BinaBot Review It is a Scam you have to avoid

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BinaBot Review: It is a Scam you have to avoid

BinaBot Review a scam? alternative Binadroid and BinaDroid 2.0. The BinaBot software by Troy Everett is yet another scam which is been promoted by paid positive reviews. This software is a re-launch of a viral scam software. It hurts when innocent traders are being coaxed to join softwares that rips them off. Trading binary options could be unprofitable especially when you use a software that doesn’t work. Lots of traders lose their money on daily basis as a result of these scam softwares. BinaBot is yet another scam with the sole intent to steal your money.

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BinaBot Scam, Please avoid.

BinaBot is just rehash of the scam software BinaDroid 2, as a matter of fact the same video were used for both softwares the only change is in their website address. Troy Everret claims an improvement of up to 92% ITM with this software. This is not true because we have had numerous complaints of people losing their money with this software, as a matter of fact no robot can boast of 92% win-rate. The market is constantly changing and it is necessary for the trader to keep an eye on this trends to invest wisely. Softwares like BinaBot can’t predict the market movements as a matter of fact this software is just a trash. He falsely claims it works on the Android algorithm which is non-existent. If you are not careful you may fall for his hypes, this software brings nothing reasonable to the table.


Binbot and BinaDroid are both scam softwares which a trader should avoid. If you want to trade binary options profitably on autopilot, it is better to opt for transparent and reputable softwares rather than fall for scams that leaves you in regrets.

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BinaBot Review – A Free High-Performing Money-Making Machine

BinaBot is with no doubt one of the most popular binary options trading robots available. Why are so many people choosing BinaBot over other robots? And if so many people are happy with the BinaBot app, does it mean it can be trusted? Can we be sure it’s not a SCAM? These are some of the questions I’d like to focus on in this BinaBot review.

BinaBot was created a couple of years ago by Troy Everett, an engineer who worked for a large trading firm. Troy developed one of the most important trading tools used by large investments companies today. However, the credit was taken from him and he was barely compensated for his work. Therefore, he decided to make his technology available to the direct public as a sort of revenge.

He chose to do that via binary options because they are one of the most convenient and easy trading instruments available. Troy Everett’s BinaBot software replicates a trading tool used to generate millions and now the very same algorithm is available to any binary trader who is interested.

Software Name – BinaBot

What is the BinaBot?

The BinaBot binary robot software is based on a unique algorithm that performs two tasks:

  1. It uses various technical analysis indicators to analyze the markets and generate signals.
  2. It taps into data from millions of Android users to fine tune the signals.

This two-step process is highly important. Most auto trading software do the first task. They generate signals by using technical analysis automated trading scripts. However, many times this is not enough. Professional human traders also incorporate other factors into their decisions, such as if there are any news events which may affect the assets’ behavior. The second function of the BinaBot is basically a fundamental and sentiment analysis feature which ensures the signals generated by the app are highly profitable. The software does that by downloading information regarding trading behavior of millions of Android users.

Why Do I Recommend BinaBot?

With so many scams bombarding you all the time it must be difficult to trust anyone. I would like now to relate to you what convinced me personally that the BinaBot is legit. Later I will also tell you about MY experience with the software.

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Firstly, while most auto traders have no real support. Sometimes the email address provided will not even work. In other cases, you can send an email but never receive any response. BinaBot’s support is awesome and I’ve personally tested it so I know they respond in a timely manner. I recommend contacting the support to receive trading tips, such as best times to activate the software and which assets perform best.

The software is great for both newbies and experienced traders. If you’re new to binary options, you can simply turn on the software in the recommended hours and watch your account grow, slow and steady. Experienced traders can benefit from the manual signals which they can use on their preferred trading platform.

The BinaBot Platform

The BinaBot platform is very user-friendly. With a click of a button you can turn on the auto trading feature. You can configure your risk. If you set it on low, the robot will place 2 trade on autopilot. When its set on medium, it will take 4 trades. And when it’s set on high risk, the BinaBot will automatically place 8 trades. The minimum investment amount is $25 per trade.

Other special features of the BinaBot include Reverse Trading, which will cause the robot to trade in the opposite direction of what it would normally trade. The manual trading section offers a variety of manual signals you can use with your BinaBot broker or with any other broker or trading platform you use.

The BinaBot comes with an economical calendar, the use of which yields very strong results in both auto trading and manual modes.

Real Traders’ Comments and Testimonials

A quick Google search shows that the vast majority of blogs and reviews sites are recommending the BinaBot. There are also many videos on YouTube demonstrating how the software can be used profitably. I’ve also received many emails from people who have reported very good results.

How Much Will I Earn?

The short answer is that the more you deposit, the more you will earn. If you deposit the minimum of $250 and you use $25 trades, you will grow your account in a rate of $20 per winning trade on average. An account of $1,000 will be able to generate about $80 per winning trade.

If you plan to deposit $500 or more, we recommend to split your investment into two or more brokers.

My Experience With The BinaBot

I started using the BinaBot app about 2 weeks ago with a deposit of $250. I used mainly the medium risk auto trading about once or twice a day. The software made about 60 trades with a win rate of 91% ITM! Currently my balance was about $1,300 last time I checked, so it’s going great and I am not feeling as if I’m taking a whole lot of risk with my strategy. This is a true money-making machine. It’s amazing how it barely loses a trade.

How Do I Join The BinaBot?

It’s very simple to try the BinaBot software and it’s completely FREE.

  • First, go to the official site of
  • Enter your NAME and EMAIL and click “Join Now”.
  • Soon after clicking the Join Now button you will be redirected to a new webpage and a new form where you need to enter some more information like you LAST NAME, Phone number, Password etc.
  • Deposit a minimum of $250 into your account and Start trading.

Note – You can withdraw your initial deposit at any time.

BinaBot Review Verdict: the BinaBot app is LEGIT!

Final Verdict: BinaBot is NOT A SCAM!

As you can see, this is a SOLID offer. I heard something about limiting the number of people who will be accepted to the program. Not sure if or when they will actually stop allowing new sign-ups. I sincerely hope you will be one of the lucky ones who make it!

You are going to love this software and I hope to continue seeing more and more profits in the upcoming days. I will be very happy to receive any comments from YOU. Tell us about your experience with the software. Has it been as profitable for you as it has been for me?

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