Moreover, we found a news through Finance Magnates that this broker has been banned from operation in France.

At the very beginning you will find a home page where a chart is showing a list of week’s popular assets.

Trader can also set their language from the list.

24 Option supports multiple country languages.

From this page you will able to download MetaTrader4 as trading platform which is one of the most popular site for charting and analysis.

You can see videos to educate you and also can download free E-Books.

Why 24Option?

It is mandatory to check the regulation before choosing a broker.

To find out a perfect broker is not easy task as all products are not suitable for all traders.

It is a nightmare if you don’t have enough knowledge about their key features and benefits.

The question is –


After completing our research, we have gathered some reasons, such as-

  1. Trusted and regulated Broker
  2. Minimum deposit $250 for Credit card and Electronic payment. Wire Transfer minimum deposit $1000
  3. Maximum Forex leverage [1:400]
  4. Bitcoin Leverage up to [1:10]
  5. Spread start from 1.5 pips
  6. Minimum trade volume start from 0.01 lot
  7. Maximum trade volume – 100 lots
  8. Margin require $250
  9. 25% Bonus of the First Deposit Amount or $500, whichever is the lowest.
  10. Free Demo account facilities
  11. Trouble free withdrawal [Minimum Withdrawal $10]
  12. Trader can choose account types
  13. Proprietary Web platform and Meta trader 4 Platform
  14. Well informed customer care service
  15. Wide range of assets
  16. Mobile trading facilities for Android and iOS
  17. Attractive bonus, offers and promotion
  18. Free alert service
  19. Available free market analysis
  20. Trading education facilities

You can say these are the key features of 24 Option trading platform.

Some other features are also available in this platform to make your trading experience more energetic.

Step by step we are going to explain every features and facilities.

24option login and signup process

Before login or sign in, you need sign up or register with 24Option trading broker for real account or demo account.

Here, I am giving step by step instruction for signing up with 24 Option trading Broker.

Registering for an account is for free.

To begin the registration process you need to click the “VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE” button below.

After clicking The 24Option official website window will open in new tab.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

After clicking on the button, the above page will come where you have to register or sign up through valid email address, Full name and mobile number.

Before clicking the start trading button, you can select your preferable account mode. You can either start with your Demo Account or Real Account and you need to agree with their terms and condition.

Completing the account registration will take you just 1 minute. Before you can login to your trading account, you need to activate it first.
A link will be sent to your email inbox with password; click on that link to be able to activate your account.
Now you have an active 24 Option account!

After verifying your email and activating trading account, you will be directed to your trading room where you’ll see web trading platform or dashboard. Here you will see all assets and features.
You can either start with your Demo Account or you can switch to Real Account and directly start live trading by depositing money.

From next time, you can login directly from their website by using your email and password you used during registration and you will be able to trade from the trading room.

24Option Demo Account

Opening a demo account in 24Option is so easy.

You need to sign up for opening an account by giving your Name, Email, and Contact Number.

Before clicking “START TRADING” traders need to agree with their terms and condition.

You will get a confirmation email with your Demo account unique ID and Pass word.

Initial deposit is $250 to open an account.

As, you are opening demo you don’t need to put this amount in your account.

Now you are ready to trade with your demo account.

After opening demo account in 24 Option, trader will get virtual money as their deposited money.

You are totally risk free if you use a practice account to trade.

To open a real account you need to give some important documents to verify your account.

The call center repetitive will call you and will ask for the account types.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Perfect for Beginners!

  • Binomo

    2 place in the ranking!

They will connect you with an account manager.

You have to minimum deposit $250 to open a real account.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

24option Signals: Trading Central Forex Signals

Signals are mostly use in any trading as a guideline.

You can not depends fully on any signal providers.

You have to combine your strategy with the signal to get the best trading result.

24Option is providing trading signals on CFD as well as for other assets.

You need to open your CFD account to get forex signals along with signal for other assets.

The platform itself known as Trading Centrals.

As a trader you will get the analysis based on the market update.

Getting signals in 8 different languages is amazing for traders.

Beside this, if you want auto trading service in 24Option then 24Option is not providing this service itself but you can use Option Robot Trading Software which is integrated with many brokers including 24Option Broker.

Although they are not considering the daily market updates as an investment advice.

24Option Trading Type

24 Option is allowing their trader to trade Forex, CFD, Cryptocurrency and other assets.

We are going to share with you some knowledge about how this currencies and commodities are traded and also strategies.

The full form of CFD trading is Contract for Difference.

This is a popular form of derivative trading product in which you can trade on the rising or falling price of fast-moving global financial market.

The fast moving products are shares, indices, commodities, currencies and treasuries.

As you are here in this platform to trade CFD so there are few basic strategies that you can follow.

This is absolutely true that trading market can be complicated sometimes.

By following these below you can at least go for a good trade –

  • Focus on a small number of markets. You can research each of the market depth each day.
  • As you are a trader so you need to decide which time frame is best for you. If you are a long time trader than weekly and monthly time frame is best for you where for short time trader daily time frame is best.
  • It is the best to have a trading plan. Before placing any trade you should have proper market research. How much risk you can take for one trade.
  • Enter in to the trading platform
  • From upper toolbar you can select CFD.
  • You can choose the CFDs which you want to trade and in the filter option you can see all Indices, Forex, Stock and Commodities assets.
  • By clicking buy and sell button you can start the trade. You can also choose when you wish to place the trade.
  • At the very right side the graph will show the asset movement. When it is green it means “in the money” and when it is red it means “out of the money”.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

24Option Forex Trading:

The full form of Forex trading is Foreign Exchange.

Exchanging one currency to another currency is known as Forex.

Anyone can participate in Forex trading with a small amount of investment.

There is a trade off, so an investor can control his $10,000 worth of currencies with a little investment of $25.

24Option Cryptocurrency Trading:

A Crypto currency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security.

24Option Trading Broker is one of the first broker who offers trading CFDs on Cryptocurrencies.

The most popular five digital currencies are now available in 24Option and they are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin.

24Option Trading Platform – Proprietary

They improved themselves with their advanced trading platform which was made and controlled by their in house team.

New features are faster and flexible than previous.

The most beautiful thing of this platform is, it has black background with colorful letters.

In the left side there is a filter option from where you can find all assets in one list.

The extensive underlying assets make this platform extraordinary. Current underlying assets include around 40 Crypto currencies, 15 Commodities, 21 Indices, more than 49Forex pairs and more than 170 stocks.

Right side of the trade window traders will find a graph where they will get the asset name which he wants to trade.

You can set your lot volume which will show the change of pip value.

From that graph which mentioned few minute ago, you will also find the spread.

Spread will vary currency pairs to currency pairs.

The minimum spread is start from 1.5 pips.

Lot value is also available in the trade window.

Minimum and maximum volume is start from 0.01-100.

This number is constant for all currency pairs.

For Forex the leverage shows 1:400 and for Bitcoin 1:10.

Require margin is $250 for both long position and short position.

Max trade size for Forex start from 10 lots to 30 lots.

For Stock maximum trade size are 10 lots and for Indices 3 Lots.

Swap is applicable only for CFDs trading which is not fixed. Swap fee is fixed for Commodities and Indices.

In 24 Option swap will also depend on the trading volume.

Traders will set the trade value and after reaching that value, the trade will automatically open.

You can also set the stop loss and take profit to minimize your trading risk.

You will get daily market analysis from trading platform.

24option MT4 – MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform

For their traders’ satisfaction, 24Option also offers MetaTrader 4 as their trading platform.

This platform offers three different chart types, over fifty technical indicators.

If you want you can even customized your trading platform.

Some basic features that available in MT4 are :

  1. Trade Forex and CFDs
  2. Analyze Market Prices
  3. Automated Trading Tools
  4. Monitor Trend Lines

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

24Option App – Mobile Trading Platform

Those who are looking for the advantage of mobile trading, 24option is a good news for them.

It is because this broker offers a handy trading from mobile phone.

Interested has to download the apps (which is free and compatible with any device), install it and then begins the happy trading.

This application will support IOS and Android Phones.

You can simply download this application from Google play store or Apple’s App Store.

You can also download MT4 trading platform in your mobile phone to trade anywhere in anytime.

Because of this handy scope anyone can trade at any time and from anywhere.

24Option Account Types

Traders ask a question while they trade at the first time that –

Traders have to choose their account on basis of the trading plan and also trading strategies.

Why do you actually need to choose the trading plan?

You need to choose the trading plan because in each plan there are some trading tools alone with trading information and trading resources.

24 Option believes that,

“The more access to information, resources and tools you control, the more power you have to make the right moves at the right times.”

There are four types of account offered by 24 option.

  • Basic Account
  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account
  • Platinum Account

All these types of account holders enjoy especial features.

Some features are common for each account holder and some are not.

Here we are showing you all features in one table:

Platform Introduction Platform Introduction Platform Introduction Platform Introduction
Dedicated Account Manager Dedicated Account Manager Senior Account Manager Senior Account Manager
Webinars and Seminars Webinars and Seminars Webinars and Seminars Webinars and Seminars
Financial Market Introduction Financial Market Introduction Financial Market Introduction Financial Market Introduction
Demo Account 100k Demo Account 100k Demo Account 100k+ Demo Account 100k+
Daily Market Brief Daily Market Brief Daily Market Brief Daily Market Brief
Risk management explanation Risk management explanation Risk management explanation
Sentimental, fundamental, technical analysis one on one tutorial Sentimental, fundamental, technical analysis one on one tutorial Sentimental, fundamental, technical analysis one on one tutorial
Short, medium, long term explanation of common trading strategies Short, medium, long term explanation of common trading strategies Short, medium, long term explanation of common trading strategies
No maintenance fees No maintenance fees No maintenance fees
Max lot Max lot Max lot
One on one MT4 course One on one MT4 course
Trading Central Trading Central
Free withdrawal Free withdrawal

If you are still confused about choosing the trading plan then you can contact with their support or account manager and share your goals.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

24option Trading Education

As we mentioned before there is no value if you have not any proper knowledge on trading.

So it is necessary to learn every day if you want to take this trading profession seriously.

The way every topic has been discussed and represented is easy to understand.

For newbie, this guide can be a great help to understand the difficult terms and issues.

24option education center is another great tool for new traders.

24 Option has a resourceful education where you will find Forex and Crytocurrencies education.

For Forex they divided the education sector in 3 parts –

And for Crypto there is a section known as Interactive Crypto.

From Interactive Crypto you can learn ins and outs of Crypto Currency.

If you want you can even download the eBook.

There is also Videos for FOREX, CFDs and Crypto Currency.

You will get Daily Market Report from education sector. Market news is important to know the market trend.

From Advance market analysis, traders will get real time and historical market information.

You can even get Technical Analysis Reports, Indicators, and also Japanese Candle stick Signals.

Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis are also available in 24 Option Education sector.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

24Option Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Here the best part of that, 24Option is fast in any kind of transaction.

This platform offers minimum deposit amount $250 but the deposit amount is vary depends on the transaction types.

  • Credit card and Electronic Payment minimum deposit amount is $250
  • Wire Transfer minimum deposit amount is $1000

For depositing money 24 Option is accepted some currencies such as US Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Euro and Rubble.

You can even trade multiple currencies from one account.

They do not accept any cash deposit from their clients.

There are many ways to deposit your money in 24Option and you can choose one which you think is better for you.

Deposit options are Credit card, Master card, Visa card, Skrill, and Wire transfer.

For wire transfer, traders need to contact with their account manager through email or live chat to make the transaction appropriate and secure.

24Option make their withdrawal process easy as they make secure for depositing money.

Traders need to submit few documents when they withdraw their first transaction’s money.

  1. Official ID with picture- Passport/ Driver’s License/Official Government ID document (Not expired)
  2. Proof of Address- Bank or Credit Card statement/ Utility Bill such as water, electricity, phone from the last 6 months.
  3. Credit card front and back showing only the last 4 digits.

Credit card document only needed when you will use this for depositing your money to 24Option.

If you use more than 1 or 2 credit card for depositing amount then you have to give these above mentioning documents for each.

A trader can withdraw his money filling all the required forms and submitting it properly.

It will take 3 to 7 working days to complete the process.

Basic 35 250 4000 2500 100
Silver 35 250 4000 2500 100
Gold 35 250 4000 2500 100
Platinum Free Free Free Free Free
Withdrawal Methods Fees Percentage

24Option Customer Support: Live chat, Email, Phone

The mission of 24option is to create an “easy to use” Forex and CFD trading platform.

In doing so, they offer every possible help which they believe will ensure investors’ profit and success.

They provide 24 hours customer service over phone and by e-mail.

Interesting is that, they provide it in multiple languages.

Anyone from different region or from different country having different language can contact with them over phone and ask help.

They will help instantly!

Besides, 24option provides “live chat” for its investors.

It is an effective tool for every level (New or Old) of investors.

If a trader asks help or suggestion they get it immediately.


Every broker has its own drawback because it is quite impossible to be 100% perfect and drawback free.

24option is no exception and it acknowledges it.

One of the major drawbacks is US traders cannot trade through 24option because of regulation’s problem.

Beside this, the minimum deposit of wire transfer is too high and it is $1000 where by credit card it is only $250.

24option Review – Video

Warning: Country Restriction (Do Not Accept Traders)

Warning: Please note that, 24 Option Broker does not accept traders from the following countries –

Overall Impression

If you are still confused or wondering either you can earn money from 24Option trading broker or not then my answer is YES.

This platform is not scam.

They are regulated and secure for trading assets and currencies.

They are also official partner of Juventus Football Club.

24Option is highly profitable site for traders.

This platform is offering facility to trade with a wide range of assets.

As we mentioned before that, this platform is also providing education for novice traders.

From our experience we can say that, this is a broker worth joining.

After overall analysis and completing this 24option review, we can call it as friend because it guides a trader and helps in every step of trading for forex, CFD, Cryptocurrencies etc.

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